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  1. I usually do not support fang and his ideas, but this feels absolutely right, you hae my blessing. Let me be the second to welcome you into MD, McChickyNuggy. Magspeed.
  2. my guess is that that was the ap bonus you get from the alliance you are in, now that you are dead you are not in it anymore
  3. you break my heart sometimes, i almost downvoted that
  4. my idea was just to show in the box how much you have or if you have that common item, so if you scroll through the inventory of another play and something catches your eyes you immediately see if you have it or not, without having to enter your inventory to check if you have it
  5. We all have a very long list of items in our inventories and it is very annoying to switch between your own inventory and another players inventory so my suggestions is: In the hover over field add information if you have the item in your own inventory already, like this:
  6. that almost sounds like chew knew exactly what will happen when he gave ledah the killing tool, so maybe he is the culprit after all?
  7. you just gotta listen to the smart things i say, so that shouldnt be that hard xD
  8. so yeah, i kinda died, this concludes my report
  9. seems like its the same issue you get when you fight another NPC, there is currently rework being done by mur, the error seems to only appear when there is an active cooldown
  10. i almost failed ethics and i suck at morals and morality, count me in ;D
  11. sounds like it always starts from the beginning and that makes sense
  12. sounds like i will suck at that so count me in, sorry in advance to the one getting paired up with me
  13. its even funnier because he actually used that meme in chat
  14. This experiment taught us that: Granos exists Granos can be killed I will try to keep you up to date once the consequences kick in
  15. Nobody stopped me from getting the idea, its clearly a community failiure
  17. THE GOD EMPEROR SUPER DUPER MASTER CHIEF DANK DUKE MAGOHI NEEDS YOU TO FIGHT FOR WHAT IS THE MOST IMPORTANT IN THE WORLD, HIS BELLY (yeah i totally did not make that title up) what would the Birthday be without a cooking quest? EXACTLY a birthday without a cooking quest! now we cant have that, so i am making one, am i not amazing to do that for you? all the amazing prizes that you can win for something you do anyway to feed yourself? HERE IS THE DEAL, COOK A DISH THAT MAKES YOU FEEL GOOD/HAPPY/WHOLESOME/NICE (you get it) YOU WILL HAVE TO DESCRIBE YOUR DI
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