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  1. Last question is probably what the artist intended with this, although I look at it as a bear seeing its home destroyed and rushing to safety...where it will maim some humans. Anyway, Fyrd, this is the image I wanted a poem on and btw, entries don't have to be public
  2. I lurk about a certain website where I gawk at stuff; when something catches my eye, it makes me ponder. I'll be posting here a picture about which I'd be happy to hear your thoughts (thought that can come in various ways - a composition, a drawing, a handmade item). Basically, if what I post here stirs you in some way, you can send me your reaction. Rewards will be based on the effort and insight. This week's image is:
  3. This is mad! in a good way, though too bad i don't have the technical skills to dress my grasans
  4. I have been told I own some items that are far too delicious to not stir envy; therefore, I have decided to get rid of them, because of my fear of the evil eye. This contest has as rewards only common and uncommon RP items, your choice. The aim of this game is to create a structure made of words, with your name at its base; words can be written horizontally or vertically. However, in case they are laid horizontally on 'pillars' of different heights, they may fall diagonally or even in arcs - use this for enhanced effects. There should be no repeated words, save for unavoidable necessity and clever use; there should be no space between the words either, for extra durability. The idea behind the structure is that you create a ward of words, so it has to be strong and protect you. That doesn't mean it can't be fancy, and so bonus points will be given for various clever ideas, such as: only architecture related words, MD player names only, only words that start with a letter, structures that mimic a colisseum or a cathedral etc etc. However, the most important thing is that the outer shell/walls of this building is acting as a magnet to words that are similar. For example, if there is 'constable' in your outer wall, it will attract 'stability' to it and that means extra points. If it attracts 'corrosion', it means less points. More points, more items to win. Of course, the more positive boons, the more points, so you'll have to make a large structure (because words can bind only to outer walls). The positive boon list is: syntropy, stability, durability, intricacy, protection, cement, density, maintenance, design, defence, ward. The negative boon list is: entropy, corrosion, collision, humidity, ultrasonic, abrasion, attack, wind, rust, mould, weapon. These attach to syllables, so mnemonic will attract ultrasonic. You only get to design one structure UNLESS you get three upvotes (because it will be posted in this thread). 3 upvotes mean you get to design another one, if you wish to; it doesn't mean I will give you more points, though (also, how you get those votes is not something i care about). This will run for at least one week, but will be extended if there is extra interest. Although I've written a wall of text, I'm sure I left some questions unanswered, so feel free to get more details. (very silly examples in the image below; also, list of boons is 'wrong')
  5. Hmm, maybe this isnt necessary after all. After all, we're not supposed to have such strange attachments I was referring to a particular state of mind that is not productive at all, but, well..
  6. That's for immortalizing (a few) creatures. I used it to immortalize angiens only. What about the grasans, drachs, molimas, animated trees I've grown fond of and don't want to sacrifice for stats? Perhaps they have meaningful names, such as people long gone or people I want dead (so I'm making a little voodoo list). Also, this interface wouldn't have the artwork of your creature or its details, just names (and maybe the type of creature or family).
  7. You know how you have a creature you care about, but it's time to let go? You don't want to sacrifice it, you don't want to give it away, you can't keep it...You don't want it to be forgotten even if you're burying it. I propose a new wish in WP Shop which lets you activate (say) the pyre in that NC scene where you can sacrifice creatures gaining nothing but an entry in a new button next to inventory, logs, bestiary etc. The interface would be very simple - just a page listing the names of the creatures sacrificed this way. Maybe an artwork thrown there, to make it look like the Clash of Ages in NML.
  8. I'd like to thank Sunfire for making a tournament just for me, a tournament where I can really shine. From now on, me saying i'm not good at combat will no longer be met with polite silence, but with a ''we know''. I'd also like to thank my trees, Mythrandir and Asthir, for their sacrificial prowess over the course of the last 4 years and in this tourney. I have lost all battles against all my foes! (and I'm proud of it??)
