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  1. ah i just saw i had removed the coordinates
  2. i have a similar one in excel format, with location code, scene name (if it had one) and resource, amount and ideal harvest level, i got it from sasha back then and added some more locations
  3. I thought i made this recource wise already, well i used a bubble chart
  4. I do like the editing since i tend to find some mistakes grammar or spelling wise after i post But Redacting entire posts without stating a reason is in my opinion just immature, if what someone wrote is so embarrassing that they try to hide it by removing it it just shows bad character, in such a case its better to just stand straight for your mistakes and write an apology post
  5. The fight messages not pinging would be very nice, i always think someone want to talk but then its just someone crushing someone else
  6. Well since i'm super evil i'd rather keep them enslaved fighting for me and chained to my soul for my personal gain
  7. You are saying to free them from slavery you have to sacrifice all of them? By that logic you're saying that genocide is a way to free something from slavery or the miserable state it is in, pretty sure you should think about that again
  8. Lol fang you said you wanted to impress me or something now i understand that you meant in a negative way so hey you did it congrats You should also remember that we got invited to the island, if you got kicked then maybe its not about people other than guardians on the island but rather just about you and your personality About that mirror crap you keep vomiting You cant act as a mirror you can merely try to imitate behaviour how you think it is, why? Because ones perception is always bound to ones point of view, its subjectively even if you try to be as objectively as you can
  9. Mur what do you think about a riddle or puzzle on that item? something like this: a Player has the choice to do a puzzle/riddle there if the player doesnt do the puzzle/riddle the timer stays the same the correct answer decreases the time to wait the wrong answer increases it. This way you teach players that their actions matter
  10. I probably sounded sour sorry about that, what i have read so far about the mark of the beast was that they really had to do something special to get it i was just surprised to read the request for something i consider easy to obtain without any significant effort.
  11. Since being there is your job and the loyalty increases on its own i think its a joke that you ask for that
  12. Well Fang you are welcome to try to change my mind. So far i saw more words than actions from you and the action that i saw had a noble cause but it seemed that there was also something hidden, now that could have been just a side effect or my perception of it i dont deny that possibility. Other than that i dont see your character or personality having the traits that i think a leader needs.
  13. I dont want to offend you with my words since you tried your best with your words to get your message across. I do not see you fit as leader so i will not follow you.
  14. I hope that you can wait until there is a fix, i am sure they will fix it as soon as they can. You could read some forum topics meanwhile to pass your time
  15. I have no idea, really, i do remember there was more people at GoE that helped, but no specific names
  16. MaGoHi

    Battle tags

    uhm well x battles might actually be a challenge due to these low prey times we are currently in
  17. MaGoHi

    Battle tags

    will sacrificing count too ?
  18. DST you should start a different topic where people could mention their views on what makes them sad about the game that might be used as reference to improve the game, just an idea xD
  19. isnt that basically an average over all lists?
  20. Additionally to fangs ideas: heat put into items (total) Resources collected/traded/Used/Processed/Combined Resources Wasted (as in stack usage how many have been wasted through overflow) different tools used (total and listed) time spent idle/active (maybe a ratio) messages sent/ received creatures sacrificed ally member/leader/total count of allies citicenship (total and listed) consumables consumed credits spent Ap boots used Adepts (highest) hunter/hunted (person you won/ lost the most against) moodpanel entr
  21. i see your points you are right there
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