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  1. From a "RP" perspective, rather than purely mechanical, the Shade Sentinel granted Khalazhad leadership over all humans in Necrovion, no? He must have done this for more reason than simply wanting to make an alliance? So in that respect, alliances mean nothing, granted.   However; losing both alliances, so many times, having the land closed and having so many "interventions" must show a kind of "weakness" and vulnerability? -- You threatened the protection of Necrovion by allowing an outsider to gain free reign, even if it was only over a small part of the land.   If I were the s
  2. WHAT IT DOES: Creates paper   NAME: Paper Press   DESCRIPTION: Grinds sawdust into finer fibers before compressing with water, and then drying, to create paper.   INPUT: 2 x Sawdust, 2 x water + 1 heat stone/10000 heat   OUTPUT: 1x Paper sheet.   ---   WHAT IT DOES: Makes bushy juice that increases all stats by a minor amount. Trigger = "Sugar Rush". Stacks up to 4x but causes a "Sugar Crash" - Stats lowered by <x> amount for <z> time.   NAME: Bushie crusher and sieve.   DESCRIPTION: Crushes and sieves bushies to make a delect
  3. On phone, imgur seems to be working fine for me though.   Will fix later if still problematic.
  4. Still not fixed   Problem 1   Problem 2   Also; https://magicduel.com/page/Announcement/view/3826   I hate to say I "told you so" but, I never attacked the Empty Aramors before it happened. So can't be a key exchange from them.
  5. Again, look up "objectophilia".
  6. Look up objectophilia, Blackwood. Love is a simply a chain of evolutionary (involuntary) and chemical reactions. Pheromones, neurotransmitters and dopamine levels; combined with subconscious evolutionary methods of finding the "right mate" to pass your genes onto, protect your family or even ensuring the best rate of success in birthing, is what causes this feeling of "love". For the most part, however, love is simply a physical reaction to pheromones, increased dopamine levels and decreased oxytocin levels.
  7. Happy birthday Jubba and Amber! :D   Sorry it's belated, I've been gathering dust! :P   Hope you both had an awesome day :)
  8. I have three Santas that I'm willing to sell.   4gc each or 10gc for the three. (Willing to trade portion of gold price in stones as well)
  9. Yes please to jail, but I'd second what a in said; Saturday's evenings are going to be best for me from now on.
  10.   Kyphis is leading the papers and is the person to go to for more accurate dates. :)
  11. So after a few weeks, all three have sprouted, with Basil leading, Parsley second and Chives last! :D
  12. The below is copied from a recent post in the MDA Closed Forum;  
  13. If you require water - MDA has Buckets and Rainwater Collectors   If you require herbs - Loreroot has baskets.   None of the above require any land loyalty or citizenship to collect them, though you'll need to be speedy to get them.
  14. As Pip said, Happy Birthday Queen of the Gazebo and all other Gazebos (barr the MDA ones! :P)   Have a great day! I'd offer you jelly beans but they'd just end up in Aeth's armor :D
  15.   You might say that now, but in a few days, weeks or months from now? As it stands right now, you have a list of CTC and ITC's that you could take whenever you felt like? Or even give to someone else to?   Perhaps you wouldn't, but I don't like the idea that you could take or distribute my gift out to whomever and whenever you like...I wouldn't have offered something if I'd thought this would be the case.   Why can't you hand them out as they were meant to be? Simply randomize the selection and whatever someone gets, they get?
  16. Name: Aethon   ID: 254077   Reason: I like people having secrets. No, I would not try to read your secrets if using the room, I've always tried making people use it if they have secrets to share in the game...
  17. I'm a bit worried about this...considering you now have a pile of CTC's/ITC's just lying around your messages?
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