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    Witty got a reaction from Mallos in Draw/ create/ sculpt your own Hell Hound   
    --------posting on Blackshade's behalf, he has computer issues atm------
    You can see examples of the birthday quest version here..........http://magicduel.inv...ounds/?p=163879
    How To Play
    3 pictures MINIMUM.  Any mind power welcome.
    ------MUST draw your player name into the drawing---------
    You are to draw a Hell Hound and Upload at least 3 pictures to this post . Draw it how you see them in your eyes. I don't want to be asked how they look.
    Be creative in the drawing. Try to draw a background or a person riding the hound or it sleeping in some grass ect. However you see fit just make sure it stays MD related and MD Appropriate. 
    *RULE #1*******YOU MUST DRAW/SIGN YOUR NAME INTO THE PICTURE( This is for authentication purposes.)*********
    *RULE#2**********NO ALTS   (one account per player)*********
    *RULE#3********MUST HAVE ATLEAST 3 PICTURES********
    *RULE #4***** must state what inspired you otherwise inspiration points are worthless********* 
    Pencil, color pencil, ink pens, markers, paint, chalk, oil pastels
    -Judging will be done by 4 people. Judging will be done in scoring like so below,
    creativity: 1-5
    uniqueness: 1-5
    Inspiration: 1-5
    Talent: 1-5
    Confirmity: 1-5
    You can get an overall score of 100 after each judge does their scoring.
    4 judges , 1 judge can give a max score of 25
    Rewards will be given based on your score
    (100 - 76 gets a wp)
    ( 75 and below needs to try again)
    This will be a permanent quest.
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    Witty got a reaction from Fang Archbane in Happy Birthday, Sir Blut!   
    I hope you have a great year with lots of accomplishments, great health and a lot of love ! <3 
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    Witty got a reaction from Sir Blut in Happy Birthday, Sir Blut!   
    I hope you have a great year with lots of accomplishments, great health and a lot of love ! <3 
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    Witty reacted to Sir Blut in Improvised REAL Rain Collector   
    Hey guys, 
    I finally did it.  It was hard to video tape it myself without messing up my phone so I hope the pics are enough. l would like the first option of a wishpoint and permanent rain collector.

