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  1. i dont see the benefit of the creature you take it from any recruiter, then it starts existing (reasoning this through its age, if it would be alive before it would age), so if giving it an existence is good then that might be a positive thing, BUT you still make it fight for you
  2. mutual benefit can you explain tha part? imo creatures are just slaves now and in the end they will get killed for stat gain, heat loss or just because you dont have enough space
  3. the issue as i see it is that( as far as i observed this), that the playerbase is not accepting your RP adventure or declines what is happening good RP is to make people believe what you RP is the reality they live in (or pretend to play in/ or play in / whatever you want to call it) so i can see two things happening: keep doing what you do and the playerbase will boycott what you do, since they dont feel like it/dont accept it you change your plan a little bit to make it easier for people to get into this adventure/story so they can accept it and be part of it
  4. to me it showed that you didnt understand ledah at all, he delivered a high quality reference
  5. I see your point, the only thing that really annoys me about this altar blockade is that nothing happens anymore so it looks like the altars wont come back anytime soon
  6. nah consciousness is just chemicals in your brain after all, everything gets reset so if you shoot yourself to escape the repeating you will just be alive again with the exact same condition you had at every start of these loops. also the goal is to escape the loops not to just send a message back to yourself, or is that wrong?
  7. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Heaven_Sent_(Doctor_Who) this reminded me also of this episode of dr who
  8. dude, do i have an anime suggestion for you: Steins Gate
  9. well i kinda started harvesting them when i needed them but then they died so i could never finish the quest by putting them in the basket so since i couldnt fullfill the requirements i couldnt fullfill the quest
  10. is that why you're nice to me ? 😢😭
  11. MD is almost constantly worked on, its just that fixing existing stuff and the huge amount of things to do after that are so much work that chew cant do it all alone and be fast doing so, i am surprised he is holding up somehow but also worried he might burn out, that would cause actual stop to it. Considering the workforce MD has and the amount of work the development is actually pretty fast. MD is very weird in terms of gameplay, i can see that newer generations of people wont get attached to it easy since they are spoiled by other games. Also people like me complain about cha
  12. are you sure? i've had creatures dropping more fenth than usual so it doesnt seem to be constant at all i'm not sure if i understan you there, are you saying that the heat veins are broken? if so you can test that with the toy skateboard or whatever it is called to surf on the heat veins, if this doesnt work you would have a point also creatures are a part of yourself, bound/chained to your soul or something along the words, so sacrificing a creature means you sacrifice a part of yourself then a fenth is said to be " Primordial formations that store eleme
  13. i think when your honor drops too far you drop from ballance
  14. very true, i guess you can help by thinking of ways to use them up
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