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    Ungod got a reaction from Pipstickz in How can I bring night in MD?   
    Bringing the night in MD...that's blasphemy! I always like it hot and sunny, although the question I get is invariably 'What are you, a lizard?'.
    But where there is sun, there is also a moon, where there are the Soldiers of Inner Sun, there are...their counterparts. The (permanent?) Sun was made a symbol in MagicDuel, but that didn't stop Mur from giving Night a place in here as well. It didn't stop him from giving the Children of the Eclipse a place in the alliance ranks. It didn't stop him from creating a dream interface and people who can dream while it's hot and sunny.
    You'll have to ask him why, but! if you are interested in the Night specifically, I heard the Illusionist Desk in the East can help you ..uh...become more confused? There's a riddle there and solving it will make you see Night for what it is. You may even bring the Night for others as well? 
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    Ungod reacted to Kaya in Scene makover challenge: Bring some colour to MD!   
    Results are in!
    The undisputed winner is @Poppi Chullo with his beautiful rendition of the Gates of Ages.
    Second to @Ungod for his welcoming coloring of the Marble Dale Park
    Third to @Demonic God for his colorful display of Wind's Sanctuary.
    I once again want to thank all 3 for participating. Rewards will be send their way soon!
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    Ungod reacted to Fyrd Argentus in Magician's box   
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    Ungod reacted to Fyrd Argentus in Typos, Formats, and Other Issues.   
    Do please reply to this post as additional items are found.  I hope Chewett deletes them from this list as they get fixed, as there is no value to the historic record here.
    QDOC - "setup" > "set up", oxford comma after "rewards", "his" > "their" (gender assumption)
    Profile page - "considere", extra tab before "Current Consecutive Days" wraps line, oxford comma after "drawn avatar"
    Uploading Custom Avatar - "also that IT HAS not been " add words
    Creature Page "soemthing"
    Spellbook - "are are" double word, "in such A way" add word
    Wish Shop - Guardian Army description "but but" double
    --Mirror Ritual - "oponent" 2p's
    --bottom of page - "tu" > "to"
    Item Inventory/Transfer/More Information - para 1 - "usualy" 2L, "do not mistake them BY inventory weapons" > "FOR", "wont", "setup" > "set up"
    - para 3 - "actualy", "reson", "comitee"
    - para 4 - "wont", "actualy", "comitee", "dont", tottaly, wont, beeing, wont, nogocible, defenetly, indentintly, easyor
    - para 5 - "the other PART" > "the other PLAYER" or PARTY, "valuibles", "wont", ".!"
    {this should also probably be re-written, where it talks about value points (obsolete name), and that there is no money - there is now, SC, GC....}
    - para 6 - "commitee", "?.", capitalize "i" twice
    MD Shop - "have ," (no space), "cant", 2 spaces in line after your
    - "you have 1 shop resets" (not plural), "wish SO by" > "TO", "untill"
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    Ungod got a reaction from Poppi Chullo in Draw a mandala   
    And this contest is officially closed!
    We thank the participants, but SoE shall withhold from acquiring any submissions, as their level is still entry-level. Mandalas are more or less foreign to the West (maybe foreign is not the word, since we've transformed them), so it's hard to get the aesthetics down; this is also the reason Poppi Chullo is the winner of this competition!
    However, they can quickly become an acquired taste, so because I hope they've sparked an interest, the 3 entries will be rewarded handsomely. Congratulations!
    (I shall post none of the submissions, but if you are interested in mandalas and the imagery MD players used in theirs, pm me! a genuine interest will be granted access)
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    Ungod got a reaction from Granos in Bard for a day   
    I present you a 'masterpiece', if I get a challenge, I'll come up with further examples of such 'masterpieces'
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    Ungod reacted to Muratus del Mur in How do I make my role public?   
    Imagine you are on a remote island isolated from the rest of the world, and there are a bunch of other people around too. Unlike in real life, on this island you can not be harmed for real, and you have nothing to lose. You do have things to gain though if you interact with the others, but nothing is really mandatory to do.
    You role is 'public' from day one, and first impression about who you might be is your playername and the way you talk. Before you make your role known, your role will be noticed by the other participants of this fantasy. Participate in all things you can participate, let people notice you and see your skills and abilities, but most of all your character. Be it that you are an uprising villain or a sensitive lady, this is not really something you get to decide, but the others get to notice.
