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  1. What is good? It's hard to answer that. There are, minimally, as many concepts of "good" as persons (And a lot more, since they may think of different concepts). In my case, everything is good. It's simple. Whatever makes you "good", will do you "good", and whatever makes you "bad", which is the contrary of "good", will be "good" anyway, since it could be "worse". What is your best physical attribute? My face, and not because it's pretty. I find it ugly, and i like it, because, in my opinion, trustworthy people will be able to see beyond my face and into my being. Thus, my ugly face helps to avoid people who rely their judgments on people's physical appearance. What is your best non-physical attribute? What do you value most? Existence, which implies self-consciousness. Through existence I'm able to experience and enjoy life. If i didn't exist, i couldn't experiment all that i did experiment up to now... although... if i didn't exist, i would care about it... Hmm... What is 2 + 2? A Sum. If you want to know what it is equal to, it's 4 Also, i remind you that the Identic value of 2 + 2 is 2 + 2. What do you know? I Know many things, albeit i can only be certain of only one thing: I Exist. If i didn't, i couldn't be asking myself if i do exist or not, thus i have no other answer to the question "Do i exist?". The other things which i have knowledge of are uncertain, since everything is possible. And it is because it doesn't matter what i say, i can always question my knowledge up to the point that i can't answer what i know.
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