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  1. 1 hour ago, MaGoHi said:

    only if you read and want to read, the start is very boring in my opinion

    now that i think about it, the story with the cube and the little girl was a hell of an intro. it was building a lot of suspense, while the island is quite peaceful by comparison

    what if we add the elements of a crisis there? like, aramors being assembled by unknown entities, boarding ships to who knows where; or, the island being enshrouded in a 'cloud of viscosity' with each passing day, threatening to become occult from the mainland

    or something

  2. I wanted to come out with part 2 of MB's flora, but plans are for the conceited.

    Glasswort would suggest a plant that looks like glass - translucent and bright. In fact, glasswort takes its name from the use people had for it for centuries or maybe even millennia - as a source of soda ash for glassmaking. 
    Since it tolerates salt water well, you can often find glasswort near the sea - or in it. Edible and having plenty of salt already, glasswort is also called pickleweed. 
    Because its leaves are atrophied to fleshy scales and because the two opposite leaves form a sheath around the stem, this herb looks like strange bulky hands coming out of the earth, made of fat lumps joined together.  
    Usually green, it changes color in autumn, when red mats of glasswort can be seen stretching over kilometres of beach land.
    In Golemus, they can be found at Wraith's Wreck or the Ivory Lighthouse.


    The blue flowers of chicory bloom on tall stems under the full stare of the sun. Although the young plant's leaves may resemble the dandelion or sow's thisle, the buds and flowers make it 
    instantly recognizable.
    Used in salads after leaching or boiling, in teas, or even as a drink that is made from its root, chicory is less useful as a food. Contrary to plants that store the carbohydrates as starch, chicory
    stores them in the form of inulin, hardly digestible by humans.
    Some folks believe chicory can open locked doors. This may be because the ancient name of chicory could signify 'light in the dark'.
    In Golemus, it can be found behind harmonious pillars, at Cannon's Crossing, Mt. Kelle'tha and other conspicuous or less conspicuous scenes.


    One of the more dangerous - but also useful - plants to have around, Ephedra was used as a stimulant since many millennia ago. Raising blood pressure to high levels, it can cause headaches, insomnia, hyperthermia, arrhythmias and tachycardia - certainly a dangerous plant when the dose is mismanaged.
    Epehdra is good at defending itself, and is used to fighting harsh conditions.  It can thrive as high as 4000 m above sea level. In temperate climates, Ephedra usually grows on shores or in sandy soils with plenty of sun.
    Its appearance betrays its marine origin, with the photosynthetic stems looking like pointy tentacles rushing out of the earth. Here and there, scale-like leaves form a red sheath around the green stem, and at those 'joints' small inflorescences bloom. The red strobili are fleshy and resemble a berry, making the plant stand out among the scorched grass.
    In Golemus, it can be found at the summit of Mt. Kelle'tha, Power's ascent, Drachorn's
    Cave or nearby Fenth's Beach.


  3. After browsing various forums, I decided this is the best one to hold my topic, mostly because it seems Rumi tried to bring some botanical knowledge into MD just as I would (I don't know Rumi, though). This text is not focused on the community garden. However, it's directed at the same kind of people that would get involved in the creation of a garden, hence the choice of place.

    Botanical knowledge, I think, is just another layer that can be added to MD, even if the core refers to introspection and exploration of the mind. I think the creation of self has a lot to do with what surrounds us, in ways we cannot even imagine. 

    I had a little fun trying to illustrate very short descriptions of three plant families that I see present in Marind Bell. I kinda did my best, taking into account I don't illustrate, but if it looks nothing like the subject...try to do better than me :D

         Tjuf was the ancient Egyptian name for the reed's relative, the papyrus. The name still lives in the Balkans of today, though it refers to the  common reed - also named rush. A lover of wetlands, the rush colonizes large areas with...haste.
        The reed's flowering spikes are iconic and impossible to forget, as well as the rustling leaves of reeds. They are  hairless, tall and straight, and were found useful for many, many things.  Thatched roofs, rafts or boats, sandals, mats, garments and even rope or paper - the reed  can be turned into any of these. 
        It can also be harvested for its starchy rhizomes and tender shoots, or its  copious pollen. The rhizomes can be made into floor, cooked or even eaten raw, just like the shoots. Many a swamp has been cleaned by them - so make sure where you get them from.
        In Marind Bell, the reed can be found surrounding the Angien Lake like a ring.


