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  1. 30 Timeless dust --> 1 Memory Stone Uses some sort of compressor. Compresses timeless dust under intense heat to reform a new memory stone. Territory: MagicDuel Archive Lands Coord: 4_1x2_28 300 Sand --> Sand Fortress (Bucket?) Placed at scene Allows the user to become unattackable for 5 minutes (like a temporary creature shield) Territory: Golemus Golemicarum Coord: 1_-2x-3_1 100 Branches --> Fence Placed at scene Defends an area's resources from being harvested for <x> time. Territory: Loreroot Coord: 1_-3x0_1 10 S
  2. As you can see in the picture, the land affiliation is bugged. Rather than showing ".:Marinds Bell:." or ".:No Homeland:." it simply shows ".::." I'm unsure how this came about to Blut (as I don't know how he lost his badge/citizenship), so perhaps he could post here or contact Chew privately (if sensitive info). I'd have guessed he was killed in Necro, became part of "The Dead" and this is a side-effect of losing land/badge when killed and then revived.
  3. MDA - Aethon Mrs. Mariano (Unless any MDA members wake up suddenly and decide they want to do a quest :P)
  4. @Chewett http://www.herbslist.net/ This might help.
  5. Alembic; Mineral Water --> Mineral Salts and Water Location = GG (Location tbc) http://imgur.com/D4X9nor Giant pestle and Mortar; Bones --> Bone Dust Location = Paper Cabin Roof http://imgur.com/dxCxhNt Heavy weights; Bone Dust --> Chalk Location = Loreroot (Location tbc) Disclosure: I know it may be hard to tell...but I'm no artist. (Will add more 'Soon')
  6. Get back in game and stop stalking!
  7. I have mixed feelings. Personally, the workings of this forum update seems to be far better than the previous (new tricks and gadgets to learn and use), however, I dislike the fact it lacks any sort of real connection (aesthetically) to the game. It looks too..."clean" for MD. It'll take some getting used to...but I like it (I think.)
  8.  There's only one true rookie of the year. ;)
  9.   Completely agree with him. I was away at the time and have only recently begun picking up my workloads again. I've spoken to Kyphis and have begun speaking to Sunfire about the subject. :)
  10.   Yes sir. Already in talks with him about it and have offered to keep him updated - his lists focussed only on the mechanical side, less the RP, so unsure if he needs RP tags or not.
  11. I am currently forming a list of all players with roles - this includes any person with a tag and description - as an Archive document. Summoning tags (Death Guard, Silvan Watch, etc) are included.   The information needed is the following: Tag Tag Description Tag Expiry date Reason for obtaining role/tag. If you are able and willing to help with this, please send the information in the following format:     Details may be sent privately, through pm, or posted here in this thread.   All help is great appreciated.
  12. Happy birthday you! May your flower, herb and weed gardens forever grow chaotically! ;) Have a great time!
  13. One   Two   https://magicduel.com/page/Announcement/view/3863
  14. The faults in our Stars.
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