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  1. I've had a triplet of cats for nearly two decades now; they probably will not be around for much longer, however lamentably so, but if were to adopt a domestic animal anew, it'd probably be a cat.
  2. Good luck and farewell, however long it may last, I wish you the best.
  3. I'd be lying if I said I didn't see that coming. Big time.
  4. Here are a few choice suggestions:   Event   MD Anniversary: it is a major, yearly recurring, event. MagicDuel Awards: likewise, as per above. Auction: makes it into the announcements every so often; certainly the kind of topic one might search the announcements for.   Game Administration   Recruitment/Task: for all recruitment purposes involving maintenance/development personnel. The Game Administration tag is otherwise relatively bloated; they are also, more often than not, announcements of particular interest. Different from Role.   Change   Refer
  5. The tags are meant for both future and previous announcements. That notwithstanding, it is easier for those involved to add all tags in a single run, then review it as necessary, than to have to go through multiple runs to add new tags that were already expected to become necessary, but were omitted solely due to their immediate inactivity. Though, of course, that should not get in the way of new tags being added at a later date, there is no reason to increase the workload by omitting HC at this point in time; even if HC were to be permanently suspended, which I find unlikely, yet still it cou
  6. I require a minor clarification, if I may; is that to say HC would go under both its own HC tag and the Event tag, or would it only go under the HC tag? And, if the later, would the omission of HC from the Event tag not potentially add confusion in that one'd otherwise also expect to find it under the aforementioned tag, and might deduce there was no one such a new announcement, as it was not found therein?
  7. Tags such as TC, HC, BHC, Items, Server Work and Items  are tags that you are unlikely to see standing on their own; generally, TC, HC and BHC fall within the purvey of Events (though not Quests), Items fall within Features/Rewards and Server Work falls within System (though not Automatic), just as Jailed would be a subcategory of Punishment.   To add them is to have finer search options, and while it also means to have to keep track of more tags when assigning them, and hence more room for error, the volume of announcements is not large enough to burden anyone so, the initial woul
  8. Azthor

    Life and stuff

    The Speculations on Metaphysics, Polity and Morality of the "Old Philosopher" Lau Tsze - Translation by John Chalmers, A.M.   "Men go out of life and into death. The ministers of life are thirteen (the senses, etc.). The ministers of death are thirteen. Human life hastens to the place of death in thirteen ways (by the undue exercise of the senses and limbs). And why is this? It is only because the life men are striving to live is only the gross (physical) life (of intensified activity). I have heard it said, that [sic] a man that is good at taking care of his life may travel over the co
  9. Background   Whether or not the just and right exist, much, if not all all, of what we perceive as just and right is perceived so solely by the appearance of being just and right. Though that earlier question poses whether there is anything beyond said appearance which might be sought, regardless, that we can grasp no just and right but those goes to say that we should still strive for the aforementioned illusion; even if there is no higher truth to support it.   Hence, a trial has ended ideally when those parties involved and those observing it all believe the just and right has
  10. Azthor

    The Truth

    Though I am interested, I remain hesitant to give any input as to the combat system, specifically, as most of my impressions remain untested, and hence may prove unfounded.
  11. Character: Azkhael. ID: 45899. Duration: 3 months. Reason for purchase: that is for my prospective master/mistress to figure out. Restrictions: standard, assets and extraordinary availability may be available upon request, but are by no means guaranteed. Share donated to the Treasure Keepers: 100%. Minimum bid: 5 silver coins. Main Event.
  12. Exchanges status: Open. 1 Gold Coin: 5 credits. 15 Silver Coins: 1 Gold Coin (referential). Should the rate above be non-standard, inform me thereof, with the due precedent, and it shall be promptly readjusted. Only transactions valued at a multiple of five credits are available.
  13. Azthor

    Pandora's box

    1. Per Hesiod's depiction, between the Theogony and Works an Days, it is a tale of divine scorn and man's fall from grace; however, if considered in the light of its presentation as the ending event of the Golden Age, one should, rather, deduce that, as man, created by Prometheus, a titan, during Cronus' reign, following Prometheus' defiance of Zeus' will, and Zeus portrayed omnipotent as he is in Hesiod's works, is punished with Pandora's coming, man is ultimately reviled by Zeus not by their actions, but by that of their creators, the titans. The age that follows, the Silver Age, is one wher
  14. The sole participant, Eara Meraia, had her entry rated 3/5, and was awarded an Anniversary Aramor, sponsored by the Council.   My thanks to all those in attendance, and a special mention to Eara Meraia, for submitting an entry, and BFH, for his assistance in maintaining anonymity during the evaluation. Though I shall not name them, my thanks too to the sponsors and those involved in the Anniversary's organization, as well as Azull, for the lecture log.
  15. Log, Azull's courtesy (I will add an edited and cleaned up version of the lecture in the next few days, as I reckon I broke my previous line of thought around 21:20 ST). [spoiler] [15/04/14 15:09] :Ars Alchemy arives early to sweet the floor and set up chairs [15/04/14 15:09] Ars Alchemy: (*sweep) [15/04/14 19:32] papaver:Hello all! Nervous, Azkhael? [15/04/14 19:32] :Gljivoje cheers papaver [15/04/14 19:33] papaver:Hi Glji! I found myself a training partner! [15/04/14 19:34] Gljivoje:nice one! training partner is something great to have [15/04/14 19:36] papaver:Only I am much stronger than
  16. Disclaimer: overall, this is clearly more complex a theme than can be remotely satisfactorily approached here, even if the below might still hold true, in much more nuanced fashion. Yet still, I am led to believe this is the answer you seek:   What you describe is the legitimization of the monopoly of force by the State as the solidification of a given social strata's privilege. In context, loyal soldiers corroborate with orthodox domination institutions, whereas criminals and rebels corrode them. That a given institution is in power, in stable fashion, expresses that those cultura
  17. I risk deviating a little off-topic, alas, it might be  a necessary deviation. Let it be a temporary one. Excuse me, No one.   High viscosity and the lack of interaction should not be mistaken for a common issue, even if they find a common root in the lack of activity. Viscosity adversely affects interaction in remote locations by suppressing activity inflow to those locations; as a radicalizing factor, viscosity is bred by a deficit in global activity, and further fueled by itself. High viscosity tends to create viscosity. Viscosity does not, however, affect global activity unless
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