         The mallows trace their name back to the Egyptian glory of more than ten thousands years ago, when they were called, just as today, Moloch. Moloch, malva, or the mallow  has an axillary inflorescence breaching out of a large flower that comes in shades of blue and violet, red and pink, yellow and white.
        Many species of mallow exist, but there's something they have in common - individuals  can change their gender. Although starting as males, they can turn into females when the need arises. 
        Many mallows are eaten as leaf vegetables, either cooked or raw - buds and flowers, too. Even the unripe fruitlets  can be eaten. After thousands of years, the Molokheyia dish of Egypt is still cooked the same simple way: with mallow leaves, garlic, spices and, if possible, meat.
        The leaves are demulcent and can be chewed to sooth coughs or sore throats. As a  soothing agent, it relieves minor pain and membrane inflammation; some prepare the leaves for internal use. The syrup made is used to treat inflammation of the digestive and urinary systems. 
        In Marind Bell, there are molochs everywhere - behind marble stairs, in shaded alleys
    or the nearby doors of the Shop or the Keep.


          The star plant - is the latin name given to the genus this herb belongs to, whose flower  resembles a star. What distinguishes Stellaria's flower from others is the way its petals and sepals 
    alternate so you don't know which is which. Both number 5 and look the same.
        Stellaria prefers places with lots of water and shade, but it tolerates sun as well. It germinates in autumn or late winter, to form large mats of foliage in spring. Stellaria is a hardy plant.
        The tender leaves, buds and flowers can be eaten raw - with moderation. Like other edible plants such as nettle, it has a high content of minerals, particularly iron and potassium, but also toxins like oxalates and saponins.
        You're likely to miss it when passing in a hurry. When resting, the small white flowers  on long stems, with contrasting yellow and red stamens, catch your eye inadvertently. 

        In Marind Bell, it is found in places like Sage's Keep or Wind's Sanctuary. 

  4. Got an interesting one, so I'll share it, but I'm closing this anyway. 



    When looking through a telescope out into the sky of MD, you see the sun, always the sun. It is almost forever bright in MD, on the rare occasion that you can see the stars and the moon, you must make the best of the opportunity that present itself. As you look into the sky you can see that the stars seem to move on their own in ways that are quite plainly visible through an ocular aid, such as a telescope.  Not every star moves all of the time, however. It has been noted that the number of moving stars in the sky, if possible to count, are not dissimilar to the number of entities that are currently present in the cube.

    When examining these stars, one can see that many are stagnant, and if one has been a constant, or long-term examiner of the heavens, than they might have observed that many stars have never once moved from their position in the sky. This makes charting the heavens a not completely futile task, though in some time periods, the sheer number of moving stars was in the thousands, making it nigh impossible to perceive any change in the  heavens at all. Just as when all is in flux, it is almost impossible to even make the determination that there is change.

    If one were to watch long enough, particularly when there is little movement, and continue watching one particular star as it moves, one may see moments where temporarily there seems to be something blocking the view of that star, perhaps planets, or cubes, or even black holes. It is easiest in these moments of interstellar eclipse, to notice that there are faintly glowing lines between many stars. These lines sometimes glow even brighter when two stars become very close. They seem to have moments of small flashes, as if there was some sort of contest between them. Though this does not happen with all stars, some seem a different shade or brightness, and they rarely have flashing interactions with other stars in close proximity.

    Despite all of the movement of stars, some stars stay in a rough group together, even if almost the entirety of the group are active, they rarely stray from their group. Almost pulling the stars in their cluster with them when they move. There have been reports and sighting of entire large groups of stars, possibly galaxies of them, having flashing exchanges with other groups or galaxies of stars. It is unknown what causes them to have these interactions, however it is always clear when such massive convergences occur, that there are multiple eclipses occurring with the active groups. Sometimes, it even feels as though our own land is moving towards large grouping of other stars, intent to make contact. There have been theories that it is not in fact other stars that move, merely our star and our land that move, but this fails to explain or account for the independent movement of singular or groupings of stars.



  5. I think to write a really dark story, you need those very dark wrong feelings that depression gives you (coupled with the dark wrong ideas that you can't refute because of, perhaps, lack on information). Without those, can you write a dark story? I think a horror one is possible, but not a dark one. I'll try my hand at it now, to validate that. All improv, with some 10 minutes thinking beforehand.

