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  1. [quote name='VonUngernSternberg' timestamp='1303898968' post='83494']
    Maybe this could interest you. It's an announcement dated October 21. It's quite old and I don't know if someone has already submitted some works, but it should be still valid.


    I read this but what do they mean by 8 distinct images??? And are those deadlines?

    8 Distinct images of what and since it's from October of last year, probably isn't available anymore I am guessing.

  2. [quote name='Chewett' timestamp='1303852915' post='83462']
    From what i haev seen previously normally some art is requested to "view" then you are comminsioned in some way to make some art for the game, depending on how it is recieved more art might be requested.

    But, the main point that is repeated is that it must be the same style as MD, as in paper and pencil, nothing computer drawn.

    I have many drawings that are just paper and pencil and hand drawn.


  3. So, found another old Art picture that I colored... YEARS ago.... Yearssss upon yearssssss .... It's probably 7-8 years old if I had to take a guess.

    This was a pencil drawing that I scanned into the computer and believe it or not. I colored it with only just the mouse!
    (God I'll never do that again lol using the wacom tablet is by far... a lot easier)

    I never did finish it *shrugs* Probably if I ever did re-draw it. I would just redraw it completely and scrap the original.


  4. So I am lost in the new eastern lands map and while looking at the map I realized... it doesn't help because I still have no clue where I am lol

    I think a "You are here" indicator would be really great to have if something like that would even be possible.

  5. Here is a recent drawing... felt inspired by the contest going on in the above forums.

    I didn't do a final draft of it though.. I only submitted my Rough draft. If I did a final, I would post it up in the picture gallery.

    [b]This is my version of my aramor....swiftly going into battle![/b]

  6. [quote name='samon' timestamp='1302210357' post='82108']
    Wow, I really like your work. Especially in your second post with pictures every picture was stunning. I also really love the last picture of the girl with the big flower.

    I wish I could draw like you.

    Thanks! I'm glad you really like my art =) I should finish more of my pictures that I draw... I always get to the inking and then afterwards, I get lazy T_T


    Some more art work:

    [b]Ice cream....[/b]

    [b]Animated Banner [/b](made it for a old game server that I used to play on)

    [b]Boned Cladded Lady?[/b]

  7. [quote name='samon' timestamp='1302211314' post='82110']
    I made a new using the old forum header as inspiration, I also slightly edited the last one to emphasize MagicDuel a bit more.

    Here is the new one:
    [attachment=2770:MD serious 1.1 small.jpg]

    The edited version of the previous persona is in the first post.

    Nice! ^_^

  8. [color="#483D8B"]The text "magic duel" is positioned awkwardly on the screen. I think it would look best if you made it more of one of the dominant images other then trying to position it around the other images.[/color]
    [color="#483D8B"]It's ok if it covers the background images and to be more large and more up-front in the fore ground.[/color]

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