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  1. This is a writing quest, with 3 winners who'll get 1 g each (plus a 14th anniv creature for first). Not all submissions will get a place, even if there are three only. Judging will be affected by creativity and persuasiveness. The theme is about something I've always wondered: what is outside MD? or what is outside the former cube? If we build an observatory somewhere and placed a powerful telescope there, what would we see? The void? Other cubes? Would there be a magic field that would make us see ourselves instead of ''what's really out there''? Each submission should be at least 3
  2. I wanted to rewrite my Comments on self page, but it appears I used a lot of css that isn't recognized anymore (yea, I claim it's css). I don't know where to put this, can anyone help? Deprecated: Non-static method SpawAgent::getAgent() should not be called statically in /home/magicdue/public_html/lib/spaw/class/editor.class.php on line 590Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to undefined function eregi() in /home/magicdue/public_html/lib/spaw/class/util.class.php:185 Stack trace: #0 /home/magicdue/public_html/lib/spaw/class/editor.class.php(590): SpawAgent::getAgent() #1 /home/magicdue/publ
  3. It's a bit of conflict of interests here Let's call them...A week's constellation chart & The telescope
  4. Can I register? I mean, I'm also going to sponsor, but I thought of two (hopefully) fun, simple ideas.
  5. One more push (doing the 😈's work) Item 1: 41 plushies Item 3: 31 plushies Item 7: 27 plushies
  6. Happy b-day, Aelis

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      Thank you, guys :)

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      Aww, I'm late... Happy birthday man!! 💀

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      I should like to add my well-wishes also, Aelis; happy birthday!

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  7. to the king and two others picked by them and ally leader, maybe oh, so it's mainly for sabotage...like how policemen get into mobster gangs (or the other way around - the departed >.>) i just can't see it working without consent from ally members, though...i'd assume the new guy to be booted off by vote pretty soon without some sort of trust gained (and you can't take that option off from them, or you're basically forcing them to accept someone they don't want in their ranks)
  8. Does that mean someone with the right skill will automatically join? I doesn't make much sense, since an alliance is about people willingly coming together. Also, if I'm a Golemian with 100 woodcutting skill, could I join the Woodcutters?
  9. I'm writing this post because I assume some of you don't know this stuff, and it's educational and all, so why not. I was reading a book today and I stumbled across ''chard'', and I didn't know what that is, so I looked it up. It's basically beet leaves, which is something I do know about. But since in the book chard was so lauded, I was baffled. From my previous research, the leaves of Amaranthea family contain oxalates, so why would you eat them (unless you had no other choice)? Whether it's spinach, beet or amaranth, the leaves will frickin' kill your kidneys if you eat a lot of those.
  10. I somehow missed Tissy's post 🤤 While an auction house sounds good in theory, the few trades that go on aren't worth it. Besides, the AH in WoW takes some of your money each time you leave something there; would you agree to lose silver for each 24 hrs your stuff isn't sold? Also, if you put an auction house into the game, you need someone to own it (a person or a group). Sounds like some people could do it, but then again, the profits won't be high...if any. Risk, as I detailed it, can't be only about losing some coins. It's as if talking about banks' risk. What, they're not
  11. Tissy, you'll want to start with 26 plushies
  12. Item 1 - 30 plushies Item 4 - 20 plushies Item 7 - 20 plushies Go go go !
  13. (It's true someone like me would like that option, but that doesn't mean MD has to please my type. I don't think it would be good for the game, even if I do like to have that option). I'm happy to announce I've reconsidered the ''death for traders'' thing. The unanimous pushback against it must mean it's too extreme/stupid, and since I have another idea... There is a tree at Plains of Deceit, and it looks like an apple or cherry tree, but with the flowers and berries of the nightshade. It's popularly called Merchant's Bane, and under it sits an old man (or woman, you can't tell). T
  14. You're talking about a gym that is fueled by resources (that are used for implements) where you can train your muscles, but should we make this an option? So far, we only had combat as the source for those muscles, and even then, people could peacefully gather to grind with non-dmg rituals (and were shunned, right?). A gym would take that aggressive vibe out, as if saying ''hey, you don't need to compete anymore''. Which is fine if we talk real life, where training would deter aggression (he looks tough, let's not), and where we even came up with Olympics to make sure only some kick the bucket
  15. As I said, you could lose the intended resource and your purse instead of dieing...not quite as charming, but if there's no other way...
  16. I see y'all are not very fond of the death punishment, you wanna-be merchants! All talk and no risk, eh? Pity, the only place where a guillotine could be looked upon favorably would have been MD... I see y'all want to be just mugged and not killed when trading - it can be arranged. Like, instead of dieing, you lose the intended resource AND some of your coins (or some valuable resource). Oh, but you still have to die when trading extremely valuable resources. Trading is NOT easy. You build an investment portfolio and just wait for stocks to rise? That sounds so harmless... You know,
  17. The guillotine is not about common resources which can be (and are) traded commonly. Yes, what a merchant will sell to 'the market' will be deposited there and you will be able to buy them, with a low(er) chance of dieing. But that's only to have them not disappear in the air. The guillotine is about selling goods, particularly items such as gems, gold bars etc and resources in high quantities. I doubt anyone will buy 20 gold bars for 20 gc, or 200 gems, or 4000 iron ore, especially since you use the whole stack for making an ingot. The guillotine, however, will accept it all, and give a
  18. Nowadays, it may sound unbelievable, but in older times (or in some poor countries), having lots of coins on you and no bodyguard meant some booze-reeking cutthroats could 'borrow' from you in a matter of seconds if they sniffed you out (leaving you cold). It's still the case: imagine having some diamonds/rubies for sale (we have gems in MD). It's not unreasonable to make death the risk, especially since it gets you to see a GUILLOTINE (did I mention I like them?). What's particularly nice about guillotines is that you often (if not always) put your head there by choice, making it a meta
  19. I've seen this in other games, it could be good, but it's usually done in such a way you feel like standing at a gambler's desk.
  20. Ungod


    I like pets, but I don't see them in MD. Maybe if they have to be taken care of...I'll grow some bushies at Plains of Tranquility.
  21. Well, I understand what you're saying, but I disagree. As for stats, resources that change directly into stats doesn't sound very good to me, not only because there's already a well-established system in place for getting stats, but also because...why have more stats? I'd rather have stats have some other role and not just increase to infinity. Creatures are a big part of what is called 'MD economy', but think about it. Up until recently, their age was reset (partially) on transfer, not to mention the level, which tells you they are not simple trade commodities. They are things (for
  22. Expanding a land's influence is an idea I had since many years ago (and not only me, obviously), but I think there are some conceptual issues with this one.
  23. There are plans for death being more than it is now, perhaps flower power will become something else.
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