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  1. If you're still alive in MD, it's yours.
  2. Artwork to be finished for all clickable resource combiners - the current artworks are quite randomly placed just due to ease at the time and often don't suit the combiner/area. Item combining system made fully operational and feasible to so as to create items/(x)tier resources.
  3. The above is a copy of the Elucubrate History document. Elu's currently act nothing like they are supposed to (other than consume candies and make coloured paper- do I count it not eating flowers as a bug?). Is this likely to change and be worked on at all (as at the time there were high hopes for them), or is it likely to just remain as it is?
  4. Well done dstling! Love live the UG Queen. Long live the Queen of MD
  5. I didn't know you particularly well, but I knew plenty about what you did for MD. Hopefully you'll return sometime in the not so distant future! Until then, I wish you well (And I'll make sure I keep your body active by dragging it around with the summoner still ;D) Take care of yourself!
  6. I remember something like that! What's the chat name? I saw! Confused me at first (thought it was old verses being repeated) but looks exciting! Many? Or a few?
  7. Hello all, new and old! I've finally (and I say that with great enthusiasm and relief) settled down in life and (although still very busy) finally have time to spend on myself! Which of course means when I'm not drinking, I can be MD'ing! So what have I missed? Tell me something fun and interesting! Or say hi! Or even tell me to go away again if you like! ;)
  8. Aia, it’s yours. Enjoy
  9. No worries! Think it was a mix of things but I did go inactive for a bit, my bad! thanks!
  10. Hey hey all, it’s been a while! Back when I started, I began to collect old avatars that I loved the look of, had a bit of history and generally didn’t want “wasted”. Now that I’ve been gone for a while though, and will only be back gradually, I think it’s time to open up the vault and let people take their pick. I’m not necessarily looking to trade these (though may choose to), feel free to state here or in pm (forum please) which one you are interested in and why, this will act as your “bid” I guess. If I feel like it’s a good bid and the reason is sound then it’s yours.
  11. I’m also late but hey...better late than never! Hope you had an awesome birthday Queen Shiba! Hopefully we can have a catch-up soon!
  12. Can I still sign up? Been a little inactive lately so forgot to check back
  13. When on mobile and trying to refresh the mood panel, this error gets thrown up.
  14. I'll buy that avi though dstling!
  15. Me - Courage, Dstling - Power, No one - Wisdom. Triforce Or if you want to be ironic; Pip - Wisdom, Blackshade Rider - Power and Fang - Courage.
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