    You have personal papers you can write on your profile (you can find them in the Archives on mainland , or on icons on your detail view when you click your playername in chat). These help a lot to tell the general public in what direction you are moving and what you attempt to be. 
    One terrible mistake one can do is being undecided about who they are, but this is a paradox, because you can not know who you are until you know who you are. Don't worry, if you are active , you will become public naturally. Its more important how you will be known by others, not when. I hope this place will help you find who your character is and in turn, to find out, how much of this character you are. 
    Oh oh, and i nearly forgot one of the most important aspects of this community. Respect other players, and they will show you respect in return. This, plus being active and involved, are the foundation of anything you wish to build with your role.
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    Ungod reacted to Pipstickz in How do I change my creature name? It's maxed.   
    One way to accomplish this is to trade your creature to a trusted friend and have them give it back, though your creature will lose some age that way.
    Another way to accomplish this, if you totemize a creature and then quickly untotemize it, your creature will keep all its wins, age, and other stuff but will return as a level 1 version of that creature, allowing you to rename it or even stop at an earlier level.
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    Ungod reacted to Fyrd Argentus in Can I take a log of the chat?   
    There is a spell called "Acoustic Remains" that some people have.  You must have enough "heat" to cast the spell, and have already set up the words you will use in your Magic menu.  You then say the magic words in chat followed by your exact player name, with no period at the end.  This causes a pop-up window to appear showing the last 12 hours of dialog in that spot.  It can be cut and pasted in the normal fashion.
    Be sure your browser is allowing pop-ups, or it won't work.  Sometimes the pop-up window is not "to the front" of your browser, and you have to check your browser's "Window" menu to find it.
    If you are hosting an event but don't have the spell, ask a veteran player to catch the Acoustic Remains afterwards so you can post a transcript of the event on the forum.  If none are available, the Admin may be willing to give you a limited number of casts of the spell for that purpose.
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    Ungod reacted to Fyrd Argentus in How do I get drunk in MD?   
    (21 if American!).  So, if giddy role play is not your thing, there are many "items" that are for more than just show.  Using them will cause your chat speech to be slurred for several minutes.  These items include beer, wine, liquors, but also something nasty called Grassan Ferment.  Consuming such will cause them to disappear, though many have a specified number of uses. 
    These alcoholic items can be picked up in special locations, fabricated in others, or traded for with other players.
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    Ungod reacted to Fyrd Argentus in How do I trade a creature?   
    First, you and your trading partner must get the CTC, or Creature Transfer Code, for the creatures you wish to trade.  Do this by scrolling to the bottom of that specific creature's page and enter the non-robot verification code.   The CTC will then appear and you can copy and paste it into chat, in-game private message, or forum PM.  The person who is to receive the creature then goes to the top of the page that shows all your creatures.  There is a link that says transfer creatures here.  Click that and paste the CTC into the entry field.  If you do not check the tiny box to allow use of one sc (silver coin) the creature will be demoted, losing age, experience, won fights, etc.  If you want to preserve the abilities of a developed creature, spend the coin!  If it is an infant, uncheck this box to save coin.
    Beware, if you paste in chat, anyone can see it and use it.  That CTC will be valid until it is transferred to someone else, whoever claims it.  A new CTC is assigned whenever a creature is transferred.
    There is a limit to how many creatures you can have.  If you have no more slots, you can buy more in the shop or give away a creature to open one up.
    Also, make sure you trust your trading partner, or a neutral third party.  There is no such thing as a simultaneous trade.  Somebody has to go first.
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    Ungod got a reaction from Chewett in How do I know which land is best for me?   
    This question is tricky because nobody better than you can say what fits you. In the old days, you may have been forced to get a spouse/husband because your parents knew better, but it's not the case with MD (unless you are a descendant of Khalazdad, in which case Necrovion is where your bones will be at).
    The difference between lands is striking, in that you'll notice lots of differences at first glance. So will you notice similarities after a bit of wandering (and wondering). It may be gut feeling, it may be reason, it may be the influence of certain people or a work that cannot be done in another alliance or land but the one you dare to choose. Make your choice and stay loyal to the end to your land!*
    * I say that but, to continue with our marriage analogy, there've been lots of divorces in MagicDuel (so don't worry if you land is an abusive partner)
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    Ungod reacted to Chewett in How many silver coins is my gold coin worth?   