    Peace moved like the breeze on the dusty plains, with sorrowful excitement on her face. A kind melancholy travelled thought her veins at the thought of decorating Necrovion with yet another addition. She opened the hatch and brought /it/ out. 

    The former Lorerootian guard was unrecognizable. A lump of flesh surrounded by dark plasma, with no eyes, no face, barely erect. Peace put her hand on the guard's head and entered his mind. There were tall green trees hiding birds and insects and knators, there was singing and murder and light showers of rain, all mixed in a dazzling swirling dance in the forest of Loreroot. Archers trained aiming at falling leaves, rushing though the trees in races, bringing hides and tree bark to their homes.

    The Lorerootian groaned and the sealed mouth opened. 'ome..water...mothe'r.. Perhaps I awakened too much of your memories, guard? asked Peace. These memories, they never fade, do they? But, who would ever want to live there? she dismissed the thought. That dazzling light, that mixture of mindless happiness and hope and murderous songs ; are you kidding me? Behold, my dear guard, behold all that is left. You never wanted to see this side of the world, but now you Have to look at it. You've used shadow to conceal your presence when hunting, now see how IT hunted you. You've run from darkness, now it caught up. You've taken pride in your skill, now look what you became. Broken, powerless, lost...

    ...Fear not, you are useful. Peace rode the winds towards the Well of Tears, her prey in hand. Reaching the Dead Forest, she put the former guard onto an empty spot and opened a small box. Inside, a fungi overgrowth was glowing. She took a small bit and placed it on the Lorerootian, watching the fermentation work its way into the heart of the guard with an absent look. As the fungi devoured the flesh, it grew harder and harder, shedding immaterial lumps of darkness that fell on the ground. Small ants were carrying those lumps inside the crooked trunk of a tree, a tree that was once human, feeding a trembling ant queen.  

    Feed well, smiled Peace, the spiders like plump larvas. Necrovion had now a new voice, and the wind had another surface to bounce off of. Peace lay on the ground, silent. If...if there was light here, would it pierce the dark clouds above? If birds were to live here, would their shrieking voice shred the light melancholy of darkness that seeped into her heart? Do those fiends understand, do they understand how beautiful Necrovion is?

    Peace would have fallen asleep, if...

  6. This is between me and you, but...the Aramory and other various places in MagicDuel are NOT ''places'' or ''structures''. They live!...Like, we're those unevolved species to them, and they consider themselves superior beings. They probably feed off our energy (heat) or something, and they probably use some drugs to alter our behavior and make us docile - or at the very least, oblivious to their true nature, you know...I don't know what can be done about it as long as we're here playing, but it's a war of the worlds and you'd better believe it!

  7. (the post will be updated with rewards tomorrow, as I have to check a few things and I can't concentrate on doing it now)

    (This is a two-step contest, step two will begin after all submissions are made.)

    First and foremost, you'll have to take a picture of the night sky in your area, so that all those twinkling stars are visible. Next, you either print it or work on it on your computer, but what you'll do is draw your own 12 constellations, creating whatever bizarre formations you want. After all, what are constellations if not asterisms with a story? Once those 12 are finished, you'll assign a month to each and assign to each month something representative for it, from your point of view, for 2020 - January could be the month of love, or the month of a disease, June could be the month of mango or whatever (associate for Oct, Nov and Dec what you think will happen for you). This is a personal work, it has to do more with your monthly activities or how you perceive them rather than what is happening everywhere.

    In essence, you will be creating your own zodiac, and don't worry - this is how people did it waaay back. ''Oh, this group of stars shine most brightly this month, when calves are born. OK, let's call it TAURUS''. Bam, you had a constellation that you would watch for 30 years and still say 'I don't see it. It's nothing like a bull. I must be blind, but I just don't see it.'

    Please post the picture and the associations here. Contest starts tomorrow at 10 p.m. ST and lasts 72 hours, as per rules of the AAA. Try not to be intimidated by the night sky - I sometimes thought of it beautiful, but most of the times I felt those stars will come crashing down aaanytime now. Watching the moon is soothing, though - looks cold, but still feels like the earth's friend...or something.

  8. This is a writing quest, with 3 winners who'll get 1 g each (plus a 14th anniv creature for first). Not all submissions will get a place, even if there are three only. Judging will be affected by creativity and persuasiveness.

