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  1. Could you give more details? I don't know how your hounds look like or what you want. Just checking if i'm able to produce what you want. But i have a short waiting list... So it may take a bit
  2. Really old one made on a table during a History class.. That's why it's a little messy
  3. Thank you for your comments. I give really importance to the shadows in my drawings. I have more and I'm constantly making new ones!! *dst - I will search for him then, and see what he thinks thank you! *gonzalo - Thank you sir! *Neno - Thanks, you will. I already have lots made so I just need to upload some of them. *Aeoshattr - Thanks a lot *smiles* *Change - If you put your mind to the task you'll get results before you know it. I trained with ramdom objects and pointed a light in the direction I wanted, that way I could understand how can I work with shadows and lights. Use your imagination not just on your drawings but also with your surroundings. Thanks! I will upload some soon! *Lazarus - Thanks! I will, I'm always trying to be better I wanted to thank you individualy so this was kinda long. Thank for your patience *Smiles* "I'm not the end of the line, just a ticket to another train"
  4. I love to draw, it's one of my biggest passions if not the biggest. So I wanted to shared with all of you my ideas: Thank you for passing by!! Feel free to share your opinion!! "I'm not the end of the line, just a ticket to another train"
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