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  1. I can agree with mallos on some parts and i havent been on the island in a while, but if there was no change then it will still be somewhat accurate what i think, the biggest bifference for me is that back when i started i was bored so i looked for a game, the story was somewhat interesting, but the waiting part annyoed me so i quit again, until i was bored enough to come back because "there was that story that did sound somewhat interesting", the story kept me coming back long enough to actually make contact to other players, then i started to come back because it was fun to talk to the people.

    while with the island the "nothing to do" part got removed and is at first more appealing to new players, the lack of online people to talk to or something actually interesting is what will not let them come back after a while

    from the viewpoint of an ex guardian i can say that being on the island and trying to make people interact is just frustrating, my respects to those that still do that, thats not an easy job, i know from personal experience that even when you try to be there and available a lot you still manage to miss some people that might have had a chance at staying and considering the ultra low influx of people that is really bad, so not having a comunity there like it was on mainland does make a difference imo


    the only solution i have to this is actually scrapping the shitty idea of shards being a special resource that were intnded as some sort of start currency and open up the island maybe make a "waiting scene" with a timer where you sit on a ferry for like 5 to 10 minutes or even make it only go every hour or so, to not make it that easy to get there, but i think it might make the island more lively and that might make the game more appealing or at least slow down its dying process

  2. 3 hours ago, Chewett said:

    Do we feel that the GWI as it stands works stand-alone enough for people to progress?



    3 hours ago, Chewett said:

    I currently sit at the dock watching and helping people as I can, but I get various PM's asking for help that I am unable to deal with because I am not on enough time as work is incredibly busy.

    been there done that


    3 hours ago, Chewett said:

    I think currently, while a good lot of work has been put into GWI, we possibly want to consider pausing people spawning there and allow a quick way onto the mainland again while it is continued to work on.

    Well yeah the point was to filter them out, so it does what it was intended to do?


    3 hours ago, Chewett said:

    What do people think? Im wondering if we need to, for the moment, make it super easy to get there so people can help out as I don't ever see anyone else helping and I dont know who is meant to be here.

    most ways are easy once you see them, the other reason is that people dont read the hint, instructions and so on


    3 hours ago, Muratus del Mur said:

    I think the island is automated enough to be able to take newcommers to the mainland via multiple ways. What you describe has nothing to do with the island  but with the realm in general being based on accoubts that are not on the island.

    i think the issue is that from the point of view of new people the game is dead, but even if you are there and pick them up the game is undesireable for most people, many are used to get stuffed with beginner items and told how good they are with flashy and shiny thingies


    3 hours ago, Muratus del Mur said:

    If you ask me to chose between moving newcommers where old accounts are, or allowing old accoubts to access the island , i prefer the island as it is, because it offers a good amount of single player activity. 

    only if you read and want to read, the start is very boring in my opinion, when i started i just returned because i wanted to know where the story goes, it kept me long enough to interact with people, people then made me keep coming back, not that i could play the game alone, so idk if the single player activity is valid when  the game is the community rather than the mechanics


    2 hours ago, Chewett said:

    Is there a suggestion about what I can do with the various people (new and old) getting stuck with technical issues and the ridddles/etc?

    Iv ported some of the older accounts out that didnt know how to progress because I didnt want them stuck forever.

    tbh that seems to be the most reasonable thing to do for returners since they might want to check in because of the people and memories they made and might be put off by the island

  3. There are several ways off the island.

    Read all the signs, create/combine the necessary things but dont waste the resources you can collect, you will need them in later steps on the island as well

    if you're a fossil then its probably best to try to find the door in the mountain, solve the riddle that can be found on the island and use that exit

  4. 4 hours ago, Trola said:

    I'll go with 3 tokens applied to creature, please :)

    Don't know which ones yet... Any suggestions?


    Possibly I read that wrong and I don't get to chose tokens:P Here is ID: 601643

    3 token on any crit, does not have to be the same crit

  5. REWARDS!!!!!! (sorry was busy)


    1.LAZARUS -5SC, Anni

    2.AILITH -5SC, Anni

    3.DEMONIC GOD -5SC, Anni

    4.TROLA - 5SC,

    4.MIQ - 5SC,

    6.TISSY - 5SC,

    7.STENO - 5SC,

    7.CHEWETT - 5SC,

    9.UNGOD - 5SC,


    firstplace gets to pick one thing from reward pool then second and so on:

    reward pool of tastyness:

    • One gold coin
    • 3 random RP items
    • Some spell stones ( i couldnt decide what so you otta see what chew will give you)
    • 3 tokens applied to any creature (will need the IDs to add them)
    • LR Archer

    next is TROLA and MIQ since they are on the same place i'll do an unfair first come first serve @Trola @Miq

  6. judged was according to these categories:





    • dish complexity
    • presentation
    • description
    • "md topic bonus"(used MD ingredients)
    • creativity





    1.LAZARUS:  39/50


    2.AILITH: 30/50


    3.DEMONIC GOD : 29/50

    4.TROLA:  28/50

    4.MIQ: 28/50

    6.TISSY: 26/50

    7.STENO: 22/50

    7.CHEWETT: 22/50

    9.UNGOD: 21/50


    once i remember what prices i had in mind i will let them reach you 😄


    the detailed points with statments from my trusty judge are hidden here:




    dish complexity: 5


    presentation: 5


    description: 7 - I have never seen someone talk about fried meat in such depth before.


