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    No point of beating a dead horse. I kinda knew it. Moderators, please lock this topic. 
  2. I just discovered the post. Silly me :P ................................................I spent 20 minutes writing and deleting what I was writing............................................................... Let me finish this fast lol: I have met here a LOT of interesting folks. Folks I would like to meet everyday irl, but irl I generally meet ******. The few friends I have do not balance the situation, no. I split the folks met here in two: hard brains and light heads (not the best formulation, but no one is perfect). The hard brains will always see MD as a game. They will be aware of t
  3. this was dark and twisted...love it. ^_^
  4. Treasure hunt ended. :D Thank you all for participating. This topic can be closed.
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    Some time ago (about two months) I wrote a little quest called Basics. It was coded and was available for everyone for more than a month now - with no rewards. I will now reward the first three who send me ingame the last message of the quest (as proof of completion) with:   1st and 2nd (same prize): one teleport to papercabin stone + 1 fresh remains 3rd: one mirrorritual stone + 1 fresh remains   This quest is intended for new players, so only those with 21 or less AD are going to be rewarded. For hints (including for the first step), PM me ingame. Quest starts at Clash of Age
  6. I liked Summer Breeze's ”haiku”. I like those small ”postcards”, if I can call them  that. Here is one:   ”A bee flies from the the flower of a water willow -  spring has come.”   Or, since it's winter:   ”Sitting here, freezing -  my boiler died. Where is the repairman?”
  7. I had a blast reading the poems, thanks for putting them here. :-)
  8. This is still on, although I will close it some time soon.
  9. I ask right away why I have lost (but maybe thats because Im too lazy to figure it out myself).
  10. The first one to send me the correct answer was Dark Demon (he has chosen the 3sc). I am (still) waiting for two more answers.
  11. Hint nr. 2: Only the last four digits of the code reveal the actual name of the scene. The other ones form the complete answer. The ”algorithm” is the same, though.
  12. Nim said she d offer 5 stones. If so, you and Yertle can have 2 stones each (I will have the teleport one).
  13. Hint: I have spent time to make the poem convincing, so convincing that you wouldn't notice it's only a front. Yes, the poem is only  a front meant to distract; in fact, you don't  need to read a single word/line in order to get the name of the scene.
  14. The reward is 3 sc for the first one to solve the riddle. You can sponsor it if you want, ofc.   Edit: Firestarter was so kind as to sponsor it with a BP archer and a Joker. The winner can choose between one of the creatures or the silver. That means the first three to send me the answer will get a reward. Edit 2: adding Valldore Nal to sponsors. :)
  15. Not all treasure hunts end up well. This one will, though, if someone sends me the correct answer.  (no PM so far)
  16. The following poem contains the name of a scene in MagicDuel, which you will find with the aid of a code (there are four scene names in there, but using the code you will find the one I am after). The one who solves the riddle first will get three silver coins as a reward. PM me with the answer (not ingame). Do NOT write the answer on this topic.   The poor live in the slums of hope until their hope is broken and they rise. But even then, the sight of gold, would surely make them hypnotized.   A young man, on his daily walk through shops and stalls, in search for things to st
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    Great :D That is why I do not really care if the mistakes are being corrected. After all, the hidden purpouse of this game is to get people learn romanian language. ^^
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    Okay, since Loreroot has been opened for a few days, I had a chance to look at the items there. I had a blast reading ”topor” or ”glubs” instead of ”axe” and ”gloves” after CODE_...(for items such as Lyzard's tail). Also, in the current equipment page, instead of reading ”others”, I read ”altele”. What has bugged me when I first started playing, though, was ”Why is it good to loose!?”  in the ”understanding the fighting system” box. It bugs me and it's funny at the same time, since you have &
  19. Are we supposed to write here what we wish as rewards?
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