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  1. I was once made a knight a long time ago by tarquinis and amaron. Since I've been gone for ages, I've no idea what the status of the eclipse is at this time
  2. Tal


    active days: 1406 win/loss: 40535-40535 Balance: perma balanced Availiable; sunday and monday. prefarable between 1200:1400 st
  3. Ill aply for raven hold. Coord: 1_-5x4_2 Loreroot is my home. And its tools should be used by anyone to tend to and take care of the forest.
  4. not to be a pain, but a gg is worth more then an angien. so first place would be second place with this set up
  5. its effect on someone else depends on your stats. those effects can be huge.
  6. I can run a spellingchecker, but Ill be horrible with grammar.
  7. what about a rubber rock for them to play rockball with?
  8. you'r looking for the garden gnome?
  9. frozen berries, and petrified plant.
  10. it usually happens when you refresh the page in the shop, to update the credits.
  11. until mur finishes the totems. we have no idea if it makes a difference between an imp, or an aramor as totem. just looking at the name, aramor, it seems it doesnt make a difference and it is being treated as a common aramor.
  12. it is. different countries, different names.
  13. for mobile phone, you can have flash if you use flashfox or photon browser.
  14. this will still not change the main problem. the lack of use by those who can revive, of their revival items/abilities.
  15. if neither of you are doing damage, there will be no heat.
  16. lf it doesnt mention it will keep it, then of course it will lose it. wins are not mentioned as bieing kept.
  17. if you go to transfer creature, you can read this "The creature will be reset to level 1. The creature will keep just a part of its age days and all its tokens/customizations. Once transferred, the code will change." only thing missing is it saying that it keeps the heat on it.
  18. Tal

    MD Awards 2014

    I if I dont wish for people to get my vote, I wont vote at all. I rarely spend much time reading, especially such threads, which quickly become a muddy mess to sort out. or a recap of whats decided. something in a spoiler with lines crossed out, means its something thats being worked on and not a final set of rules that needs to be followed.
  19. Tal

    MD Awards 2014

    not voting for yourself, would say you think you don't deserve it thus not deserve other peoples vote.
  20. what happend to eara's submission?
  21. vinci hominus erolin homo vincii tempus zoomed in is this what I read when pausing flash
  22. http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/15398-golemus-kingship-elections/ he won this year elections.
  23. come celebrate xmass with us in md
  24. I can do that, not sure what you mean with altars
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