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  1. ok.. BT i am RED i would request you to draw an avatar for me...and give my character a shape..an identity.. as we talked earlier , this is the formal request to you BT i would be glad if you do this for me regards RED. i am RED regarding what i want you to draw for me.. here is the description... my name is RED SAVAGE WIZARD and the name itself suggests i should look quite savage in my own ways! a wizard...who looks very young and polishes! wearing a long cloak...with mysterious symbols and languages written on it... the collar of the cloak should be hard and semicircular
  2. 5 silver for the bloodpact or sharptear
  3. hey i have only one which i found appealing.. 585805 angien 513 age
  4. hello .. my name is RED , savage in my own ways... i come here to request a to be a part of the alliance which has appealed to me greatly.. The GOtR!! the mighty guardians is the place for me...and the forest attracts me greatly.. this is where i will thrive and this is where i shall protect.. The forest is my home.. and protecting it and loving it...my passion!! may the Great Foret Live Forever... do consider my request! regards, RED
  5. finally in the forums...

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