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  1. only one participant so far, looks like there is freeeee rewards @Ailith @Lazarus @Ledah @Granos @Miq @otherpeople able to cook
  2. there is section in the forum to report bug bug forum try to look up if someone already reported the bug if you can provide a screen shot it also helps a lot if it is a game breaking bug or exploit let the admins know directly
  3. difficult to answer not every type of player like all the quest types if you have unique or rare rewards more people might try to do your quest
  4. depending on the stats you can gain them by fighting, walking, using tools or sacrificing creatures some stats help with moving around in MD some make fighitng easier
  5. you can ask the treasure keepers TK or ask for sponsor ship on the forum when you present your quest if that doesnt help you can ask the admins
  6. this is a spoiler, you will need some items and more people to create this
  7. you will need to sacrifice a creature of the same type at an altar, it will show you information on how many shards you get before you sacrifice it. to use them open your creature page and then select the creature you are interested in putting shards on, you will be able to see a selection of abilities you can give to the creature and add them to your creature there, check out the description of the abilities to find what is right your creature
  8. there is a scene called the sunny bedroom, Syrian is able to rent it out to you for a small fee the place is protected against spells, that means whatever you write in there will not leak out (unless the person you speak with in there takes a screen shot)
  9. ah yes if i remember those keys were taken away if you had them through story mode, so my list stays its what you can reach
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