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  1. T_T why won't this BIG door to the Eastern Lands open for me... WHYyyyyyyy!!??

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    2. samon


      That'd be into the statue hall, and does lead to the tea room, use free crredits to get through

    3. Pomegranate


      Quest failed XD... I can't get past this door. ^^ Thanks for all of your help though guys.

    4. Passant the Weak

      Passant the Weak

      You can get through that door! Read all hints above carefully again. :)

  2. Pomegranate

    POM's Gallery

    Get SUCKED into my world! Hope you enjoy my art and feel free to leave me questions or critiques. Thank you! *Even though it's mostly digital, I did use my own hand to draw it* =) ---- Please do not distribute or un-lawfully make use of my art. Permission required.
  3. From the album: POM's Gallery

    This was a character concept I created...being very much inspired by the concept designs of the FF Tactics game. I put my own twist on their stylistic art Tools: Wacom Intuos XD SAI & Corel Paint 9

    © © Jen Lee

  4. From the album: POM's Gallery

    SO... I had made this picture because I severely wanted to win the new Wacom Intuos 4 that came out . It was a Wacom contest on Deviatn Art. While I had to cut corners a lot...(I always think..maybe I would have won if I didn't cut so many corners) It still came out nicely. I was extremely sick when I did this and had to force myself to finish.... (5 minutes before the midnight deadline cut off OMGawwddd) I am pretty happy overall with it...I did get into the top 25 out of hundreds of entries but I still would have like to have won the elusive new tablet. *shrugs*

    © © Jen Lee

  5. Yay! I might get to keep my job XD

  6. I haven't been playing in a while. Busy ( .__.)

  7. ... who likes cheese cake!? (I personally only like Fruit Tarts!)

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    2. Mith



    3. Grido


      Cheese caeke? A caeke made of cheeeese? (Random reference)

    4. Pomegranate


      If I had to choose, I would pick a cheesecake smothered in strawberries and whip cream!

  8. Gahh My back still hurts from Swimming T_T!

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    2. Chewett


      You need to slowly build up if you arnt a long distance swimmer. Dont try and swim fast, but just go slowly at your own pace.

      I LOVE swimming and go every week

    3. Grido


      My arm hurts, I've been sleeping on it too much :P

    4. Pomegranate


      @nadrolski: I'm lucky in that aspect.... I never burn!

      @Chewett: I believe that's definitely the key thing...I want to become a long distance swimmer but I forgot to take it slow since I haven't done any hard core swimming in years. I think I injured myself actually...T_T It still hurts but at least it's a "little" bit better.

      @Grido: XD Don't sleep on it then?? (I always lay sprawled out because I hate pins and needle feeling)

  9. A lot of people think Anime isn't really art but I have seen some extraordinary pieces out there that are highly detailed... like the medieval tapestries and such. I believe most just get confused with what art is supposed to be all together. Those type of people I regard as being very narrow minded but even I was like that too when I was a lot younger. Just have to get out in the world more and broaden your views.
  10. I love my new bunnies XD!

    1. Amoran Kalamanira Kol
    2. Grido


      be sure to immunise for myxomatosis, nasty disease :(

    3. Pomegranate


      I can't afford shots right now but I do plan on it definitely!

  11. Pomegranate

    My Aramor

    From the album: POM's Gallery

    Just my version of my Aramor

    © © Jen Lee

  12. Why am I so lazy -_-;;;

    1. Phear the Wolf

      Phear the Wolf

      it's a disease, and it is contagious -.-'

  13. Pomegranate


    wow it's so pretty ! I like it !
  14. Hehe I like this one a lot. The tree's look so... loving and inviting XD!
  15. From the album: POM's Gallery

    Here's a project that I completed about a year ago of a grave yard scene.... it's supposed to depict misery, sadness, anguish, and that sort of thing. Tools: 5.0 automatic pencil Rain effects created in Photoshop CS2

    © © Jen Lee

  16. From the album: POM's Gallery

    Avatar Commission for Browser Based Game Tools: Wacom Intuos XD Photoshop CS 2

    © © Jen Lee

  17. From the album: POM's Gallery

    Tools: Wacom Intuos XD SAI

    © © Jen Lee

  18. From the album: POM's Gallery

    My friend commissioned me to create his friend's newly purchased house to be in the same art style from the movie "UP." It came out well but I, myself, can still see a few flaws. Tools: Wacom Intuos XD Photoshop CS2 SAI

    © © Jen Lee

  19. Pomegranate

    Summer Fun

    From the album: POM's Gallery

    I wonder if I will ever finish this... Tools: Wacom Intuos XD SAI

    © © Jen Lee

  20. From the album: POM's Gallery

    Lovey Dovey Couple Art Commission for Ragnarok Online Tools: Wacom Intuos XD Photoshop CS2 SAI

    © © Jen Lee

  21. should go hiking this weekend. EXCERCISE!! I miss you !!! *cries*

  22. *wishes she could have a breakfast egg sandwich*

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