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  1. Busy busy busy. I'll be in MD mostly on weekends.

  2. Thanks. I'm glad I could help the elves and the quiz was fun too. :D I'll take the Gold Coin and The TeleportPaperCabin Stone.
  3. Obviously, honor, loyalty and wins (and loses) are a separate thing from energy or heat. Those are concepts.
  4. I think vital energy is the energy stored in your body structure. The more organised/ordered the body the more energy it stores. As you take damage your body becomes less organised, the stored energy decreases. As you heal, your body gets organised again.
  5. Thanks you all! And happy birthday tankfans. :)) It is rare to see another person who is born on the same day of the same month, but it is even more rarer to meet someone who was also born in the same year too.
  6. But it takes more effort then the fenth way. Why carry all those buckets to the site (and then remixit) when you could carry only one? Admittedly it is less fun for the group and it is lessens the manly task. :))
  7. I was just thinking and suddenly I came up with this: The quality of the cement is very important for this task. Mixing large quantities of cement makes it harder to control the quality and also has logistic problems. How about we mix up a perfect cement in small quantity (in a bucket) then put a bunch of fenths in a barrel at the lighthouse and make the fenths copy the perfect cement? Since fenths are the universal resource. The question is how much cement can one fenth turn into?
  8. ID: 252664 Something fiery: Sunfire - A tiny flame enclosed in a glass bead. It is said it was stolen from the Sun. Flame scarab - A small scarab with a reddish-gold carapace. It glows in the sunlight like a candle falme. Kept as curiosité. nice one but interferes with future functionalities Flame oil - When applied to the skin, gives a strong burning senstion. Why would anyone use it? Wisp lantern - A lantern with a cold blue flame. Is there a real wisp trapped in it? Probably not. Somrthing crytaline: Crystaline structure - A crystal of unknown compositi
  9. All right, I just finished it. I hope there is no character limit as it is 6 pages long. :rolleyes: (If it is too big, I'll upload it in a file) [spoiler]This story I’m about to tell started on a sunny afternoon. I was in the No Man’s Land, camping near the road with my archers and the rest of my creatures. Syndrel , my most trusted archer was playing on his flute, I was gathering skin fragments from my grasan who just started exfoliating. It was looking to be another lazy, boring day when the sentry spotted someone coming down the road. As the figure approached I could make out that she
  10. How do you know? Can you read minds? I assume different people gather for differnet reasons. Maybe veterans tend to gather for skill more, but don't generalise.
  11. You don't get it do you? You have to gather to get the skill ( I tought a veteran knew that :P). If I needed only the resources then I would have just bought some. Please don't deliberately misinterpret what I wrote.
  12. Well, depletion can be frustrating if hoarders are around. I gather resources mainly for skill gain and secondary for the resources. I harvest a 10/10 pool to 7/10 then I come back tomorrow and see it is 0/10... Because someone had to hoard the rest for them self. Being a hoarder is not an excuse in my opinnion. Because it is like saying "I am a thief, that is my job" or "I annoy people, that is my job". It doesn't make it right. Maybe a role, ok, but then we should have something to stop them from doing as they please. (Also a permanent hoarder tag for them...) So I would like to see a
  13. I think more veterans having mp3 alts, helping and RPing with new players can be an alternative to NPCs. I made an alt just to see the other outcomes of the tutorial, but I may play it regularly.
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