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  1. Then, what about that Chinese saying? was it ancient trolling?! hope you're well as well and may we play in a more populated MD sometime soon.
  2. now that i think about it, the story with the cube and the little girl was a hell of an intro. it was building a lot of suspense, while the island is quite peaceful by comparison what if we add the elements of a crisis there? like, aramors being assembled by unknown entities, boarding ships to who knows where; or, the island being enshrouded in a 'cloud of viscosity' with each passing day, threatening to become occult from the mainland or something
  3. I wanted to come out with part 2 of MB's flora, but plans are for the conceited. Glasswort would suggest a plant that looks like glass - translucent and bright. In fact, glasswort takes its name from the use people had for it for centuries or maybe even millennia - as a source of soda ash for glassmaking. Since it tolerates salt water well, you can often find glasswort near the sea - or in it. Edible and having plenty of salt already, glasswort is also called pickleweed. Because its leaves are atrophied to fleshy scales and because the two opposite leaves form a sheath around the st
  4. After browsing various forums, I decided this is the best one to hold my topic, mostly because it seems Rumi tried to bring some botanical knowledge into MD just as I would (I don't know Rumi, though). This text is not focused on the community garden. However, it's directed at the same kind of people that would get involved in the creation of a garden, hence the choice of place. Botanical knowledge, I think, is just another layer that can be added to MD, even if the core refers to introspection and exploration of the mind. I think the creation of self has a lot to do with what surrounds u
  5. Got an interesting one, so I'll share it, but I'm closing this anyway.
  6. Well, it was too short a time, but I don't think it would've made much of a difference. Star gazing is particular, so...I'm closing this. If you do try it out, though, leave a message here.
  7. I kept asking myself what I had to do in MD yesterday and today and now I know. But since I forgot, all I did was collecting water...
  8. I think to write a really dark story, you need those very dark wrong feelings that depression gives you (coupled with the dark wrong ideas that you can't refute because of, perhaps, lack on information). Without those, can you write a dark story? I think a horror one is possible, but not a dark one. I'll try my hand at it now, to validate that. All improv, with some 10 minutes thinking beforehand. Peace moved like the breeze on the dusty plains, with sorrowful excitement on her face. A kind melancholy travelled thought her veins at the thought of decorating Necrovion with yet another addi
  9. This is between me and you, but...the Aramory and other various places in MagicDuel are NOT ''places'' or ''structures''. They live!...Like, we're those unevolved species to them, and they consider themselves superior beings. They probably feed off our energy (heat) or something, and they probably use some drugs to alter our behavior and make us docile - or at the very least, oblivious to their true nature, you know...I don't know what can be done about it as long as we're here playing, but it's a war of the worlds and you'd better believe it!
  10. Can't edit, so...shmsh for the first two places and 2 g for the third.
  11. (the post will be updated with rewards tomorrow, as I have to check a few things and I can't concentrate on doing it now) (This is a two-step contest, step two will begin after all submissions are made.) First and foremost, you'll have to take a picture of the night sky in your area, so that all those twinkling stars are visible. Next, you either print it or work on it on your computer, but what you'll do is draw your own 12 constellations, creating whatever bizarre formations you want. After all, what are constellations if not asterisms with a story? Once those 12 are finished, you'
  12. This is a writing quest, with 3 winners who'll get 1 g each (plus a 14th anniv creature for first). Not all submissions will get a place, even if there are three only. Judging will be affected by creativity and persuasiveness. The theme is about something I've always wondered: what is outside MD? or what is outside the former cube? If we build an observatory somewhere and placed a powerful telescope there, what would we see? The void? Other cubes? Would there be a magic field that would make us see ourselves instead of ''what's really out there''? Each submission should be at least 3
  13. I wanted to rewrite my Comments on self page, but it appears I used a lot of css that isn't recognized anymore (yea, I claim it's css). I don't know where to put this, can anyone help? Deprecated: Non-static method SpawAgent::getAgent() should not be called statically in /home/magicdue/public_html/lib/spaw/class/editor.class.php on line 590Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to undefined function eregi() in /home/magicdue/public_html/lib/spaw/class/util.class.php:185 Stack trace: #0 /home/magicdue/public_html/lib/spaw/class/editor.class.php(590): SpawAgent::getAgent() #1 /home/magicdue/publ
  14. It's a bit of conflict of interests here Let's call them...A week's constellation chart & The telescope
  15. Can I register? I mean, I'm also going to sponsor, but I thought of two (hopefully) fun, simple ideas.
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