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  1. i think my favorite is the dosxx - day of tranquility.... mwahahahaha.... that has SO happened to me.
  2. i surrender. unless the two clickables I can't find are in GG and NC, i have had no luck. I've got 5. that is all. :/
  3. If I succeed to fail, which have I actually done?

  4. you say it's your birthday... Have fun today! woop woop :))
  5. I am partial to dst's opinion and can I say, it was fun?
  6. i had the same issue earlier today. Logged out several times trying to reset it. It seems to be working fine now, though
  7. oh dear. petty is verbose by nature and might be able to out do ivorak but for all my "woop woop" ... i fear i will repeat. Sounds like fun though! Best of luck!
  8. clicking my ruby red slippers and reciting it over and over: there's no place like home

  9. tut tut - still having trouble. got into LR finally but all told, between NML, LR and MB, I still only have five. I know I asked once, but there really aren't any in GG, NC or LoE? What about MDA lands? thanks lovely Sasha!
  10. Whoever said "if at first you don't succeed, try try again" obviously never failed at anything. FML

    1. Kyphis the Bard

      Kyphis the Bard

      Whoever said "if at first you don't succeed, try try again" obviously lived in a post scarcity society.

    2. Azthor


      Admittedly, it originated in the context of education reforms in 19th century U.S. Refer to: Palmer, THOMAS H. The teacher's manual: being an exposition of an efficient and economical system of education suited to the wants of a free people. Boston: Marsh, Capen, Lyon, and Webb, 1840, pg. 223.

    3. petty dodds

      petty dodds

      ha! that is cool! thanks Azthor

  11. as a young player, there isn't much for me to lose so I'm willing. But after a fun afternoon with Kyphis and Koshu (and finally, FINALLY, after 63AD players beginning to hang out at willow's shop with me!!) we discussed many things about MD. One of which is the controlling theme that older players should embrace young players and their ideas in the same way that young players accept and learn from the older players. And in turn, all work toward encouraging the new faces. for me, this is where MD chat helps. A new player, mp3, came to the scene and interjected a comment about not having anything to add to the ongoing conversation and didn't want to interrupt and such but wanted to simply say, "Hi". It helps when a new player comes to a scene and we acknowledge they are there. It gives the new players a sense of belonging and welcome which is essential. Yes, after we have gotten to know one another, our topics in chat often become exclusive, but they don't HAVE to be. GoE is a particularly troubling spot for this. Mostly mp5s hang out there and just sleep, go idle or talk on subjects that can't be joined in easily. That is going to be off putting for a new player that isn't particularly bold or chatty. Just saying.
  12. so... i'm not entirely sure what the issue is here. I do my best to stay in role while in chat in ANY scene with any character and I've been known to talk in scenes where there is no other player just because it gives a visiting player something to read. And because it is part of the role I am playing - Petty is chatty. :P :P When there are things I need to discuss that I don't want in chat, I PM the individual I am speaking with. For instance, anything that would be a spoiler on quests or battle rituals or topics about another player that I don't want to be read or misconstrued or maybe I just need to be out of character for a bit and socialize as myself, not as Petty. And then of course, there's the forum for other topics that are good for discussion. There are times when the information in chat is spoiler related and that is easy to clear the chat. TheRichMerchant and I had one such conversation at the gates of loreroot as he helped me sort my rituals to conquer the guards (no, he didn't tell me directly the key, he just talked me through my ideas and rituals because I still have trouble understanding the battle logs) Of course, clearing a chat can be undone by a spell and "the powers that be" can read chat logs for up to 12 hours but clearly, those individuals would have already had the information we were discussing so it wouldn't have been a spoiler for them. Maybe I'm naive because I'm a young player but I haven't discovered any issues in chat as is being mentioned here. Should I progress in the game to the point or being mischievous and creating chaos, which I just might want to be, I wouldn't discuss it openly in chat. Unless I was in character and already moving in said underhanded plot. ;)
  13. Jester and I were casually discussing this in another forum topic and I have spent several days pondering said discussion. Do you dream about MD? Where does MD stop and real life begin? Or where does real life stop and MD begin? And what if you begin to see things in real life that instantly make you think of MD? Yesterday I was parking my vehicle along side a curb. I stepped out on the curbside and there was a tree stump which immediately made me think "remains" because I swear to you, it looked like the drawing of Remains I. And of course, the next immediate thought in my head was how many more battles do I need before that creature upgrades ? and the THIRD thought was oh, right, that's a GAME and this is reality I'm currently walking in Tell me this hasn't happened to you. But I will say you are lying. Or when you meet a big oaf of a human at the grocery store in the check out lane and he makes you think Grasan! as he thunks his items on the checkout counter. Or when you are out of energy and still have much to do before you can go to bed and you think god, what would i give for a spicy pickle right now... Or when you have a really shiny thought and you want to share it and the first thought in your head is i wonder if that MD friend is online right now...oh what the hell. I'll just log in for a minute and tell them in PM and then an hour later you're cussing at yourself because you've just spent that hour on MD instead of doing what you were supposed to do Or when you wake up in the morning and realize you spent the entire night wandering Alche's Alley, running out of AP because the viscosity is so high and the arrows don't tell you which way to go so you keep going back and forth between scenes until you finally remember which arrow you clicked and... come on. You know you've done it. There are of course, many existential elements of MD that overlap IRL which could be a forum topic in and of itself. I'm just wondering, do you dream in MD color? :D
  14. woop woop! happy birthday! stop by Willow's Shop for an apple! :D
  15. Look in the mirror that reveals what the eyes can not see

    1. John Constantine

      John Constantine

      But what if the mirror reflects the soul of man? And what if you won't see anything there?

    2. Ackshan Bemunah

      Ackshan Bemunah

      The eyes are capable of not seeing any number of things.

      Do you think looking in a mirror reveals?

    3. petty dodds

      petty dodds

      @ john - exactly. if you look in said mirror and discover you are without soul, then you have still discovered something about yourself you didn't know

  16. stuck in GG - Syrian please send me a pickle

  17. but as a young player, I am GLAD that there are scenes I can not view yet. It keeps me coming back every day to try my hand at other things, to talk to players, to learn, to be patient, to try quests while I wait to improve in vital energy, action points, etc. I accept that the game is set the way it is for a purpose. And perhaps that is the point - if players can not accept the parameters, then do we really want them to be a part of MD? Nothing good in life is free. Just sayin'
  18. oh poo. I've still not conquered the loreroot guards. *sulks*
  19. Yep yep - I have already dreamed of MD a bit. :P If someone were to ask me what the draw is for this realm, I'm not sure what I would say. It's one of those things - it's either who you are and what you do ... or it's not.
  20. ok 1. i love this game and even though I'm a newbie, I'm hooked. HOOKED. eat.sleep.drink. md is in my head 2. i am a writer with some success in publication with articles, poetry and science documents 3. i can tell a damn good story that said i'd love to help provided that you would be willing to consider a newbie
  21. just giving a shout out to you, BlackThorn for making my avy fit the specs for MD.
  22. A secret can be kept by three if two are dead ~ Ben Franklin Poor Richard's Almanac

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