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    Tal got a reaction from Nimrodel in Testers   
    active days: 1406
    win/loss: 40535-40535
    Balance: perma balanced
    Availiable; sunday and monday. prefarable between 1200:1400 st
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    Tal got a reaction from Lintara in Guardian of Tools   
    Ill aply for raven hold. Coord: 1_-5x4_2
    Loreroot is my home. And its tools should be used by anyone to tend to and take care of the forest.
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    Tal got a reaction from Aethon in Guardian of Tools   
    Ill aply for raven hold. Coord: 1_-5x4_2
    Loreroot is my home. And its tools should be used by anyone to tend to and take care of the forest.
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    Tal got a reaction from Blackshade Rider in Guardian of Tools   
    Ill aply for raven hold. Coord: 1_-5x4_2
    Loreroot is my home. And its tools should be used by anyone to tend to and take care of the forest.
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    Tal reacted to Grido in Feedback on the new forum   
    I used the unread content feature on the old style, and would intend to do so on this new version as well.
    I appreciated have page views for unread content so that I could tell how much I had not read and therefore may need to read to catch up. On the new forum style, there is just a "Load more activity" with this I have absolutely no idea the amount of content I need to review. If there is any option I would like the content feed to either display all, or display in a page format / some other format that clearly displays the amount of content remaining.
    I have already saved a new content feed to show only threads and status', therefore Events etc are taken off my feed.
    @Syrianthere's the option to save content settings, but you have to specifically choose to do so
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    Tal reacted to dst in Boxes or List   
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    Tal reacted to Tom Pouce in Land loyalty decay   
    skill decay as game desing can be potentially be bad

    If one has a game with significant decay for skill or other things of value, only those actively working to keep or increase skill will have some of value skills.

    Then some player will like it ,, but some players will feel on a threadmill that go nowhere, and either quit or decide that skill are worthless for the work necessary to maintain.
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    Tal reacted to Azull in Fate of Necrovion   
    Why does a land have to have an alliance?
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    Tal reacted to MRWander in Fate of Necrovion   
    shade rampage vengence against the nc citizens for losing allies?
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    Tal reacted to DARK DEMON in New items facing abuse?   
    It is a loophole indeed, but who says that you'll be so so lucky to get your desired item on your first alt, or second alt, or third alt..? Honestly, you will need a huge amount of time to get item X randomly available on N account; its only a 8/775 chance :P
    If I had a choice to cheat the system this way or trade it for 3/4/5 silver from another player, I'd choose the trading _every_single_day...
    But seriously, if you wanna "fix" this, just make it like: All alts should show the exact same items on the RP item shop section. Make it based on IP rather than different items for a different account.
    I don't see _any_ other automated method that can fix this, except one that will greatly restrict trading possibilities and cause huge problems later on (see my initial posts), or the manual method of someone being determined enough to check logs and catch such 'abusers'.
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    Tal reacted to DARK DEMON in New items facing abuse?   
    Just to point out, creature trades have also probably been conducted for years via this "middle-man" method, Ary.. its definitely not limited to RP items and it didn't start now. Are you gonna go back and undo all those now?
    I definitely agree with Z, its not something that can be called a direct abuse as such, its just a clever workaround and its something that's difficult to prevent (just like in RL, there are always crimes that you can't prevent). On the other hand, its also a risk because if someone who spends enough time and effort to check logs for such cases catches you and has evidence, you can get into trouble (again, like in RL, you have to try and make an effort to prevent a stealthy crime, its not all automated). So yeah: you _have_ the ability to prevent these middle-man trades, but you're too lazy to make an effort to do it and blame the system as usual. Stop complaining, make it fun in some way, turn this into a role, whatever!
    (The above is meant to be encouraging, not degrading. Its kind of obvious that if you want to prevent "middle-man" trades through coding or automated method, a _lot_ of trading will become restricted and it might cause major problems later on, eg: I award Azrafar a silver coin for a quest and two years later he buys a creature from my alt and happens to give back the same silver coin...)
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    Tal reacted to DARK DEMON in Build your own Drachorn   
    And here is my iron/magnetic drach (with wings folded o.o). Juuuust the right combination of repulsion and attraction (quite difficult to prevent the magnets from sticking into each other and spoiling it all the time) :rolleyes:
    I could only maintain this for a minute before it all jumbled up together again:
    (no idea why the images became rotated 90 degrees to the left after uploading...)
    I'd like a WP please :D .
    edit: yeah, the rotation does make it look like an aroused one leg man lying on a turtle, indeed.... *clapclap*...
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    Tal got a reaction from Chewett in More englishing!   
    I can run a spellingchecker,
    but Ill be horrible with grammar.
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    Tal reacted to DARK DEMON in Hell Hounds Runnnnn! (quest)   
    How do you have proof that he changed it due to likes and dislikes? Maybe he indeed found it illogical to award a WP months later when the quest might reach 20 participants, like Z stated. Since neither of these can be proven, why don't we seriously forget about this all until the quest actually reaches 20 participants, which it probably won't?
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    Tal reacted to Pipstickz in Hell Hounds Runnnnn! (quest)   
    In my opinion, rewards should not be changed after a quest starts and especially not after somebody has already won your reward, which seems to be the case here. You're essentially "punishing" (not giving them something they thought they'd won) someone else for your own mistakes and poor planning.
    Just my thoughts on the matter.
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    Tal reacted to Rophs in Hell Hounds Runnnnn! (quest)   
    Seeing how this will probably be a "forever" quest I'm changing this to "20 participants within two weeks of this quest starting" to prevent a dumb technicality where first place feels entitled to a WP months later when this quest hits 20.
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    Tal reacted to Sasha Lilias in Hell Hounds Runnnnn! (quest)   
    Read then.
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    Tal reacted to Dark Harvester in Avatar/Artwork Ideas!   
    I love to draw, it's one of my biggest passions if not the biggest. So I wanted to shared with all of you my ideas:

    Thank you for passing by!! Feel free to share your opinion!!

