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  1. I'll buy that avi though dstling!
  2. Me - Courage, Dstling - Power, No one - Wisdom. Triforce Or if you want to be ironic; Pip - Wisdom, Blackshade Rider - Power and Fang - Courage.
  3. So here is my entry, after a long time contemplating what to do! The picture as a whole: Closeup of the first half: Closeup of the second: Description of drawing: Hell is closely associated with death and suffering, hence the almost skeletal/decomposing state. The front legs are actually useless, due to be small and fragile, therefore are only used for picking up small prey. The blades are welded into the bones themselves and are neigh-on unbreakable. They are used for, not only battle and to cause damage, but to also walk on. This one's hind leg was torn of
  4. I can always give 'em a shot if not.
  5. And how would that help me if I'd bid higher and won? I could read my own trade logs? Awesome, thanks for the help! Unfortunately I don't have much trust in rider ,at the moment, due to past experiences, hence my caution. But as you said "so much ignorance..." As I said, bid still stands and let's split the rest of this if you want to continue or message me privately.
  6. And how do you propose doing that without revealing the player name? Whole reason is they wish to remain unknown.
  7. I really don't like anon bids as there's no way to ensure that it's a true bid or one to force another higher... Anyway, minus the gen 3 (and the dragon) that's two more I'll still bid on. So 4gc bid
  8. I'll buy all three golds. The gen 3 is a gold (the one with the staff) and you put it as for sale? Or have removed it now?
  9. Heh...assuming this only leads to looking foolish. Also; Please, amuse me. Anyway, can we keep this on topic now/split it please? I've some Avis to win. 2gc for Dragon and the Gen 3 Gold. (4gc total)
  10. I think the point is that you shouldn't really auction avis that you don't have, especially the gold ones, as everyone and anyone can get them, even if they show in your shop. So that current gold one in your shop, on the left (gen 3) I'd like that as well...but considering one has gone...I don't wanna place a bid for it unless you definitely get it. So 2gc for dragon and message me if you buy the other one.
  11. Happy birthday lord of the bacon! May your supply stay forever full and crispy!
  12. I know...I mean the number of the beast is 666 not 2017...
  13. Mark of the beast is for getting 666 in some unique area, not just any number.
  14. One of my 5 Gold Notes is showing up as a default item rather than a valuable? Item ID is: 130291
  15. Sorry for the delays people! With only 1 person completing January's quest, and 3 starting, the winner is...DSTling! February's quest will be posted on the 18th for Sign-ups, so keep your eyes peeled!
  16. Why post something only to delete it when people give a bad critique? It's not trolling, it's giving our opinion from our perspective. This type of reaction marries in perfectly to what Chewett says above - you react badly to something you don't like, much like a child not getting their own way, without actually considering others' opinions as well... ...It's sad because no matter how much people try with you, you always end up doing a full circle and biting them in the backside.
  17. I think the correct terms you're looking for are "Unstable" and/or "Temperamental"... This is where the plagiarism really occurs, stating the works your own. I'd be careful doing that because it can cause serious troubles if you aren't. (I'd insert quote at least, to show what parts you did write.)
  18. Thanks Chew! Just got home from work and was about to do it, but seems you beat me to it! Cheers!
  19. Firstly, as I'm sure you were aware (as you're more of a vet than I am), for a long time the necrovians had no access to their land -- is it really a prerequisite for one to have access to a land if they're part of the alliance? Which leads to the second point - currently, they're no longer in the alliance anyway. And finally, if their roles remain, you can be an abassador without having to be in the land you come from. In fact, the term itself means a 'a diplomat sent as a permanent representative to a foreign country or state'. They seem to "know" enough about the land already and
  20. On the topic of art; if there's something you require, I'm more than happy to help if you send me a message of what you require. Theres a topic of mine where you can see my "style" (though, admittedly, I haven't updated it in a while) somewhere on here -- currently on mobile walking to work so can't post direct link -- if you have a dig.
  21. Personally, I feel MP6 should wait until the realm is more active again. Everything about the MP6 state requires more and more people, from getting there to the spells they can use. To suddenly drop all of that just because a few people want to get there...seems a bit silly and pointless. At the moment, the only real reason for having any mp6 is just to loyalty grind... Until that changes, my first line stands.
  22. I won't say too much more on it, as I think it's a completely OP idea, and would ruin the game in several ways, but if...IF...it were done, I'd like to see a limit imposed per year and also several stages that had to me completed first.
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