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  1. That was a great summary, thank you. Because of my shortcomings in making this quest (which had a very specific purpose that I failed to achieve), I have asked Chewett to sponsor the full rewards to all participants. It wasn't all bad, I guess, but I woke up looking particularly terrible this morning, which means if you drag quests for hours...*they*'re not the only ones who are going to feel that. Lesson learnt
  2. Not much decoration here, but I'm of the opinion you don't need much to get a party going. Just lay a blanket, open the picnic basket that contains wine and bacon and just enjoy...this is a chill place to wait (for years) for those MP3s to direct them to the spear&halberd rack, teach them to use the whetstone and everything.
  3. no worries, if i waited yesterday to run my game (and it was worth it) for the max amount of participants, i will do it today too
  4. Today, in the evening, after or before Fyrd's (we'll see), we're doing this little play. I've attached the so-called map we shall be using, but the details of each room will be disclosed at the time of the event. I'll meet you there!
  5. Sign me up. Imagine if I lost (win) in this one...it would be ironic.
  6. I'll take this opportunity to warmly welcome all to Marind Bell, where for the next couple days you will be able to listen to minstrels singing about love and war (a.k.a. I will be posting link to various music pieces with the theme knights&maidens). I encourage visiting the more secluded areas. Love and battles. Epic battles, battles of dominance, battles of attrition, battles of retribution. Fiery love, withering love, useful love, used love. In this theme is the following riddle/puzzle, entirely a forum quest (hence the submissions will be by forum PM, to yours truly). Fastest corr
  7. That's 10 days from now, but...maybe from 4-5 p.m. server time
  8. Why are these unfortunate? the participants suffer from mysterious accidents and die after reading their masterpieces? (i wanted something like that this anniv and behold! life gives you your heart's desire)
  9. First blood has been drawn, with Aia, Demonic God, Fyrd, Kaya and Magohi working together to defeat the knight who says tion to others, but can't bear to hear it himself. This will continue throughout the anniversary, at random times.
  10. I also want to know that For me, it's after 4 pm Server time, usually
  11. There's this knight who was asked by his beloved to bring her a proof of his love that he so ardently confessed - his mother's heart. What would be his choice? We're going to try to solve this dilemma in an experimental quest in which the knight goes through a number of rooms until he can reach the quarters of his mother. At any point, the dilemma can be solved, except for the final room. All participants (not attendees) will get an anniv creature as prize if the knight finds his answer or a consolation prize of 1 g if it is not answered. To make it clear, he must find the correct answer
  12. I'd play someone else for 2 weeks (with the exception of the times when I'm running my quests, if that is allowed) - if only to see how bad I am at this
  13. Last year I didn't spread any fake clues, perhaps I should do it this year. The stories were all great, as I remember, so I want to share some laughter with everyone once again.
  14. you know your audience but yea, the so-called ''new way'' is how they used to work, and I think we're all accustomed to it already that the vote will be overwhelmingly on that side also, normally you'd assume the heal button is more used, but...we're not normal, and besides, if these creatures are getting new and more abilities, all the more reason to open (obsessively) the creature page, no? to think that Ledah has a shade with such a cool name like Muramasa...a man of culture indeed
  15. It might be kind of rushed (3 weeks), especially if one is not familiar with it (but then again, I'm not either, I've only acquired a few books I'll read when I get time for that). but hey, for a relatable MD mandala, I think inspiration is key, so it's doable, imo.
  16. 'Ello. During the anniversary I shall be donning the knight armor at random times, all so I can play a game with you. In particular, a language game. I will be choosing a prefix/suffix that you will have to guess (with full sentences). Once it's determined, each word containing the particle acts as 5 dmg. The purpose is taking my health down to 0, from 100 hp e.g. once it's determined con is the particle, such a sentence would do me 25 dmg: The convict's convoluted explanation went from 'let's all contribute' to condescending tones of 'the considerate die'. Additional rules: y
  17. Forgot to add: you can submit more entries, but only one will be rewarded.
  18. 'Evening! I hear there's a scholarly interest in the lands of Marind Bell, pertaining to mandalas - some SoE members are quite interested in that imagery with 'cosmic' or 'absolute' meanings. What that means is, there's ways to make money! Or get some anniversary creatures and bonuses. SoE will pay a hefty sum for a mandala with MD symbolism, but it must be within standards (hence they will judge the submissions) AND all rights to that imagery will transfer to said alliance. As for the manner of presentation, it can be drawn on paper, digitally created, or even crafted. Feel free to
  19. I'm interested in this, in particular in job tags.
  20. Ungod

    Ann 5168

    Whether it's my device, or server lag/sceneloading, i loathe moving, say, 10 scenes to the right just to click on the tool, then go idle 's all
  21. Sometimes, you can feel lurking in the corners of MD that feeling described in the last paragraph. Best way to put it is ''to be lost in one's mind''. I never got a clear idea of what the Carnival is, but it could very well be the theatre turned prison turned hospital turned labyrinth. Personally, for health reasons, I reject this kind of madness, although questioning reality is not something one can avoid. To be lost in a fruitless chase after tantalizing ideals is too painful, so I would never write such a scenario.
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