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  1. We all are equal in MD...but others are more equal than us :)

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    2. backlash ro

      backlash ro

      I agree Pip,but players like this nadrolski fellow,who dosen t understand the idea of fair play and keeps blabering about things like "Those creatures don t matter,you can do it without them" But the fun part is that he probably has loads of them by now ,so it s easy to talk:))

      And yes old players "Win" almost every type of competiton,ideas,fighst,story,twitter,facebook etc....because you know how it is...they help each other,the contest generally are a sherade to d...

    3. backlash ro

      backlash ro

      The fair thing would be that they should return their drachs angien,to be equal,if nobody can buy them they shouldn t be able to have them either...

    4. Chewett


      You are 70ish days old, You expect to win everything and attain everything? It took me 2 years to get my first drachorn, because i wont PAY to buy these things, but work for them.

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