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  1. i can confirm this since the flags dont work anymore, should they be removed?
  2. MaGoHi

    PM bug

    i got this when i clicked on "Original message" to see what i wrote before
  3. 1. Nimrodel: 2 GC, tormented soul, bottle bushie wine 2. Sushi: 1 GC, tormented soul, bottle bushie wine 3. Rophs: 10 SC, Glass soup bowl (might need it for future soups) , mirror rit stone notes: - while Nimrodel forgot to add meat to her dish i'd still eat it - really liked the presentation on sushi, you did really good work - rophs soup made me hungry thank you for doing the quest, i hope you like your rewards, they might increase once i hear back from TC
  4. ok welcome sponsor and judge Ungod! thank you for your contribution
  5. oh, then i wish to remove the stack base system, to improve tradeing and lay the base to a proper industry in MD
  6. https://magicduel.com/page/Announcement/view/4549
  7. I am not sure yet, i would like to ask the Judges on this matter. Edit: Still looking for Judges
  8. I, MAG THE (self proclaimed) KNIGHT OF BACON, AM HUNGRY. I NEED YOU TO COOK THE MOST DELICIOUS, FLAVOURFUL AND LUXURIOUS DISH MAGICDUEL HAS TO OFFER. YOU WILL HAVE TO DESCRIBE YOUR DISH AND PROVIDE ME WITH AN IMAGE, I WANT TO KNOW WHAT I AM SERVED AFTER ALL I AM HUNGRY BUT I KNOW THAT PERFECTION NEEDS TIME SO I WILL WAIT UNTIL END OF DECEMBER. tldr: cook a dish and make it MD themed describe what you made provide a picture (with name and date please) deadline end of december looking for judges and sponsors rewards to be announced
  9. tbh i thought this was a complain post about christmas being commercialized xD
  10. @Blackshade Rider i think i understand your suggestion, i'm not opposed to it either, but it looks like a lot more work than changing the welcome text
  11. Hei, I dont have any numbers for this but one thing i noticed was that we lose new players in the first scene followed by the second scene, so i took a look at the first scene at what information they get about the game and thought that it wouldnt be enough to make me stay thats why i though that the welcome message they can see there should be updated, for this matter i made this topic. how would you describe MD to people to spark interest in the game? how would you word it to make them pull through some waiting times? what would be a good welcome message for new people? and so on..
  12. a slave can defy its master, just pretending to be loyal until a chance for freedom arrives
  13. The creature recruited was given existence through you : yes battles along with you: partly true it battles for you, sometimes with you has the potential to reward you with skills etc for your combined works: you are literally killing it to get the skills/stats thats why it cant be co existance, if you would just "free it" it would be a different story, but you can only kill or or give it to someone else some give you processed materials, and so much more: yes that can happen
  14. Aramors are well known throughout the Realm as they are one of the few entities who will aid anyone, without taking into consideration if their master is good, evil, sane or mad. Contrary to popular belief, there is no foreign spirit living inside the suit of armour, for the Aramor is alive and sentient through a permanent enchantment. At this time the defensive Aramor's plating is made entirely out of copper. i'd have to check all the descriptions, for aramors -see bold text above- it even says that it is just held together through enchantment not by a spirit so i dont think that co
  15. i cant agree there fang, because without us they wouldnt even exist, its like crafting a hammer and saying that would be coexistance
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