    The theme is about something I've always wondered: what is outside MD? or what is outside the former cube? If we build an observatory somewhere and placed a powerful telescope there, what would we see? The void? Other cubes? Would there be a magic field that would make us see ourselves instead of ''what's really out there''?

    Each submission should be at least 300 words and sent to me; contest starts tomorrow at midday ST and lasts for 72 hours, as per rule. Be creative and persuasive :) 



  9. I wanted to rewrite my Comments on self page, but it appears I used a lot of css that isn't recognized anymore (yea, I claim it's css). I don't know where to put this, can anyone help?

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  10. 3 hours ago, Muratus del Mur said:

    maybe give the info about the secret path in to all current members of that guild plus two picked by them, that are not part of the guild? the could guard it forever, or not..

    to the king and two others picked by them and ally leader, maybe

    3 hours ago, Muratus del Mur said:

    This is intended as a sabotaje tool, or for someone that is rejected by that group but fits from a technical perspective with it.

    oh, so it's mainly for sabotage...like how policemen get into mobster gangs (or the other way around - the departed >.>)

    i just can't see it working without consent from ally members, though...i'd assume the new guy to be booted off by vote pretty soon without some sort of trust gained (and you can't take that option off from them, or you're basically forcing them to accept someone they don't want in their ranks)


  11. 12 hours ago, Muratus del Mur said:

    For example, Woodcutters guild should have such a backdoor for anyone with the right woodcutting skill.

    Does that mean someone with the right skill will automatically join? I doesn't make much sense, since an alliance is about people willingly coming together. Also, if I'm a Golemian with 100 woodcutting skill, could I join the Woodcutters?


  12. I'm writing this post because I assume some of you don't know this stuff, and it's educational and all, so why not.

    I was reading a book today and I stumbled across ''chard'', and I didn't know what that is, so I looked it up. It's basically beet leaves, which is something I do know about. But since in the book chard was so lauded, I was baffled. From my previous research, the leaves of Amaranthea family contain oxalates, so why would you eat them (unless you had no other choice)? Whether it's spinach, beet or amaranth, the leaves will frickin' kill your kidneys if you eat a lot of those. Boiling them might take some oxalates out, but you still get the Ca binding ones, so don't. Spinach is lauded as a great source of Ca - yeah, but none of that enters your body. In fact, due to oxalates, your body loses Ca. Have fun with arthritis, joint pains and weak bones in general. And kidney stones, too.

    So I googled something like 'oxalates in chard' and stumbled across a blog called carnivorous aurelius (lol), which is advertising...eating meat. Yeah, maybe eating spinach won't make you Popeye, but meat comes with its own set of problems. I mean, nothing is disadvantage-free. But, well, the guy's gotta sell dried beef liver, so...

    Anyway, pay attention to what vegetables you eat, what vegetables you feed your kid and remember: nobody wants to be eaten.

  13. I somehow missed Tissy's post 🤤

    While an auction house sounds good in theory, the few trades that go on aren't worth it. Besides, the AH in WoW takes some of your money each time you leave something there; would you agree to lose silver for each 24 hrs your stuff isn't sold?

    Also, if you put an auction house into the game, you need someone to own it (a person or a group). Sounds like some people could do it, but then again, the profits won't be high...if any.

    On 8/11/2020 at 3:46 AM, Tissy said:

    if you want to introduce risk. There could be blink bidding.

    Risk, as I detailed it, can't be only about losing some coins. It's as if talking about banks' risk. What, they're not gonna charge 15% interest, only 2%? What kind of risk is that, they get a margin anyway. What, they're gonna 'lose' 2% of the loans? They have 98% of them still. It's like the cons at the street corner, ''losing'' some games to attract the gullible.

    On 8/11/2020 at 3:46 AM, Tissy said:

    the guillotine concept sounds more like a gamble to me.

    Yes, but you're gambling with your life, which it what I'd like to see. Even irl, the competition between merchants, bankers etc is often life-threatening. That's making the whole thing balanced, because there's usually no risk involved for the merchant coming from the customers.

    3 hours ago, Chewett said:

    The issue is most of the ecosystem has no natural reduction system.

    Same can be said about combat system, and I pretty much agree.