    Its worth nothing! Worth is decided by those who value it and therefore by default it is entirely worthless!
    However the common exchange rate for gold to silver is one gold is worth 15 silver.
    It is important to note that some value silver less than this and may set their own exchange rate (typically in the past one gold has been worth up twenty silver as trading a lot of silver is time consuming). It is up to you and the person you are trading with to agree an exchange rate.
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    Ungod got a reaction from Ailith in How do I know which land is best for me?   
    This question is tricky because nobody better than you can say what fits you. In the old days, you may have been forced to get a spouse/husband because your parents knew better, but it's not the case with MD (unless you are a descendant of Khalazdad, in which case Necrovion is where your bones will be at).
    The difference between lands is striking, in that you'll notice lots of differences at first glance. So will you notice similarities after a bit of wandering (and wondering). It may be gut feeling, it may be reason, it may be the influence of certain people or a work that cannot be done in another alliance or land but the one you dare to choose. Make your choice and stay loyal to the end to your land!*
    * I say that but, to continue with our marriage analogy, there've been lots of divorces in MagicDuel (so don't worry if you land is an abusive partner)
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    Ungod reacted to MaGoHi in How do I get and and use tools   
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    Ungod reacted to Fyrd Argentus in Avatar Trivia Night – May 22   
    Avatar Trivia Night - May 22, 2021.
    Two sessions: 1500 and 2200 server time.  Location: the Gazebo of Equilibrium.
    Each session will consist of 3 Parts - guess by clues, identify hand copies, and guess the name of the fossil.
    The avys used in the two sessions will differ, so you may compete in both sessions if you choose.
    Part 0 - before the event, hand-draw one avatar of an active player, save it by the "Store-it-Now" system with enough lifetime to last until after the event, and send me the link.
    Shoot for quality that would allow it to be guessed in exactly 10 tries.
    Part 1 - I will describe the avy of an active player, giving out clues one at a time in chat.
    First to guess it in chat wins a point.
    Part 2 - I will show the hand-drawn avys you submitted, one at a time, via link in chat.
    Person who guesses it first in chat gets a point.
    The person who drew it gets points equal to the number of guesses it took up to a maximum of 10, then falls by 1 point for each guess thereafter.
    No points if it takes 20 or more guesses to identify.  10 guesses means the difficulty was 'just right'.
    Part 3 - I will show avys of players not now active, as far as I know.  First to guess who it is gets a point.
    Prizes yet to be determined; number of categories depends on the number that attend.
    At the very least a wish point will go to the grand total point winner.
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    Ungod got a reaction from Ailith in The bard who would be mime   
    I propose a little game for the weeks to come, done at random times or, if the audience demands of it, at a fixed hour. It's a simple 'guess what he's mimicking' game, but it will always be a saying or a proverb, what is being mimicked. 
    Just like the 'fight the knights' game, each round will have winners, but points will carry over to an overall total, when top three will get creatures (more and more rare).
    Additional rules: I will mimic the main words of the proverb, each guessed word is worth 5 points, the one who says the proverb first gets a common item of choice as reward* and 5 (or 10 points) carry-over
    *or uncommon, if you convince me it's role-related
    Additional rewards: to starts with, the top creatures for the first games** are 3 pimps I've been using to make shmsh (details under the spoiler icon)
    **ending when we top player reaches 150 (or maybe 200, we'll see) points
    I'm closing this, I can't get enough people.
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    Ungod reacted to Aia del Mana in Of the Apothecary's Delight - A Quest of the Sixteenth Anniversary   
    Ah - an additional honourable mention, and that which I did observe, and intend as a strategy prior to the release of this quest, but had only been discovered and used by a single being (also Ledah) - who used it to marvelous effect.
    At the Gazebo of Equilibrium, one may observe of five pillars; each of which will cast a spell upon she who would click upon them. One of these shall cast freezecreatures upon oneself; one who did wish to train a moss would find that such a method would trivialise combat, as the frozen moss cannot consume its allies.
