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  1. On 4/5/2018 at 2:30 PM, Bayek said:

    Hi Aethon, 

    I'd like to bid on the fifth avatar (ID: 394).

    It would be a good fit for the character I'm willing to develop in MD, a fair man and skilful fighter.

    Thank you!

    If you're still alive in MD, it's yours.

  2. Artwork to be finished for all clickable resource combiners - the current artworks are quite randomly placed just due to ease at the time and often don't suit the combiner/area.

    Item combining system made fully operational and feasible to so as to create items/(x)tier resources.


  3. Quote


    "The Elucubration Creature

    Elucubrations are very friendly creatures. They so friendly that they won't even fight! They do however participate in fights out of curiosity. At some point i needed a creature as a guinee pig for my wildest experiments so i created this one. The b/w version is a HALLOWEEN collectable creature, while the colored/premium version is still highly unstable (wild features such as jumping from owner to owner, multiplicating, eating candy, laying eggs and a lot more). The reason it looks slightly different than the other MD creatures is that the sketch is done by me and i am no 'Artist'. I consider this to be the friendliest creatures around and represents for me a sort of pet. The Elu always takes care of its offsprings with most care. The most important thing for them is to provide their little ones with candy. Candy is THE best thing that can happen to such a creature. Elucubrations think they can fly, so you should never tell them otherwise..even if they don't always succeed, they think they can fly, and that keeps them happy. Don't get fooled by their dumb face, elucubrations think differently. They might not understand simple things but they understand feelings better than any other creature..and in the end..thoughts are made of feelings to express feelings. When elucubrations are angry they will run away, write random stuff, or eat a lot, thats why currently i keep these abilities unfinished 😛 Elucubrations love colors, they think that colors are the soul of candy so colors should be good. Offer flowers or something colorful and they will be very happy about it. Careful, they eat flowers but can't digest them. Elu enjoys collecting colored paper or on some occasions it even produces it out of plants and natural dyes. The colored paper collection of this creature represents its most important achievement. This paper can be collected by the creature owner but that would make the Elu very unhappy. I wish elucubrations were immortal, sadly they are not, they die of loneliness or sadness, A happy elucubration however lives forever." 


    The above is a copy of the Elucubrate History document.

    Elu's currently act nothing like they are supposed to (other than consume candies and make coloured paper- do I count it not eating flowers as a bug?). Is this likely to change and be worked on at all (as at the time there were high hopes for them), or is it likely to just remain as it is?

  4. I didn't know you particularly well, but I knew plenty about what you did for MD. Hopefully you'll return sometime in the not so distant future!

    Until then, I wish you well (And I'll make sure I keep your body active by dragging it around with the summoner still ;D) 


    Take care of yourself!

  5. 8 minutes ago, MaGoHi said:

    we have a discord and several channels on it

    I remember something like that! What's the chat name?

    8 minutes ago, MaGoHi said:

    things are happening in the AL

    I saw! Confused me at first (thought it was old verses being repeated) but looks exciting!


    9 minutes ago, MaGoHi said:

    some new people came

    Many? Or a few?

  6. Hey hey all, it’s been a while!

    Back when I started, I began to collect old avatars that I loved the look of, had a bit of history and generally didn’t want “wasted”.

    Now that I’ve been gone for a while though, and will only be back gradually, I think it’s time to open up the vault and let people take their pick.

    I’m not necessarily looking to trade these (though may choose to), feel free to state here or in pm (forum please) which one you are interested in and why, this will act as your “bid” I guess.

    If I feel like it’s a good bid and the reason is sound then it’s yours. If I don’t think the reason is great then it may come down to a case of trading...but I’ll try to be fair. :)




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