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  1. Now, I would not write a post merely to censor your choice of words. That was hardly my intention, read it this way: To be fair (to DD), (I must clarify) that was not an experience shared by all of the involved (lest someone get the wrong impression).
  2. Within a given field, whenever conflict between two parties arises, their sway is given by their respective influence within the field. The spoils and losses are both likewise reaped in that influence, and inversely proportional to the party's influence in relation to its opponent. That, I believe, reflects what Mur has stated, though I may be mistaken. That, I assume, in the context of other recent posts. --- That, however, is only entirely true in a white room scenario, where only that field and those two parties exist, such that the field cannot expand or lose ground, nor can th
  3. To be fair, that was not an experience shared by all of the involved.
  4. Truth is nor the object nor the subject of science. Truth is beyond validation, and hence beyond recognition. Truth is not something our categories of perception can deal with, because it ultimately symbolizes that which always exists beyond our categories of perception. Truth is what one cannot speak of, and what one cannot speak of, one may as well remain silent as to, where scientific pretension is exclusively concerned. If truth must be spoken of, then no method can be applied, and only statements of faith have any worth. Theology and philosophy may deal with truth without incurrin
  5. Though I am rather late with this, happy birthday to both of you, Nimrodel and Menhir! Or rather, I hope you had a great birthday. :))
  6. I must confess, I was not directly aware of the parallel work on this myself, or I'd have raised the issue on both ends - as is, communication problems probably arose from the further sectioning of the task among the Archivists, as well as what may have been reliance on the Alliance chat - not that such could have been avoided, in and of itself, as the sectioning was necessary.
  7. Though the thread's locking has rendered the status redundant, this exchange is still open: http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/15514-wtb-coins-for-credits/
  8. In the interest of being a general cheapskate and freeing poor MaGoHi from the clutches of slavery¹, I offer an exchange of cake - or rather, a piece thereof. It is a symbolic act of great importance among my people. Not that I'd expected an outsider to comprehend the sheer importance of this gesture and its deeply rooted significance among our forebearers. Regardless, I'd hope you wouldn't dare scorn the ancient cultural traditions of my people by accepting a far inferior offer of precious metals or other such menial things from a third party. We are very sensitive about that,
  9. At lest for the next few months, I am available.
  10. With "shouldn't" come the questions: "according to what, and whom, for what?" Our continued well-being, or sanity, perhaps? The sane and insane are symptomatic, and the pathology of symptoms is, without variation, symbolic in essence. The insane is the symbolically degenerated, the brilliant is the symbolically exalted. Modern cultures are hegemonic enough that we no longer often see truly extreme variations in standards - those elements that might seem outright bizarre or alien to another culture. But observation of the registers of the bygone institutions of other (and fo
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