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  1. with my attack of 81756 all 6 crit rits 2 windy, 1 gg = 66k damage 3 bp 1 heretic = 82k damage on average 2 rusty, 1 GG = 86k damage on average 3 sharp, 1 lr archer = 260k damage on average 3 sharp, 1 lr archer 2 imp = 580k on average 4 imps = 68k damage on average for the imps, didnt have grassans to test with, but from memory it should get boost from the imps, to do as much damage as bp/drach rits in damage all, bp and drach rit don't differ much. only thing drach has for it is the freezing, and the weaken all it shares with the grassan. and that you only need 3 slots. if you want 1 very strong crit that demolish almost everything in time, sharp rit has a better boost. to me balance seems rather fine. only thing annoying is the freezing ability on crits. if you want to make it less of a who has the most freezing, a changing to a chance to freeze goes a long way.
  2. gardening tools, to plant herbs, trees, bushies edit: why it should be implemented: people who don't like depletion, can try to regrow some of it back instead of just talking. we have a gardening skill already where it should be put: the gardening shed. its empty and has no real use yet. its in reach of everyone. balance. like all tools it has a cool down period. what you plant, someone else can take. it will take effort to regrow and maintain the amount of available plants/resources.
  3. allow resource guilds, to use the resource gathering tools different, instead of harvesting/gathering, they can use the tools to find new/replenish the resources. this would set them appart from normal citizens who can also harvest the same resources as the resource guilds.
  4. if granite wolf wants people to vote for him, he will have to go out and look for people of the land. talk and socialize with them, find a sponsor or whatever, but don't expect people to come to you. or vote for you if you don't put in some effort yourself. your first post made me vote against you.
  5. a cloth mutated drach http://imageshack.us/a/img834/662/y4jx.jpg http://imageshack.us/a/img15/9578/rf5m.jpg http://imageshack.us/a/img543/3050/c5k7.jpg
  6. Tal. ID:214701; Days:816 I can keep a secret, and are good in watching/listening to others to see wats going on, and needs to be done.
  7. chat seems to be faster, everything else a lot slower, in the netherlands.
  8. Samon and I have become alts because of this.
  9. name tal age 687 association sylvan watch affiliation loreroot strength: einzelganger weakness: einzelganger
  10. Tal

    HC crisis.

    [quote name='Nimrodel' timestamp='1360750909' post='132577'] Did you even try to gather heads? because the only time I found you with a bundle of heads was when i stole from you. when talking about stats and tokens... have noticed what you have on defence? [/quote] I did, gather headballs. most where lost during sleep, or taken by dd. maybe next hc Ill make some screens of it for you. and I know what my defence is when its not random.
  11. Tal

    HC crisis.

    [quote name='Nimrodel' timestamp='1360672632' post='132511'] Oh! Like you were gathering heads seriously before bhc happened. Atleast DD (No matter how much he whined bout it) put in a little effort to collect the heads and stay put with it. What did you do? Idle? Lol. Thats hardly how you play heads. Also, i had to cast a mirror rit to win against your defence to steal the heads. I'm that weak. Also, i didnt do the logout thing till recently when DD said i was incapable of helping people to show what I could do if i really wanted to be mean and wanted to bully people. All that with a non damage rit on defence. You should just say that you cant put in that much time and effort because your RL has more pressing issues. Thats a perfectly respectable and acceptable reason. But you had to blame bhc for it. Lovely. P.S. - i softened DD's words. [/quote] I was tallking about the last hc in general. and yes, those where mostly played by the winners, by gathering heads and then idling somewhere away from the people. dont presume to think to tell me what to say. hc is boring as it is now, I log in several times a day to just check and then go away from md. mainly cause of people like you. the only level its still fun to play hc is mp4. few stats or tokens involved, and no spells.
  12. Tal

    HC crisis.

    I stopped trying to compete, due to the BHC running at the same time. And got fed up a long time ago of people who won, and are using the BHC to steal heads and log of all the time. Previous HC was worse. With people using Alts to steal heads and log of each time someone got 30 or more heads. People can say HC is unfair. I don't really care about that. But it just ruins all he fun of the HC.
  13. will there be a log made of? since I wont be able to attend
  14. 1 gold each for the barren's and the water
  15. another wish. an item to give or remove the sylvan watch tag to people
  16. I wish for the tag "protector of loreroot" with the ability to curse or weaken or harm people for a very long time who harm the forest and spells and abilities to heal, and restore the land and people. and tools to harvest all resources of loreroot and the ability to change the weather. ability to change the viscosity in loreroot to high amounts, or to temperarly close the gates of loreroot, and to walk freely in all scenes of loreroot. this will help me in my role to become loreroots protector/gaurdian and tie me more closely to the land I chosen to guard and protect.
  17. return of the kingship items, return of the kings for those lands that want them create land protectors who are tied to the land with corresponding abilities. bring revival of the death to the lands, or make them more involved in them. make tools or spells, for the resource guilds, so that they can replenish depleted resources
  18. Tal

    selling crits

    coins, items, resources, spell stones, and maybe crits.
  19. soulweaver age 398 tokens: bloodrop 1, black diamonds, jewelshards, darkshield, goldbelt, blooddrop 2 soulweaver age 347 tokens: blackdiamonds, osirisbelt, claw 3, sunshine, stardust, blooddrop 1, darkshield, goldbelt, bloodpact age 94 2 fresh pimps.
  20. if you want the hc to proceed more quickly prevent people from logging of with head balls. as it is now, there is no fun at all to even try to collect them. when someones alts just comes on to take the heads and log of with them. while there are only a few heads in play for most of the times to collect.
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