    "I'm not the end of the line, just a ticket to another train"

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    Tal reacted to DARK DEMON in WTS Santa and Rusty   
    As the topic says, my santa and rusty need a new home.
    1) Rustgold Drachorn --- ID 793979
    Stored Heat 863768 Won battles 791 Age 572  
    2) Santa --- ID 829123
    Stored Heat 0 Won battles 0 Age 44  
    Both start from 4 gold each. On sale till I find a suitable offer.
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    Tal reacted to DARK DEMON in Never have I ever   
    Never have I ever hated dst.
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    Tal reacted to No one in Pet rock   
    If this is not a creature ... then disregard all of the below.
    If it will be a creature ... lets make something never done before in MD, but first, lets consider some naming for them:
    Level 1: pebble
    Level 2: cobble
    Level 3: stone
    Level 4: rock
    Level 5: boulder
    Level 6: Little John
    Pebble - sort of marble sized, you can get several in one hand. Good for poking someones eye with it.
    Cobble - well sized stone. Best ammo for a sling shot
    Stone - up to about fist size or slightly bigger, can be held in one hand. Great for breaking heads.
    Rock - needs two hands to lug around, you are not going to carry this far. Good for starting an avalanche
    Boulder - this isn't going anywhere. Where you see it is where it stays. Best cover you can get in a battle.
    Little John - it ... it moves
    So, one unconceivable concept would be : growing creatures it with resources (no age requirement, no wins or heat requirements) and thus create the requirement named : "feedings" (a.k.a "3 feedings required" instead of "3 days required")
    Something like :
    Pebble to Cobble : need to manually feed the Pebble a few days with sand Cobble to stone : add some more sand Stone to rock : need to manually feed the Stone with some memory stones Rock to boulder : feed it some more stones Boulder to ... John size: need to manually feed it some timeless dust Another unconceivable concept would be : A creature with no default stats
    Consider that you can feed this creature with 3 or 4 resouces (like sand, stones, timeless dust, or whatever) and its stats will grow accordingly, like
    adding 1 sand would increase : would increase briskness ( sand moves faster ... with the wind) adding 1 memory stone : would increase randomly attack or defense (as it breaks heads) adding 1 timeless dust : would increase power Unfortunately, the creature will require 23h between feedings.
    23h so that you don't lose the days, so you can feed your creature every day at the same time ,lets say between 10:00 and 10:59 and feeding time being stored as just the hour 10.
    Unconceivable concept number 3 : Unlimited creature
    As Little John can move, it can also gather resources of his own. (not really collecting resource even if it would be interesting)
    So, at this level you can feed your creature as much as you want. It could be the first creature that can have 1k attack of its own.
    Unconceivable concept number 4 : Retraining your creature
    As all the other creatures, when transfered, keep their heat, this creature should keep all its resources as a bag. When you re-train/re-grow this creature, if it has in its bag the resource you want to use for training it ... it should use that one.
    Unconceivable concept number 5 : Creature with no predefined targets or skills
    Each level increase will check the stats and add one or more targets & skills like
    if you added more sand then anything else, as the creature would be quicker, it should add / increase from "single" attack to "multiple" to "all" and will add  "slow" as ability if you added more memory stones then anything else, as the creature gets more precise, it should add / increase add the "slow", "weaken" and "sharp shooting" for timeless dust, it should gain "defend", "martirism" Or, for a certain number or resources across all levels it should gain a certain target or ability, like:
    for 20 sand, gain slow for 40 sand, 10 stones, gain weaken for 20 stone, 3 timeless dust , gain martirism for 40 sand, gain target multiple and so on. The only problem is that even if the creature learns all those skills and targets, it will only use what is default set in the creature page. So you can change there how it will behave in all the already set rituals. (this is so that you don't have to change the combat framework except from checking the target & skill before a combat)
    I will think for more later ... if you find it interesting.
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    Tal reacted to dst in Pet rock   
    A rock that rolls so it will gather no moss. If it doesn't roll for a defined amount a time, moss starts to grow. And soon it will cannot move at all so you lose the rock. Also, moving the rock might reduce viscosity(?).
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    Tal reacted to Chewett in Whats the point of stages?   
    What do people see as "the point" for stages?

    To me, I dont see that they affect anyone really, they are a name to which we attach announcements.

    Its all well and good arguing whether we have moved to "the next stage" as a point of intellectual debate since we like arguments. But whats the point?

    Surely, if you want it as a "unit of advancement" then every announcement made, every ruling decided, and every offensive comment Dick Dastardly makes, is an advancement in MD?
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    Tal got a reaction from Ary Endleg in Selling Creature Totems   
    until mur finishes the totems.
    we have no idea if it makes a difference between an imp, or an aramor as totem.
    just looking at the name, aramor, it seems it doesnt make a difference and it is being treated as a common aramor.
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    Tal got a reaction from Sasha Lilias in Selling Creature Totems   
    until mur finishes the totems.
    we have no idea if it makes a difference between an imp, or an aramor as totem.
    just looking at the name, aramor, it seems it doesnt make a difference and it is being treated as a common aramor.
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