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  1. IZ you IZ or IZ you AINT my Babyyyyyy

  2. Tam tara tam tam...tam tam!

  3. Tam tara tam tam...tam tam!

  4. Yep....This "petititon" should have been put on a vote or something,because it sin t right.It s an abuse of power really
  5. We all are equal in MD...but others are more equal than us :)

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    2. backlash ro

      backlash ro

      PLease....you know what i m saying is true...others have many angiens and drachs...because once upon a time you could have bought them...Maybe you are an exception...still the fact remains...

    3. Chewett


      Do you also complain in every other game that "people that have played longer, have better things"? As you progress you attain much better things, Surely tis the way all games work.

      Its pretty pointless that if after playing however long, you have only got the same things that you had when you first started

    4. backlash ro

      backlash ro

      You are right...but this is totally differnt,and you are being ignorant.I agree old players should have more things,BUT they are closing the shrine now...when they have those things and others won t be able to get the,only really hard...And so on it will separate the new players from the old ones,creating an even bigger cap between them.

  6. Neh...the problem is people wan t to make everything exclusive...when they are bored of their clubhouse,they make it more "Selective" to make sure they rule over everyone,and no one can question their authority. It s simple,like comunism....everybody is equal with everybody,but they are a bit more equal than us.
  7. Exactly! (and to Duxie: Look at the contests in geenral,facebook,now twitter and others....who win s generally?,who get s the big prizes etc?)
  8. [quote name='dst' timestamp='1308124172' post='86259'] Let me tell you how I see this: a pathetic try to get what GG has: a similar alliance to Layer Keepers. GG Drachs have had this status (hard to obtain creatures) since the beginning. BUT you have Drachs in MD Shop (2 types actually). There is no alternative to Angiens in shop (at least for now). You're being selfish and unreasonable. You're taking away a thing based of the fact that "players do not respect the Angiens". That's a load of <insert bad word here>. So get back to your senses and stop this stupid and pointless sharade.
  9. Entries in all of the categories must have @magicduel in them. Entries in category b) and c) must have #magicduel in them. This was the task I ve put @magicduel in first one nd #magicduel in the other 2
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