  9. Let's see... Item 1 (x1), Item 2 (x1), Item 5(x2), Item 6(x2), Item 8(x1), Item 10(x2) anniv, pin badge, acoustic, avi token, silvertongue, sendtoGoE Total: 169 plushies
  10. weeellll...in the old days, they started out as (normal) trees, you'd drink the potion and see them as they are today, then they'd disappear nowadays, they are there in their true form from the beginning, then you drink the potion for help in battling them, then they disappear maybe one day we'll have such illusions cast over all sorts of guards/NPCs
  11. It may be because it was kept together with grasans and fed wiiya accidentally. If that's the case, I find this behavior extremely interesting, as it's similar to how some birds will change their nature according to their foster parents.
  12. I assume everybody is talking about total items, but these are numbers that people want, not what people get.
  13. Mentioning that if you're interested in gold or totems, all you have to do is submit a number inferior to 19 and depending on the quality, we'll decide on the reward. Also, it might be a good idea to submit your initial 20 earlier than the last day, as I may reject some
  14. Not that I know of, no. redistributing would mean a new tool in the capitol
  15. I think we're all for clay in MB! Clay is already an available resource from mining, so it's not unique to MB, a land that also seems to have no clay quarry...yet it's still the one resource I'd go for. The only other option I see is a paste made from egg shells and water, which I imagined the Sanctuary being made of. A sulfurous stinky paste, hardened in the sun, with perhaps some other additions to make it sturdier (maybe silica)
  16. I agree with Ailith and say that if you want to make death more painful, make the killing harder as well. I agree both death and resurrection are too easy, but there's yet to be had a serious discussion on why death doesn't mean permanent loss of character
  17. How much freedom do we get with the tool? Also, how much more text is considered useful for clickables? I only added some text in the Sanctuary and a few other places in Marind Bell and currently debating with myself if more is needed. (also, it works great)
  18. You can't really stop fighting/competition, in-fighting in the group is very natural and doesn't have to be abolished, it only needs to follow rules that we make. We make those rules to ensure the stability of the group even if we have losers and winners. Because there are always losers and winners. Solving the problems of the world is an ideal, not a reality; the world has the same 'problems' and there will never be a 'better world'. It's just the current one, all over again - or at least, I see it that way. I don't think we can rise above nature, we are part of nature and that cannot change...we keep coming with systems that try to equalize everything, but it fails miserably each time. I think the tribe/hive/pack system cannot be changed, hierarchies will invariably exist and frankly, getting 'out of nature' seems pretty dangerous
  19. one month? yea, that's probably how long they last (i wasn't sure of the length) you still have a few that are older than that because you deleted the new ones, so that your inbox was never full
  20. haven't seen everyone in a long while but get as many as you can of those black roses, 'cuz you never know! Congrats, Ailith
  21. (this is a warm-up for a player's brain, not something serious like a difficult riddle or cipher) I believe future quests (permanent ones) will also involve some kind of ''fetch me (resource)'' and that resources will matter a bit. As such, there's no harm in making the fetching part make the player work a little with basic mathematical operations learned in primary school. What I need from you is help in creating such demands, demands that we'll insert later in various stages of various quests. Here's an example of such a demand: Of dear, what do I do? I haven’t got the last shipment of 15 units of herbs for this month! Each week we get the same amount, and a third of the monthly bundle is flowers, but this month I’ve only received half of the flowers! Can you get me the rest? Now, the resource in question is not as important as the situation. Think about where these situations might occur and come up with interesting examples: in a quarry, on a ferry, at a sanctuary, at an altar etc. You can either think about the equation- 2(x+3)=12-x -and then come up with a situation or think of the situation first and come up with an equation later. With a limit of 2 WPs for player, each 20 questions/demands will get you a WP as reward. Note that I will do the quality-check and reject some, but I'll let you know which. As for how you can submit the entries, for ease of work, either open a forum PM with me and write them as you go (5 today, 5 tomorrow) or send me a forum PM with a .txt/.doc/.rtf file with all the questions. This will go on for about 2 weeks, I think that's sufficient time. If anyone thinks 1 WP for 20 questions is a reward too great, let's talk about it (even here). This has the potential of becoming increasingly difficult as demands may be too similar. Also, for those submitting a lower nr, than 20, we'll settle it in gold and totems.
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