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  1. 'scuse me, Fyrd, but do you mean an avatar for an active player (our image of the said character)? because an avatar of an active player is just us drawing the avatar they have...
  2. Nice For the record, you don't have to detail the items in the box. Also, multiple entries are allowed and stage nr must be included
  3. Imagine you're an archaeologist and you're sent to The Valley of Kings...wait, wrong fantasy. Imagine you're in MagicDuel, stage 16 and each stage is like a layer for a passed civilization. Underneath our feet there are 15 other civilizations, each with their own habits and objects. Now, imagine you have a shovel. You dig to one of those layers and find a box. Inside, there are a few items (5-8) that have to do with magic. You take them one by one and try to determine their use. It's fun, because it *looks* so strange. This is the contest, which I intend to keep around for 1-2 weeks.
  4. I have an aversion to grinding so I cannot give the most complete answer. However, even someone like me can grind without doing anything. You can grind activity days by logging in. That's useful in the early days of your account, as well as the much later days of your account. And related: active days also increase your land affinity, which helps with some things. Consecutive days also give you coins. You can grind wins for some creatures - set pope rituals. You can grind stats and wins if you actively fight. You can raise chicks for winertia (no fights needed), you can train trees f
  5. The fastest way to receive an alliance invitation is probably by knowing what you want and working for it. You don't know what you want, you don't apply for the right alliance. You don't know what you want, you don't know your role - and if YOU don't know your role, how can you convince an alliance you are the right man/woman for the job? So the fastest way is to be very efficient at ''making yourself'', i.e. creating a role. Now, as for how that may take years...that's another talk, isn't it?
  6. As you prepare to slit the throat of you beloved creature for material gains, remember that the altar where the sacrifice will be made comes in different forms. Each important land (therefore the East, MDA and other such places are not important) has one and! the material gains are different for each (if you can call the principles material gains). There are different formulas for each altar and you should check them out. I have to tell you I've spent days looking at them and trying to figure out how to better place a drachorn for sacrifice.
  7. The intoxicate ability is an interesting ability as it affects players after the combat, not during it. The poison of the plant-type creature known as the Toxicodendrite weakens the player hit with it and reduces certain stats for a limited amount of time. Better yet (or worse?) if you are hit by multiple players who have a beef with you (and rituals with toxicodendrite), you will find you need a cane. The feeblesness needle is an item that can weaken you just as the poison from toxicodendrite does and once again effects are cumulative. The lesson to learn from this ability is that if peo
  8. Bringing the night in MD...that's blasphemy! I always like it hot and sunny, although the question I get is invariably 'What are you, a lizard?'. But where there is sun, there is also a moon, where there are the Soldiers of Inner Sun, there are...their counterparts. The (permanent?) Sun was made a symbol in MagicDuel, but that didn't stop Mur from giving Night a place in here as well. It didn't stop him from giving the Children of the Eclipse a place in the alliance ranks. It didn't stop him from creating a dream interface and people who can dream while it's hot and sunny. You'll hav
  9. Now, the following advice comes from a master voyeur...I mean, information gathering master!...so pay attention. If you never talked to a player because you are a) shy b)full of hatred towards said player c) in front of their dead grave/profile, then it's not too late to not do it. You can gather tons of information from various pages and then decide how to best use them. Personally, I suggest talking to everyone and trusting no-one. Be that social fellow who talks in great detail about the party, only to bail out at the very end since the bill for the beer is on him! First and fore
  10. Festivals in MagicDuel are just like festivals in real life or in other games, in that they're joyous occasions where wine and gold and laughter abound (and, well, hangovers and tears). What make MD festivals a bit more special is the fact that you can poke the bear. Lots of players hibernating over the year wake up and you get to see their awesomeness and weirdness like you haven't imagined. You know, most of us could have a perfect image of calm, collected, gifted and rational individuals - if only we didn't talk! Unfortunately, most of us do open our mouths and afterwards we have to d
  11. The reality requirement is something that makes sure what is in your mind is not only there...Well, I say that to simplify matters, because something may be only in your head and yet it's recognizable by others. Love, for example, has unique forms in each of our minds, but we can still determine whether someone is in love or not, which means love is real... Wait, can we really determine that? Hmm, let's leave this for people with free time. Point is, there is a reality that we can all share, in the sense that we can sense it and make sense of it in the same way. A silky cloth feels silky
  12. The greatest achievements in MD are having a good time and enjoying the results of your continuous work in having a good time (this point of view is hedonistic, of course, you assume that happiness is the end goal in life). For those who are of a different opinion on what it means to achieve something, the game offers some visible means of progression for your character in the realm - such as a number of activity days (achieved!), a number of spelldocs acquired(!), of creatures upgraded to max and so on. These feats of your character are called 'achievements' and must be unlocked first in
  13. The MagicDuel interface takes one by surprise, as most browser games have one clean page with various icons that lead to other pages. But just as the realm of MD is an opened cube, so is the interface. The 'bottom' of the box is the black&white scene and the chat, so let's look at the other sides of the cube. The upper side contains such links as Forum and Free credits, as well as the Update/announcements button. The bottom side contains Tags, Inventory, Mood Panel and various other player-related links. Also, this is where you'll find your Action Points, current Heat and erolins.
  14. Bah! It's raining, but I want it sunny!
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