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  1. T_T why won't this BIG door to the Eastern Lands open for me... WHYyyyyyyy!!??

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    2. samon


      That'd be into the statue hall, and does lead to the tea room, use free crredits to get through

    3. Pomegranate


      Quest failed XD... I can't get past this door. ^^ Thanks for all of your help though guys.

    4. Passant the Weak

      Passant the Weak

      You can get through that door! Read all hints above carefully again. :)

  2. Yay! I might get to keep my job XD

  3. I haven't been playing in a while. Busy ( .__.)

  4. ... who likes cheese cake!? (I personally only like Fruit Tarts!)

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    2. Mith



    3. Grido


      Cheese caeke? A caeke made of cheeeese? (Random reference)

    4. Pomegranate


      If I had to choose, I would pick a cheesecake smothered in strawberries and whip cream!

  5. Gahh My back still hurts from Swimming T_T!

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    2. Chewett


      You need to slowly build up if you arnt a long distance swimmer. Dont try and swim fast, but just go slowly at your own pace.

      I LOVE swimming and go every week

    3. Grido


      My arm hurts, I've been sleeping on it too much :P

    4. Pomegranate


      @nadrolski: I'm lucky in that aspect.... I never burn!

      @Chewett: I believe that's definitely the key thing...I want to become a long distance swimmer but I forgot to take it slow since I haven't done any hard core swimming in years. I think I injured myself actually...T_T It still hurts but at least it's a "little" bit better.

      @Grido: XD Don't sleep on it then?? (I always lay sprawled out because I hate pins and needle feeling)

  6. I love my new bunnies XD!

    1. Amoran Kalamanira Kol
    2. Grido


      be sure to immunise for myxomatosis, nasty disease :(

    3. Pomegranate


      I can't afford shots right now but I do plan on it definitely!

  7. Why am I so lazy -_-;;;

    1. Phear the Wolf

      Phear the Wolf

      it's a disease, and it is contagious -.-'

  8. should go hiking this weekend. EXCERCISE!! I miss you !!! *cries*

  9. *wishes she could have a breakfast egg sandwich*

  10. *noms on a chocolate chip cookie*

  11. *begins to fall steadily asleep at her work desk*

  12. *stumbles upon a rock*

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    2. Maebius


      Aww, but I lost the rock that started the debate in the park!? :(~~~~~

    3. Curiose


      A rock started a debate?

    4. Pomegranate


      I whole heartedly will agree with whatever The Rock has to say!

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