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    Witty reacted to Sir Blut in Improvised REAL Rain Collector   
    Romania is awesome!  It's just too cold for me right now xD
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    Witty reacted to Ungod in Ramblings   
    I'm afraid I won't be writing this stuff in the future, for whatever reasons there may be. Life is moving fast for me (and for everyone, I suppose), and I find myself incapable of sustaining my intellectual researches. It's been like that for a while, it's nothing sudden, but it feels like it's the time for sudden movements, without looking back. You know what they say - never look back, that's the way to happiness. But, really, can one do it? I think the 'quo vadis' moments are key to what a human being is, without them we're happy, yes, but not really human.
    Then, of course, is the discourse of why write it at all. Here. Well, first of all, I can't say much of this to old folks. They're done for. Secondly, I got used to this being a place where to discuss ideas. Lastly, I try to bring forth something I slept on when I write a text. It's my foolish hope to change something - at least for someone out there.
    I don't really know where to start. A little about me - I searched some kind of absolute truth. But then, you realize there is no such thing. It's a pretty depressing conclusion. Blessed are the ignorants, you know this. I looked at myself, I looked at others. What is the world, what am I, all that. I guess there's nothing strange about it, except for the fact that the whole research of who we are and why we do what we do is quite strange, if you think about it. I really think the human being is the maximum of nature's species, in the sense that you can create more complex and stronger species, but all species that look for a reason for their life are, to me, humans.  There's some kind of eye that records everything, the inner eye that wakes up at a certain age, a self that stands to the side and pieces memories together so that we believe in the illusion called time. This eye...this godly thing...I can't explain. But, in the end, it's this that gives us the purpose and fate of human beings. I think Mur wrote somewhere that we are meant to be observers, and it's pretty much what we are. And why we are. But, at the same time, one day the inner eye closes. It's nature that closes it, just as it opened it. Then, the next generation is starting the same thing. All over again. I suppose this very idea is enough to generate buddhism. Let's escape the pain of being observers and live as energy in the higher circles.
    So, my inner eye is closing. I am tired, I suppose this means I got old. For some time now, I pondered upon the ideas of paradise and hell, upon things such as work and knowledge. Funny, it's all upside down. Work is hell, knowledge is war, ignorance is paradise.
    When we were hunters and gatherers, we simply lived as animals. But, one day, we got some knowledge. We discovered agriculture and we started to work for the things we got for free before. And we started hunting for knowledge, and it brought us more and more often to war. Thus, the biblical parable of the exile from paradise makes sense to me now (I loath that book, however, its writers hid the real messages in parables). God is Nature, work created this world we live in now, where we keep feeling that we lost our paradise. And don't get me wrong, disease, violence, war and famine was present in the paradise of the animal-humans. But there was no work. Then, we got knowledge. Knowledge is power. Power comes with responsability. Just thinking about it, makes me laugh. Think about the idea of greed. It makes no sense. Greed is against the natural instincts. Greed hurts. But that's a mechanism that nature created to keep us in check. To make wars against each other, to eliminate the big number of humans. I think we're not needed in such a great number. Maybe I'm wrong, but when we say human, we have all these weird things that we can discuss, that make no sense. We do all these weird things. Why? We keep exploring, we keep working for knowledge, then we use it to fight eachother. (btw, this is not jesus speaking, i'm not really a pacifist...or maybe...)
    But I had a vision, in which this tribe which mainly fishes (for example) and eats seafruits and plants, which gathers every evening around a fire and drinks some alcohol, which makes them forget their characters (and in fact their characters, already very subtle, mingle into one great conscience), is living in paradise. No work, no learning, no real war. Death from diseases, maybe even aggresion, or from famine, yes. But happiness that comes to all living members of the tribe, these ignorant savages, although maybe it's the happiness that is not understood at all. That's not to say that the world we live in is awful. In fact, it has good and bad, it's just that it has many weird things (such as work) in it. The vision I had is pretty much presenting you some ignorant animals, living in a bubble, outside time. What is time, when all days are the same? What is time, when the few moments of sadness, felt when you realize you're getting older, closer to death, are lost in alcohol?
    I'm torn, really. Torn between the vision I had, which has humans in it...sort of...and the world we live in, that has humans in it. In a lot of confusion. I don't think I have a choice, though. I'm tired, it's too tiresome to keep the eye open. Living like a dog, with every day anew - sounds good. I know it's not going to be possible in the absolute (I mean, can't erase memories), but at least it's not going to have me think about things anymore. I had this flash on day when I realized that the only time that I *did* something was when I wasn't - when I was thinking. That's the only moment when you are you (Now we need a discussion about what is 'you'). All the actions you do...it's the veil of the material world. This is all very confusing, confusing to me, too.
    I dont' know what's going to happen. I don't know what things I will learn to do, or for how long I'm going to be. These concepts of happiness, life, human beings...I kept thinking about them, and it's something normal, I find it to be so. But if there's something I wanna say to others, it's probably the idea that it's ok to close your inner eye to get your ignorant happiness. Weird...I never thought I'd give up my ascent. Life...wow...I have much more to write on this, but maybe it's enough. A little effort, but I said most of what I wanted to say. And, who knows, I may never get to write soemthing liek this, because I won't care. The torch is yours now.
    ok, as for MD...MD as you know it is dead. the fact that I wrote what I wrote may prove me wrong, though...but the outer shell of MD is pretty good, still, you know it's fascinating
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    Witty got a reaction from Mallos in In response to a discussion...   
    I get where you're coming from, and you're totally entitled to have an opinion, I really have no problem with that.
    I agree that it's not fair that it's a popularity contest and well, the consequences aren't my fault per se (they were definitely not my intention - actually, I tried to talk about adepthood with people who were neither Syrian or EE adepts),  call me selfish but I want to aim for my purpose and well, this is the system for now, we should all deal with it the way it is.
