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  1. There are several ways off the island. Read all the signs, create/combine the necessary things but dont waste the resources you can collect, you will need them in later steps on the island as well if you're a fossil then its probably best to try to find the door in the mountain, solve the riddle that can be found on the island and use that exit
  2. there you go without and with ideas needs some rework to include all combiners but i couldnt be bothered yet to do that
  3. well not so secret, i just made two maps one with the current resource and combine system at that time and one with suggestions
  4. MaGoHi

    Time dilation

    just to see if i get your idea, is this related to the refresh timer ? or would you use it on all cooldowns? including attack cooldowns (and possible triggers?)?
  5. 3 token on any crit, does not have to be the same crit
  6. that leaves miq with the 3 random RP items i will pass the coins as i meet you ingame
  7. REWARDS!!!!!! (sorry was busy) 1.LAZARUS -5SC, Anni 2.AILITH -5SC, Anni 3.DEMONIC GOD -5SC, Anni 4.TROLA - 5SC, 4.MIQ - 5SC, 6.TISSY - 5SC, 7.STENO - 5SC, 7.CHEWETT - 5SC, 9.UNGOD - 5SC, firstplace gets to pick one thing from reward pool then second and so on: reward pool of tastyness: One gold coin 3 random RP items Some spell stones ( i couldnt decide what so you otta see what chew will give you) 3 tokens applied to any creature (will need the IDs to add them) LR Archer next is TROLA
  8. something continues to decrease my VP while not doing anything, this was observed on other people as well
  9. please go ahead and give some coins to chew and Demonic God they both helped me with python already
  10. it might surprise you but i did not write that xD
  11. judged was according to these categories: dish complexity presentation description "md topic bonus"(used MD ingredients) creativity WINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNER! 1.LAZARUS: 39/50 2.AILITH: 30/50 3.DEMONIC GOD : 29/50 4.TROLA: 28/50 4.MIQ: 28/50 6.TISSY: 26/50 7.STENO: 22/50 7.CHEWETT: 22/50 9.UNGOD: 21/50 once i remember what prices i had in mind i will let them reach you 😄 the detailed points with statments from my trusty ju
  12. with this the quest is closed!
  13. WILL, as in willpower, because if you really want something and you have the will to get it you will sacrifice things and find a way
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