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  1. Was listening to You want it darker and thinking 'he was conversing with god even at 80, and even then the Lord wanted it darker'. I think it's because you let others depict the imagery of god; it really hurts your mind.

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    2. klatdees


      xD I identify with Cohen in that, despite very much being happy with Judaism, I seem to always attract and enjoy a less religious surrounding.

      https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Leonard_Cohen#Religious_beliefs_and_practices you've seen this?  I love it so much

    3. Ungod


      Yea, I've seen it, which is why I'm saying the guy wasn't too happy. 

      On the religion side, christianity and various arab 'sects', among which jewish, come from the same source, so the retreat can only be into someting like buddhism, hinduism, shintoism or whatever. 

    4. Mallos


      I feel like darkness leads to "god" in many ways, specifically it can manifest "god" to you, but it is only your experience. The darkness is creating your own personal god.
      I don't see how you can prove it to anyone.

      On a more meta level these ideas are purposeful to, dare I say, subjugate you. To grow complacent in the darkness so as to accept the bad things surrounding you as a test or will of a higher power weakens your ability to fight against the darkness as you are willing to accept it. The "light" side of things however is misplaced as an idea inside of you waiting to grow, a false light here, where the true "light" is past the darkness and implanting these ideas into everyone waiting for its chance to assume control in the chaos that follows.

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