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  1. No, you can barter (or use coins) with players if you want to trade without risks. There is no way of avoiding the risk of death, although avoiding death is possible (depends on what you're trading). It's like you're going to the market, selling your stuff and then you're tailed by some guys and offed at a street corner. Paying a merchant to undertake the risk for you...sounds interesting, but... Say you have 100 gems, they would get you 7 gc. You're paying someone to trade for you...if they die, you lost the levy, the gems, and they lost their life (you get no coins if you die). The risk
  2. So, here's the idea: a guillotine. The guillotine is a huge market exchange when you code it, but on the outside is just a regular guillotine. Anyone can sell and buy from the guillotine. You can sell your resources and get silver or gold; items like gold bars or gems would yield more gold, for example. You can also buy resources, but only the ones left there before, and in fixed amounts (e.g. someone has sold 500 timber before you, so you can buy 100 timber). And here's the catch: apart from calculating your due cash, it also calculates your chance to survive the trade. Hey, you're trading, y
  3. Since it will get there anyway, let's pedal faster: 20 plushies for item no.1 15 plushies for items no.2 and no.3, each
  4. I'd like the first two items, which are also limited, thank you.
  5. I'm not sure what makes me log in every day to play MagicDuel, but I have done so for more than 6 years now. I guess there are many hard-to-describe little things that make it enjoyable. However, the 'game' aspects of MD are somehow downplayed. For example, the combat system is excellent (and that's enough to make a game memorable, right?), but there is a sense of it being just something to be good at if you want to, but not imperative. It's not ''the way'' to progress, it's ''a way''. Well, maybe I can't explain my reasons, but I know this game is something that some of you will find to be ''
  6. Yesterday I had a talk with Bash on one of the topics he listed, lasting a bit more than an hour. How do I proceed from here? send a mail to mur@magicduel?
  7. oh, i've been wanting to get 3-4 lectures from the list, i just keep saying 'later, i've got some things to do now...'
  8. Hmm...to 'get out of your mind' mind? That's a dangerous thought
  9. What's this about ''reducing'' resources?
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  11. while i always liked this idea, if it's done like in the other games, it makes me cringe. all the games that have this are p2w.
  12. It's been a while since I saw an MP3 interface, but I was sure you cannot use heat in MP3 battles. You don't get to see the bird; has this changed?
  13. are they? but not usable, for sure?
  14. Oh yea, I remember thinking along the same lines...''I have access to them after some days of playing, why is it impossible to get them? At least don't let me see 'em!'' I've been mulling at mp3 for over half a year, and some things made no sense at all, and so many such complaints crossed my mind. But the reality is those items are not at all essential, and the erolins are not visible at mp3 anyway, only that this reality becomes obvious as time passes or when you advance.
  15. Ungod

    Time dilation

    I think it would complicate matters, as viscosity has a different purpose. Sure, you can think of a way to integrate time and space perception, somehow.
  16. Ungod

    Time dilation

    The refresh timer is one thing, then there's spell duration, resource regeneration etc Didn't think about combat or triggers, but why not? everything involving time!! or, if it's too hard to code, not everything, but just a few things
  17. Ungod

    Time dilation

    Well, it is interesting to me how time and mind relate. A time unit, being the result of a process of measuring, is different from what our bodies or our cells perceive as 'time'. You just function until you don't, and the laws for that, for the lifespan, governs a 'time' that our minds cannot understand. By comparison, the time that we count is a simple construct, and yet often we confuse the two (if indeed you can call the other a 'time'). With a few pointers (such as implementing the gravitational time dilation I was suggesting) that difference can be enforced.
  18. Ungod

    Time dilation

    Can we apply this effect in MD? What I mean is, let's make time flow slower in upper GG and faster in UG and lower NC. If only to make things messier.
    1. Dhyone


      "They do exactly what you tell them to do." Then they said to this AI how to "cheat"... 🤔

    2. Ungod


      And the AI thought 'faulty humans!'

  19. I see, that makes sense. Guardians of Bob should have rain spells
  20. Sure, why not. Steno will not be around for a few days, apparently.
  21. I wasn't aware I had to pay land rent...you mean I wasn't allowed to camp for free? I thought we're a ''there is such a thing as a free lunch'' realm.
  22. Today I found about this Chinese painter who laid out 6 laws for drawing: 1. Engender a sense of movement through spirit consonance. 2. Use the brush with the bone method. 3. Responding to things, depict their form. 4. According to kind, describe appearances [with color]. 5. Dividing and planning, positioning and arranging. 6. Transmitting and conveying earlier models through copying and transcribing. To me, these are pointers on how to draw, how to compose and how to train yourself in the art. However, this might be wrong, because as I read, this was written using a small
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