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  1. will this still be worked on, or postponed to next year?
  2. if they can train angiens, they can train grassans too.
  3. Im interrested in night mode, and protector ship. collectible resources and management. combat and landweapons
  4. you can easily make them yourself by recruiting and upgrading a grassan.
  5. this means 1 silver, 14 gold?
  6. not very likely since they live in two different countries
  7. gardening tools to tend the forest. (regrow herbs, branches etc) probably to be expandend to all land resource guilds. tied to their respective resources
  8. activity mostly evening/night monday and sunday most of the day. role, sylvan watch. guarding/observing the forest.
  9. the statdamage from otherarmy has very little consequenses. easily reversed by logging in daily, and just training a little, or saccing some crits.
  10. player can be intoxicated by different players at the same time.
  11. a simple aramor in darkraptor's or eons rits, is unbalanced, since a single hit will kill every crit they fight against.
  12. what is invalid about it?
  13. Morale aura already affects other crits. if your going to compare crits, leave personal stats and tokens out of it. people keep on mixing up personal stats with crits. you can not compare crits and stats together.
  14. win windy already boosts GG drachorn. or do you mean the shop versions boosting a windy? Making GG boost windy, would still make for a weaker rit then a normal drach rit. a windy would only do roughly 2-3 times as much damage as a non boosted crit. Making windy boost other windy, you would need 3 of them to get close to to a drach rit. Windy are rare. not many have 3 windy to put in a rit. even then its inferior to drach rits, due to those having freeze, anti-freeze, and level scare. Windy boosting windy and GG, and GG also boosting windy, you'll get 3 crits that hit all with close to your max stats. Not something we are aiming for. Just more boosts won't make people use it for fighting. aura's might make it more usefull. for example a modified level scare: terror: all crits of opponend use only 40% of stats, boosts morale of friendly crits.
  15. added 2 windy and 1 gg to the list of rits in previous post. they do around 66k damage. a lot weaker then most other possible crit boosting rits.
  16. so we just need to find a ts/sw that has an id lower, between and a higher id then the boosting crits.
  17. made some edits to my prior post. @powle. if you provide the crits with different amount of initiative boosting tokens. so to make sure my sw/ts is a bit faster then some of the boosting crits, and some of the boosting crits are faster then the sw/ts I can test it. otherwise, slim chance of me testing it out.
  18. from memory 1sw, 1 imp, 3 sharp, 1 lr archer. against eon's 2 rein, 3 anni imps, 1aramor both at 100% I killed his rit. lr archer did 3M damage, my other crits did around 130k damage. seems it stole quite a bit of stats which in turn got boosted. only thing I don't know if eons boosted aramor stats get stolen too. if so, a boosted crit can actually work against you against a sw/ts in defence edited:changed imp to aramor. thank you for the pointing out the mistake eon.
  19. using sw, sharps and lr archer, against eon. gave me a few wins/vics. and some close call losses. at first glance sw seems to be working good enough with some rit building/tweaking to grab a victory.
  20. Giving each crit its own chance percentage to freeze, would keep them more distinct from each other. a drach without freeze is still good. levelscare reduces attack to 20%. increases defence, but defence is most of the time a lot lower then attack. making the increase in defence not much of a problem. reducing damage done to you is always good. As it works now, freeze and levelscare usually ends up on the same crit (unless it gets unfrozen) making the ability kind of useless most of the times. a frozen crit cant do damage anyways. Levelscare on it is wasted then. if you want to keep drachs more desirable, remove an anti-freeze and add a levelscare. as side-effect, it will make hollows more special with their anti-freeze.
  21. percentage chance depending more on the type of crits. snowman 75% for each freeze (they are made to freeze) bird 60% magic birds, common to get, and besides weakening, they don't do much else for crits in a rit. besides helping angiens. drachs 30%, but levelscare is disconnected from the freeze. (should do some testing for it, but I think levelscare is on the same crit that is frozen) so that even when freeze doesnt work, having a drach has an effect on the others rit. all numbers for freezing chance are just a random number to give an example of course if we change it to a percentage chance to freeze, same should be done to unfreezing.
  22. takes a while to read these wall of texts :P
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