    I've been growing more herbs lately and I get to see how almost anything is food for something else. Life is this cycle where everything is eaten in turn. You might be looking around and say ''there's nothing here'', but there are plenty of microorganisms just floating. Many thousands (or millions, whatever) in the air around your computer desk. So I don't see why resources in MD cannot ''decay'' or maybe ''disperse'', because it certainly happens in our world, albeit in a perhaps slower motion. (A timer on your resources.)

    The end goal in a game economy is probably the developer's share. In life, we're just trying to live as much as we can. I wonder about what kind of goal can be made for MD. 

  14. (It's true someone like me would like that option, but that doesn't mean MD has to please my type. I don't think it would be good for the game, even if I do like to have that option).

    I'm happy to announce I've reconsidered the ''death for traders'' thing. The unanimous pushback against it must mean it's too extreme/stupid, and since I have another idea...



    This is something revolving around the fundamental (acquired) trait of a merchant, dishonesty. I define dishonesty as holding 2 values for the same thing (it's not lieing). A merchant will say one thing is worth 2 to a client and 1,5 to his wife. The 0,5 difference is his livelihood, and this kind of shifty way of seeing things makes anyone who does trade become dishonest.

    You might say 'It's the way it works, Ungod, what's the big deal?'', but think about it. Does it seem logical to you? You couldn't say ''that box has 2 apples'' and ''that box has 4 apples''. You can assign variable 2 for the weight and 4 for the volume of a box, but those are complementary; you can't assign both 2 and 4 for the weigh of the box. You can't love Mary the most (in the morning) and Jane the most (in the evening); who do you love the most, you prick?

    Logic has limits, and these examples show how limited it is. You really can love Mary and Jane the most, you really can hold two values to be true for the same thing. Life isn't logical at all, but! If you were a peasant, you'd barter your horse for exactly 6 pigs, not for 6 pigs OR 7 pigs. If you brought something into the world, you wouldn't say your work, your sweat, your time is worth 10 coins OR 12 coins. The difference between a hard-working honest life and an easy-going dishonest life is that kind of outlook, that kind of juggling with variables.

    Yes, even a 10 years old kid can assign 2,3,4 variables, but whether you actually do it determines how you're going to live your life. It's your choice, you either live it sincerely in a straight-forward manner, or dishonest, with multiple truths swirling in your mind and speech.


    There is a tree at Plains of Deceit, and it looks like an apple or cherry tree, but with the flowers and berries of the nightshade. It's popularly called Merchant's Bane, and under it sits an old man (or woman, you can't tell). That old woman (or man, or Dennis) will buy your merchandise, and there is a list with each resource and its respective worth (10 water - 2 sc, 1 gold bar - 1 gold coin etc). You declare what you want to say, you take out your stuff, you ask loudly for your reward, you leave your stuff on the table and take the coins off the table. All very straight forward, no tricks involved...NOT!

    The fact is that tree affects your fundamental trait as a merchant, making you confused and unable to process the variables correctly. You often find yourself asking for a reward that is corresponding to another resource. You sell your gems and get the equivalent for tea leaves. As you trade more, you get more immune to the effect of the plant, but it's a loong journey (yes, you could do many small trades to increase the skill, but it can be 'fixed' by adding a minimum of a resource for selling and a bonus in skill obtained for certain valuable ones).

    (bye bye my guillotine😥...but welcome to the realm of psychoactive plants) 

  15. You're talking about a gym that is fueled by resources (that are used for implements) where you can train your muscles, but should we make this an option? So far, we only had combat as the source for those muscles, and even then, people could peacefully gather to grind with non-dmg rituals (and were shunned, right?). A gym would take that aggressive vibe out, as if saying ''hey, you don't need to compete anymore''. Which is fine if we talk real life, where training would deter aggression (he looks tough, let's not), and where we even came up with Olympics to make sure only some kick the bucket. But in MD, fighting is a way to train your brain muscles, and taking that out would mean you only have to grind for resources. Boring, if you ask me.

     I wasn't talking about a combiner, more of a marketplace, with emphasis on selling. 

    The economy is enforced by weapons, true (you put me into the awkward situation of having to agree with myself and somehow deny it; well played), but I wanted to 'develop' MD's economy by introducing a risk concept, not reproduce the myriad facets of an economy (such as weapon enforcement - and by the way, I was referring more to vassalage systems there). Hence my simple idea. Sure, if you can turn into something bigger, go for it, as long as risk is involved.

    On another note, I never thought MD players are so into economy and economic talks.

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