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  1. WTS Leaking Grasan. WTS Exfoliating Grasan.

    1. Azrafar


      I heard if you give them wiiya gas they will produce something (depending on the type) The constipated one produces grasan ferment

  2. I've come across a pair of Resource Grasans.   Leaking Grasan - 5 silver (or bid) Exfoliatiating Grasan - 5 silver (or bid)
  3. I would like you to do alittle on the Ritual Page. Like rophs said, something that will let you sort your Rituals. Prefferably by Name, Influence and Def/Non-Def. Also. And this is probably my main point: A button, that will let you erase all Dead rituals. Or a feature, that makes them "Decay" after a while. It is very frustrating, to have to delete your rituals one at a time, manually. Being picky is simply not an option, and you will not see anyone surf their Ritual List. Instead, they will just delete every ritual they have, when the list gets too much out of control.
  4. ... Well never mind... I thought it would have had to be Chewett... But I guess I was wrong XD
  5. Reef knot   Multipurpose: For example securing lines to a stake.   http://storenow.net/my/?f=d1ffa61a9fb49f0eb4261895b3675773
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