    Despite extensive use in the public eye, and many a log of combat, no others to mine knowledge have used this to this effect; well done again to Ledah for this accidental discovery.
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    Ungod reacted to Demonic God in Birthday Cooking Quest!   
    Well... I pushed him to make this quest, and god forbids me from not submitting an entry into a cooking quest!
    So I present:
    The Runny Chocolatey Brownie of Addiction!
    8 Winderwild eggs (preferably the unfertilized unhatch-able chicken-like kind). Replace with Angien Eggs if you're filthy rich without a moral compass. Replace with Drachorn Eggs if you have a death wish. Just not Elemental Eggs *glares at Fyrd* Butter, two sticks. I have no idea how you'd even find them, perhaps Taurion might know where you can get some. Sugar, about 1.2 cups. Crushing some candy canes should do niceeely. Some flavorful herbs. I've heard they're called "vanilla". Maybe you can find them with a herb basket. Maybe you can't. Coffee extract. Or powder. Or Espresso if you're fancy. Popular with lab researchers. Perhaps you should visit the Golemus lab to find out more. Or not. I can't promise you won't be turned into an experiment. Flowers! Wait, no, flour! Go rob MaG, he collected a ton! Wait, no, that's still flower. Erm, perhaps the Golem Mill might have some? Anyway, you need 2 cups of this stuff. Salt. This shouldn't be hard to find. Could even bully someone and harvest their tears for their salt content! Or blood, blood is pretty salty too, right? CHOCOLATE! 1 bar (better be dark chocolate, 70%). Ask your date on Valentine. What, no date? Well, at least that would take care of your salt issues! Cocoa powder. 0.4 cup. Don't snort them. They may be addictive, but not THAT type of addictive. Utensils and an oven. A whip, mixing bowl, container bowls, a pot, spatula, measuring cups, baking tray, parchment paper. If you feel like this is a bit NSFW, you're thinking of the wrong type of whip. Steps
    Chop the chocolate. Doesn't matter how, they'll get melted later. Thin flakes makes it easier to melt, but not too thin, else it'll melt on the chopping board Put the butter into a small pot, and heat it slowly to a boil. Don't burn it. Crack 4 eggs into the mixing bowl. Separate the yolk from the remaining 4. Also put them into the bowl. Do whatever with the extra whites. Whip the eggs together, until harmonious. As harmonious as Ledah and MaG were when they schemed to kill Granos. Slowly pour the boiling butter over the egg, whipping vigorously to prevent the egg from cooking Put the chocolate into the hot mix, and whip some more. No, not BDSM style. Whip til the choco melts into a nice blend! Put in the vanilla, coffee extract, sugar crushed candy canes, cocoa powder, and salt, and continue mixing Put in the flour! Make sure to pick off the pedals... wait, no, that's flower again, urg! Make sure the flour don't clump, use your hand, a strainer, whatever. Now, get rid of the whip and use a spatula to fold the mixture together. The longer you mix, the chewier the final brownie will get Put your parchment paper over your baking tray. Some oil could be used to help it stick. Some trimming and folding can make things looks nice. Some social skill may help with that valentine chocolate. Just sayin :3 Pour the mixture into the tray. Put into oven. This is a very complicated step. No, really, it varies a LOT based on your equipment. Usually I'd say half an hour at around 220 Celsius. Or 493.15 for you weirdos with a Kelvin oven. Personally, I pour half. Bake for ~7 minutes. Pour remaining half. Bake for 8. Cover with foil. Bake for another 5-10 minutes. This is the result of repeatedly experimenting with my oven, which is technically not even an oven! You'll need to tinker a lot to get a just-right result to your liking. Including with ingredients. Take it out. Wait. Wait longer. Wait til it stop smoking, I don't care how good it smell damnit! Cut and enjoy. With tea. Or coffee. Depending on how "cultured" you are Why this makes me happy
    I've been using this recipe a lot. Tinkered with it, a lot. Changed multiple steps. Tried multiple techniques. Baked dozens.
    The thing is - I also barely ate any. This is a treat I make for family. Friends. Guests. I do like sweet, and I love what I made, but what makes me happy is to see others enjoys it (and choke on that sweet, sweet calories!). I'm still tweaking it batch-by-batch. The process of making, the experimentation, and most of all, the joys and appreciation, is what makes this dish special.
