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  1. When I asked others about your quest seigh, no one had any clue what to do, or how to participate. if more lumber is needed, I can donate some more.
  2. when shuffling only 2 or 3 avatars will change, and most of the time you get the same avatars after shuffling wasting credits, with no new avatars to choose from
  3. Maybe seigh was revived, and killed again right after his revival.
  4. CotS needed to swear fealty according to the info posted here [url="http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/6619-children-of-the-eclipse-information-update/"]http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/6619-children-of-the-eclipse-information-update/[/url] So he did betray the eclipse. Further, if someone asks you to join an alliance and send him an invitation, you know something more is going on. He might not know what would happen after the invitation was send, but he can't claim to be innocent.
  5. how long will people be a slave? if its only for a short time , Ill put myself up for sale.
  6. 1 gold for both of them
  7. 11 gold for the rein
  8. Is there a reason why coins can only be transfered by itc in itemdispatch places?
  9. selling 2 waterbeings with 28M of heat
  10. since it is not a bug, this thread can be closed.
  11. seems viscosity/landloyalty isnt working again at least for me in loreroot.
  12. Is ingame the only way? or will a forum pm also do grido?
  13. Ill find you both when I'm back in the mainland
  14. Tal

    Smoke Bomb

    Will the smoke bomb also prevent the lowering of viscosity? Otherwise it will still be possible to track a person in high viscosity areas.
  15. Give vital stone Guardian army (bmmo) Toad speak stone Attack lock stone sold to CotS 50 branches sold to pipstickz
  16. that would only apply to leaders or official ambassadors. Which the majority of players are not. And even they can be declared not welcome and persecuted.
  17. [quote name='lone wolf pup' timestamp='1325893453' post='100192'] Only citizens of the land can be punished by land laws however, anyone else can't be touched by the laws they are breaking. Taken from the Eon/yrth incident. [/quote] and that is the problem. You should be able to punish those who are inside your land if they break the law, regardles if they are citizens or not. If you break it and can get out of the land, your free, but when you go back in you would be a fugitive in that land risking punishment.
  18. la [quote name='Pipstickz' timestamp='1325888854' post='100185'] Land laws applying to everybody would be ridiculous. [/quote] What is ridiculous about the laws of the land not applying to a non citizen when he is in that land. When you move/visit another land, the laws of that land apllies to you as long as you stay in that land., even if you want it or not. Those laws not applying to people not from a land, but still staying inside the land is ridiculous. [quote]I want herbs to be the most accessible resource[/quote] taken from the herbs thread, It doesnt say anything about it being available to anyone. only the most accessible one. Could as well mean the lots of large patches of herbs as it is now. Making herbbaskets loreroot only would fit with the tools of other lands.
  19. I've seen the post above me, and I've spoken to peace.
  20. the land cleanser can only move eon back 1 screen, and only when you win. Which is impossible for 99% of the people. When you lose, he will be locked in place for 60 secs,. A prospect that is not frightening to anyone. And eon is in an alliance. meaning he can only be attacked every 10-12 minutes. (and the landcleanser might be bugged, not working, still need to test some more), All in all the landcleanser is not usable on eon. And I'm not sure if its effective at all in defending a land. 1 scene back, waiting for the time out to attack again that person, means your target can easily pass you combined with the delay in chat for a person to show up.
  21. I want to buy this avatar [img]http://i817.photobucket.com/albums/zz93/Asterdai/Darkgirl.png[/img] if someone has it in his/her vault, could they please pm me?
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