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  1. Umm you were 2 days late on the 14 and 15 bids(I said I consider a creature sold after 10 days) I only put your bid on the angien
  2. I wish to sell the following untokened creatures: ->I will include the heat(dunno if it's relevant), age(at the time of the post) and creature ID(for the "ID hunters")   1) Imperial Aramor > everyone - 4 silver(9 Nov. - 06:45 PM) ID: 266657 Age: 1960 Heat: 3302   2) BloodPact Heretic Archer > everyone - 10 silver(9 Nov. - 06:45 PM) ID: 308741 Age: 1947 Heat: 4099   3) Pimped Grasan > everyone - 4 silver(9 Nov. - 06:45 PM) ID: 606929 Age: 1778 Heat: 4099   4) Joker > Chewett - 1 silver(8 Nov. - 07:00 PM) ID: 606919 Age: 1778 Heat: 3172 &#
  3. Zulfire sound better though, and I started the poem...(Sunaar is tolerated tho)
  4. It's alright. If I get the expected result you will ALL be bugging Mur :)
  5. So nothing can be done? I simply lost my money and credits because of faulty allopass? Could you remove the mobile payment link if it's not working then?   edit: please tell me if you got my mail on the address DST suggested. Anti spam is wild and I don't know whether I am considered human or not( I followed the steps but no proper confirmation to attest anything)
  6. Wanted to check if this quest is still going. I was working on a BIG one, so please tell me if anyone is still checking this thread :)
  7. Wanted to buy some MD Shop credits, I've chosen the mobile phone payment service(allopass). I got a code but when I enter it scene loads for ~15 seconds then an "ERROR" message appears. No error code given.   Posted a link containing my screenshot, I couldn't upload it here since you can only upload 1KB it seems...   Awaiting instructions.   http://i61.tinypic.com/2mriryh.png
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