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  1. I see you have a knack for gender bender...Queen Ledah and Princess Aelis, huh
  2. I happen to have 3 elementals 100 days old, I recruited them for I-don't-recall-what. Do you want them in exchange for the pimp?
  3. Man...it's like, I think I can guess who wrote each story (most of them, anyway). What is it power I have??
  4. I'm glad you do, I thought you might be against me posting in your section. For those who want the book (50 mazes in it), PM me and I'll share it.
  5. I believe this to be one of the 'not really interested, if it is implemented, I'll check it out' ideas. Then, in order to have some meat on the bones, if you are slightly in favor for something like this, please write here what kind of effect you'd like to see in the selected scene. Would you like the scene to get some music just for the event, or maybe some spell to be activated on all participants, maybe it could snow etc
  6. Ho ho ho, I am pleased. btw, I have received an entry already...seems to be correct.
  7. I think I've heard this idea before...I begin to see cycles in MD anyways, this was about a party more than an announcement for all to see
  8. I'll just write why I think this is great to have in MD - it's because it goes along the idea of achievements. While those are some shiny things to unlock and have on your page, an ascension ceremony/party would be a lively thing. People would come and send a congrats or state the obvious 'aha, a new target'. Basically, the coding part shouldn't be too hard - it's just about a hidden clickable that depicts some decorations, becoming visible when activated by an mp3/mp4/mp5 close to cap.
  9. Ugh...I just posted it to destroy your eyes, really... but ok, 10sc to each of the first 3 who draw the correct solutions (basically, you open the .png in paint or whatever and draw with a red line the correct path). Send them to me by PM so you can't copy others. Edit: deadline is today at midnight
  10. Certainly not as cool as the MD labyrinth, but entertaining nonetheless.
  11. What is the GWI explanation? (my visits there were very brief and non-exploratory)
  12. Does heat exist everywhere? If so, what can we identify it by (traces, indicators)? Briskness is a personal trait; that it doesn't increase the amount of heat you generate in the 'outland' means the outland is preventing this trait from showing up. What does briskness depend on location and not, say, other personal traits? I don't know how they're affected. We should ask them. Well, as a mechanic in MD, heat is gained, then lost, so not simultaneously. Is it outright stopped? The way I see it, if you suddenly lose heat outside your homela
  13. If you put it this way, then this mechanism about heat is hiding a meaning for what homeland means compared to other lands (neutral or enemy)
  14. But why do you consider heat as something 'to gain'? It's not something you gain, it's something you lose. Yes, it can be stored, but it's the energy you give away, mostly.
  15. Ooh, just today I was thinking about heat and how it is indicated in the realm! We should have a lengthy discussion about this in-game; for now, the question of getting heat in your own homeland relates to...stirred emotions? Do you get warmer as you cruise through the known scenery that you call 'home', and colder at the sight of 'the outside', irrespective of it being enemy land or neutral land?
  16. I think they're still usable in scenes such as the ones in Labyrinth, right? Either way, I think they can be useful to some
  17. I'd like sendtogoe or lockinchaos stones, so I can get people out of situations.
  18. I'll post a couple of these, since I'm in the mood and it takes 10 mins for one; they're all in ink (and that is a phone camera h3h3, so the quality is not that great).
  19. The solutions are quite similar, and it's good to see you took the simple approach to this (albeit in some cases, a bit too destructive?). The results will be out soon.
  20. I will post the other two entries, as the quest has now ended. The other one is:
  21. epic (eggs are great, but they can't be abused)
  22. I...tried. And failed. So all I can show you is a representation of me for the first time in the Labyrinth (many ages ago:
  23. On Day 3, I managed to somehow reach the Park and actually see people talking. Previously, I had received a message from Mya Celestia and a gift from Mallos, but I never replied to them (I was unsure of what this game is, of what I can/have to do). Those people were 2 MP3s by the name of Asthir and Justin Case. As I approached them and got to talk eventually about entropy and balance (I couldn't help but ask about the principles), I realized two things: this is actually quite fun my chose name was utterly useless. I still thought there might be a possibility of playing a m
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