    If I make it or not, I guess there's only one way to find out.  Also, I agree EE is great and positive, and way more experienced than myself, but that shouldn't be a factor for me to suppress my ambition and/or for me to abstain myself from  pursuing what I wish to accomplish. Like No one said, it's a quest after all...
    Just cause it's on the forum doesn't mean it has to be something chaotic, I decided to post because after all, I am interested in communicating with the community, I want to know both negative and positive opinions, so if anyone has any other views on this, I'd love to hear them. :) 
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    Witty got a reaction from Mallos in In response to a discussion...   
    ... that I wasn't able to attend. 
    I've read the logs, and dst's blog and I understand that she thinks I'm selfish for trying to become MP6 when the population is so low.
    I would like to make a few things clear: 
    I was aware that it would be hard for the population to support more than 2 MP6s at the same time. I am not an extremely competitive person and I do not wish anyone's harm. However, I believe this mindpower is open for everyone who wishes to aim for it, and regardless of age and experience, in the end we should have an equal shot.  I did not went to  "steal" any current mp6's adepts. The "meaningless mp3s" dst mentioned are new people I tried to bring in the game using my referral link, who unfortunately didn't stay, except one. I tried getting adepts in a healthy way for the game itself, not by creating conflicts and chaos NOR by trying to ruin other people's MP6 status. The exception from that may be the Marind Bell people who offered to support me ( I do not know who they adepted before, nor did I insist for them to adept me instead).  I am aiming for MP6, but that doesn't mean I want to create chaos and make it happen overnight. I did not make public announcements begging to get adepts, I don't even have the necessary heat I need for it. I think it's a longer journey and I am willing to go slowly, learn things and gain experience myself.  Achieving MP6, for me, would create some sort of "symbiosis" with what I'm planning for Witty's role, which involves a lot of selflessness and is focused on the community, especially helping out newbies.   
    This is all I have to say for now, I am open to discuss things further.
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    Witty reacted to nadrolski in Happy Birthday Witty!   
    Belated Happy Birthday, Witty!
    High five!
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    Witty reacted to DARK DEMON in Happy Birthday Witty!   
    Happy birthday!
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    Witty reacted to Ungod in Happy Birthday Witty!   
    Happy birthday
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    Witty got a reaction from Lintara in Happy Birthday Witty!   
    Thank you guys! I miss everyone, hoping for more active times soon!  
    *gives everyone cake and beers*
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    Witty got a reaction from Blackshade Rider in What is it?   
    I think it depends on the perspective: Love can be seen in many ways.
    While the guys already described what it is chemically, I'll just say what it is to me. To have a loving relationship, be it friendship, spousal, or even family relationship, you need a lot of balance. Sure, you may love someone, and they might love you back, but is it really love when nothing else fits? They love you, but they would never make a compromise, they would never make a sacrifice, they would never step on their own ego, and admit their faults, can that be called love?  I don't know, but I don't.
    Sometimes, the love isn't shared, which is terrible, I think a lot of us have been there - you would do anything, you would make all of those sacrifices and things you need to do, but the other person wouldn't - and the lack of reciprocation leads to suffering, and eventually learning a lesson. 
    I've learned my lessons in time, and my current view on love, is that it's made by millions of little things :). Find someone who has the same spark for you that you do have for them, and start building. It's like building a house, really, each one puts a brick on top of another brick, but if you base your house on a cracked foundation (unfaithfulness, lack of trust, lack of honesty...) the whole thing will collapse. But if the foundation is strong, you keep adding today's laughter and tomorrow's cry, sometimes the bad weather may crash a few bricks, but with a good foundation, you can always put them back. 
    If something is wrong in the foundations (could be simply finding that you try to build a house with bricks while the other person is adding wood, or concrete) , it will always affect, even destroy the love eventually. (that's why I believe people fighting in early stages of a relationship won't last, something is already wrong). 
    I believe that true love is ever-growing. :wub:
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    Witty reacted to Aeoshattr in What is it?   
    Hm. I'll give 2 perspectives on this: my own and Aeo's.
    There are many different types of love, as I think the Ancient Greek used to describe (Agápe, Éros, Philia and Storge), each with its own subtleties and differences. Some almost confound with friendship, others refer strictly to intimate aspects, etc - my point here is that you can love many different people in different ways, not necessarily the traditional "hearts and roses and candles" kind of love.
    But all in all, I would say that love is simply the single strongest connection that two human beings can form. It may last for a brief moment and burn vividly and then fade (Éros), it may last for a lifetime and be steady and sturdy (Philia, Storge); the fact remains though, that for the duration of it, those in love are connected and transcend most of the less virtuous aspects of humanity. Love makes us better. Love makes you do things that you would normally not even consider, makes you forget yourself for others. 
    I'm conveniently omitting the 12-year-olds in "love" who do stupid things. Maturity is an absolute prerequisite for love.
    Love is made of a speckled little mix of joy, sadness, hurt and a whole lot of fear.
    Love means tiptoeing around, being extremely careful and attentive and gentle. Like trying to hold a delicate little butterfly between the shears of scissors; knowing that the slightest flinch could kill or worse, maim. Even more, no matter how you look at it, love is not eternal; all love ends, and the darkest, grimmest part is that it never dies at the same time for each half of the couple. The flame is always extinguished in one side before the other. Thus even if it does light your path or bring joy, when the flame flickers away to smoke, darkness will quickly rush in to fill the void - and when it does, you will be at your most helpless and defenceless. 
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    Witty reacted to Fang Archbane in What is it?   
    I hope you mean Rider and not me. I know what Objectohilia means, is, and makes one do.