    So, while I'd love to have the MD community try it some day, the best I could do is to post pictures here
    These pics may have come from 3 different batches that I made in the past week - I recently tested the double baking process (that also changed a lot of the steps). It's just one improvement of, what I hope to be, many more in the future

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    Ungod reacted to Pipstickz in Pip's Pacifism Parade   
    It took some convincing, but our judges (me) finally got off their lazy rear ends and produced a judgement.
    First place goes to Nepgear for exquisite marching and nailing the high notes - 20
    Second place goes to Ungod for creative maneuvers with expressive movements - 18
    Third place goes to Tamu for carrying the bass end of our songs - 13
    Fourth place goes to Fang Archbane for highly energetic dance moves - 9
    Thank you all for marching with us! Thank you too, our audience, for watching!
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    Ungod reacted to Fyrd Argentus in A Series of Unfortunate Literary Events, a 16 Year Anniversary Celebration of MD   
    So the final tally of evenings won is as follows:
    Demonic God - FOUR
    Ungod - TWO
    Clair de Lune, Aelis, Dracoloth, Nepgear, klawdees, Chewett - ONE each
    Chewett will do the honors of awarding the nightly prizes.
    I am awarding a wish point to Demonic God for sweeping the series.
    Let's congratulate all our participants!
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    Ungod reacted to Aia del Mana in Of Memery and Schemery   
    And with the end of the 16th Anniversary I shall declare this contest closed.

    Results are in as follows:

    1. Most votes in a single original post + 3. Most Untouchable - Chewett, with the following post; which had a single reply, with ten votes and an additional point for scoring more than its reply:

    2. Most votes in a single reply post + 4. Most Savage - jakubhi, with the following post, scoring four votes and outscoring the post it did reply to, for a total of five points:
    Please post, in this thread, in order (Chewett/jakubhi/Chewett/jakubhi) as to the choice of creatures thou wouldst like to receive; from the four listed: Coloured Elemental, Coloured Winderwild, Coloured Priest, 16th Anniversary Elucubratie

    Notable mentions to Aelis and Ledah, scoring nine points each for these original memes: 
    To Demonic God for posting sixteen times in this thread (MaGoHi had the second largest number of posts at eleven).
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    Ungod reacted to Muratus del Mur in Voting! Scene makover challenge   
    They all look amazing, and its such a nice thing you tried.
    I would like all participants to receive  something for trying, so i am sponsoring an additional 2 gold to all 3 participants. Gold will be sent to kaya for distributing.
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    Ungod got a reaction from Muratus del Mur in Scene makover challenge: Bring some colour to MD!   
    Not much decoration here, but I'm of the opinion you don't need much to get a party going. 
    Just lay a blanket, open the picnic basket that contains wine and bacon and just enjoy...this is a chill place to wait (for years) for those MP3s to direct them to the spear&halberd rack, teach them to use the whetstone and everything. 

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    Ungod got a reaction from Jubaris in Draw a mandala   
    I hear there's a scholarly interest in the lands of Marind Bell, pertaining to mandalas - some SoE members are quite interested in that imagery with 'cosmic'  or 'absolute' meanings. What that means is, there's ways to make money! Or get some anniversary creatures and bonuses.
    SoE will pay a hefty sum for a mandala with MD symbolism, but it must be within standards (hence they will judge the submissions) AND all rights to that imagery will transfer to said alliance. As for the manner of presentation, it can be drawn on paper, digitally created, or even crafted. Feel free to submit it to me (Ungod) or post it in this thread - winning submissions have the chance of remaining anonymous. Ah, the deadline? Until the end of this month.
    So let's get down to business - what hefty price are we talking about? 1st place gets an anniv crit and 1 goldenavitoken, 2nd 1 anniv crit (and 1 gold if SoE wants to acquire the rights*), 3rd 1 anniv crit (and 1 gold if SoE wants to acquire the rights). 
    *Disclaimer: if SoE decides to acquire the rights for that mandala, you can't refuse
    What? That's not enough? That's the offer, take it or leave it. This scholarly interest is only in bud; who knows, it might be more profitable in the future...
    (a little help for those confused by the many types of mandalas:
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