    "md topic bonus"(used MD ingredients): 0


    creativity: 4

    TOTAL: 21/50


    dish complexity: 7 - I know I struggle with all the different timings doing a roast and such myself.

    presentation: 7

    description: 8 - Easy to follow and accurate.

    "md topic bonus"(used MD ingredients): 1 - it has bacon.

    creativity: 7 - I have never seen a dish like this before. Some sort of roast?

    TOTAL: 30/50



    dish complexity: 5


    presentation: 5 - Bread was a bit burned looking for my taste... I hate burnt toast!!! Should have redone it several times like DG 😉


    description: 7 - Fairly easy to follow and accurate... if burnt?!


    "md topic bonus"(used MD ingredients): 0


    creativity: 5 - It is more creative than just fried meat and 5 is my baseline so...


    TOTAL: 22/50



    dish complexity: 7

    presentation: 8 - Nice looking dish, if I paid for that, I'd expect that level of presentation!

    description: 9 -  Very detailed instruction and interesting description.... certainly most effort put in to the instructions I would say. I am always hesitant to give 10/10... The sauce covered thumbs up pushed it to a 9.

    "md topic bonus"(used MD ingredients): 8 - Has Winderwild, Grasan, Loreroot spices... bushies and pickles too?!

    creativity: 7 - Overall making it MD themed boosted the creativity score to an extent, but it was a somewhat simple recipe.

    TOTAL: 39/50



    dish complexity: 6 - It is 'just' a stew but I appreciate the ingredients are... unusual in my opinion.


    presentation: 9 - I really like the old pot it was cooked in and the fact it was done outside. Sue me!


    description: 5 - Not too much instruction, but accurately described.


    "md topic bonus"(used MD ingredients): 1 - it has bacon.


    creativity: 7 - Come on, cooking it in a pot outside with cabbage leaves to cover it?! Extra points from me.


    TOTAL: 28/50



    dish complexity: 5 - Don't lie to me Chewett, I know frozen cauliflower cheese when I see it.

    presentation: 7 - I appreciate the generous dosage of gravy. I went to my aunt who did a lovely goose but with next to no gravy! I drank a couple ciders just to choke through the carbs on my plate. Good times.

    description: 5- It is toad in the hole, I do question having cauliflower cheese with it. Who started this trend of cauliflower cheese with roasts etc.? I reckon it is a plot by the cauliflower lobby myself. Goes all the way to Westminster.

    "md topic bonus"(used MD ingredients): 0

    creativity: 5 - More creative than my oven tray nights, they tend to just be kiev or chicken dippers. But still. Mixing the batter mix with water pushed this from a 4 to a 5.

    TOTAL: 22/50


    dish complexity: 6 - I cannot season appropriately myself. So it gets an extra point there.


    presentation: 5 - Would've been nice to see it in a proper bowl!


    description: 7 - Simple but easy to follow. Accurate too! Also, I like noodles.


    "md topic bonus"(used MD ingredients): 1 - They have your name attached. Why not?


    creativity: 7 - The extra point here is because you can eat it with ice cubes. I think it deserves the point.


    TOTAL: 26/50



    dish complexity: 6 - A stew with extra steps. Why not?

    presentation: 7 - A nice plate. Very nice accoutrements too. It lost a point because it looks like cat food to me, though. Forgive me, Miq.

    description: 6 - Short and easy to follow, if you dare.

    "md topic bonus"(used MD ingredients): 3 - Has Grasan and I like Grasans.

    creativity: 6 - I appreciate the ballsiness of using trotters. I also appreciate not having to eat it.

    TOTAL: 28/50



    dish complexity: 6 - I appreciate the attempt at omurice. I know the pain of attempting it all too well.


    presentation: 6 - A bit of mess on the plate, but it is at least on a plate, hence the extra point.


    description: 6 - I appreciate the in depth instructions.


    "md topic bonus"(used MD ingredients): 2 - Has Winderwilds. What more could you ask for, except a Grasan of course?


    creativity: 9 - I appreciate the backstory on the infertile egg etc. From my reading was the only one to do so. Incorporates MD stuff too, even though it is 'simple' omurice. I would have given extra points if it included the mango or mangosteen in the background.


    TOTAL: 29/50





  7. 3 hours ago, Trola said:

    I would like to participate too. Everything is prepared for tomorrow.

    But I would like to ask if it's ok to enter tomorrow morning?

    I though there was time till the end of April, but now I cannot find it and I'm afraid I confused deadline with some other quest 🙄


    Actually found the deadline 


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