    It doesnt change my views on things. Some call it a disorder, others a disease, i call it perspective.

    But that is the perspective of another, not mine. Rider asked me what my view on Love was, i gave my answer.

    If someone else can love a chair, hey, more power to them. My only advice? Beware of splinters.
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    Witty reacted to Aethon in What is it?   
    Look up objectophilia, Blackwood.

    Love is a simply a chain of evolutionary (involuntary) and chemical reactions.

    Pheromones, neurotransmitters and dopamine levels; combined with subconscious evolutionary methods of finding the "right mate" to pass your genes onto, protect your family or even ensuring the best rate of success in birthing, is what causes this feeling of "love".

    For the most part, however, love is simply a physical reaction to pheromones, increased dopamine levels and decreased oxytocin levels.
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    Witty reacted to Blackwoodforest in What is it?   
    Love to an object is none existant in romantic ways, it is a favour of something you like and to simply give it a expressiv of humans limited imagination of things, we call it "love". I so love my car!=means nothing more then I know it is mine, I like it , I like cars with this shape, the features are usefull, I know about its quality and so on. But in the end, its maybe only the same procedure of neurons etc. You get bound to something where you combine emotions and fact for your brain to remember this and save it. The more you combine fact with emotions the more brain activites will be triggered and you will start to empath something, you will "love" it. I assume that those connections stimulate brain increase and activity and when you lose that certain level you will suffer like from drug withdravel, therefore the lovesickness maybe?
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    Witty reacted to Fang Archbane in What is it?   
    Love, is the deepest understanding and connection that one entity can have with another.

    This is divided into a few categories, and i wont bother to cover them all, but the basics are Friendly Love, Family Love, and Spousal Love.

    Each of these serves its own purpose in the Heart. Love does exist, but whether or not it exists to You (Not you Rider, just the person asking if Loves a myth in general) is something only You can find out.
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    Witty reacted to Blackwoodforest in What is it?   
    Love can cause pain, but only as an activation of negative feelings, real pain (talking about body wounds) instead has always an event trigger (slice, blunt damage etc.) which stimulates your synapses with an electrical flow. So we have to seperate the pain you feel or might think you feel in your "heart" and "soul" or the body driven one.
    Let me answer for the "if love is real and letting go etc" from my very personal point of view. I had a girlfriend quite long ago and I was really madly in love with her. We couldn´t become a couple because of some reasons and there was no right way to get this done. I was surely in the mood to die for her, for a last word of her, her eyes gazing upon me just to guide my way to Valhalla (or so). And I had to let her go because it was a deadend. But letting go is not a rational decision in this position, it is simply the realization that you have to give it up. So you don´t let someone go because you wan´t to, it´s because you know it can´t be done and you are giving it up. This causes horrible pain (this is the worst pain I EVER felt!) and therefore love and pain are for sure combined. Everybody who felt lovesickness will nod his head now. And I realized that both of those feelings just raised my understanding of how I feel love for someone or not. Both are necessary, sometimes you have to suffer to know, why you do so. But love and even pain still give you power to succed in things you never thought of. How about writing love poems? Mostly they aren´t written while you are in love, they are created because of your suffercation.
    Love hurts *sings along*
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    Witty reacted to Blackwoodforest in What is it?   
    First thing first! If you post "what is love?" everybody is forced to answer - "baby don´t hurt me..." :)
    Well love could be determined as a lie, as in fact it is only a neuronal action of chemicals and electrical stimulation of your synapses. Very romantic, isn´t it? But on the other hand, everybody, who really was mad in love with someone will always tell you that there is simply "more" behind it. A deeper feeling, from your insides and so on. For some love will never exists and for some the will say it is a lie as they deny this feelings because of bad experiences from the past. Maybe in the past people wanted to have manifestion for everything like death and love so they created Amor, Venus, Aphrodite, and so on. But I, for my personal point of view, would never compare the love of a hobby or an object with the emotional love to another beeing.
    just my two cents
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    Witty reacted to AmberRune in MD Valentine's Day cards   
    I apparently spend too much time on Pinterest and Tumblr. For no good reason, I felt the need to make bad MD valentines real fast and share them. And then I had the very bad thought that others may also want to make and share MD valentines.
    So happy pre-Valentine's Day people! Have fun and add if you want



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    Witty reacted to apophys in MD's "Believe it or not"   
    There was an older forum before this one. :p
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    Witty reacted to Blackshade Rider in MD's "Believe it or not"   
    when I first came to MD I was blackrider and I played for close to a year before quitting for a couple of years. then I cam back as blackshade rider
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    Witty got a reaction from Eagle Eye in Happy Birthday MaGoHi   
    Happy birthday dear friend!!! ^_^  Have a great one!
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    Witty got a reaction from MaGoHi in Happy Birthday MaGoHi   
    Happy birthday dear friend!!! ^_^  Have a great one!
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