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  1. I can only concur, last part aside.Thus, either I've expressed myself in a dubious manner or one of us has misunderstood the other.   To hamper access to a scene until the player has enough action points and/or resources, in the broadest sense, to access it, that I approve of, exactly having in view that viscosity was designed as it was with a purpose in mind. However, to hide a given scene is to outright deny an individual the chance to, by their own effort, gain access to said scene.   Though, here, the creation of an organized effort to reduce viscosity could be considered an
  2. I must concede insofar as that any given organized activity towards the removal of viscosity, however artificially so, still partially fulfills the purpose of viscosity.   Yet still, viscosity has a goal others than its own removal, or the only reasonable argument that could be made would be the removal of its entirety. While the reduction of the perceivable game world is a powerful threat, it is one that is more likely to be answered by an immediate approach, travel for the sake of reducing viscosity, rather than a purpose-oriented one, the enrichment of those locations that lack activ
  3. Viscosity may be a measure of activity in a given location, alas, it is hardly a neutral tool. Those locations more often visited become more prone to being visited, whereas those locations least visited become less prone to be visited. In sum, it is a measure of activity, but it is also a radicalizing factor; more importantly, it is a radicalizing factor created with a purpose in mind.   Visiting locations for no reason other than the removal of viscosity, it should go without saying, is to wholly miss the point. Viscosity has a purpose, and that is not movement for the sake of movemen
  4. My courteousness and good will, whoever you are, take them for granted. Only the later do you ever stand to lose.

  5. Amidst bleak darkness, untold landscapes whereupon,  If a even a lone shadow is to therein reside, So must unforgiving light cast itself upon And over the stark contrast unfeelingly preside.   Sanctimonious light, pure and untouchable; Destroyer, clinging to a glimpse, longing desperate. Encircling darkness, bleak and impenetrable; Ever reaching for untold corners desolate.   A tale of two tyrants unlike any other, Distant entities, uncaring and almighty; And yet this tale they must weave against each other, Forever toiling to work the grand tapestry.   Force
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