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  1. Vacation time! Bye bye MD, see you in 2014! Happy holidays all!

  2. Aww :'( Bye Nim~ I hope I still get to see you around from time to time! Thanks for helping me in MD! All the best in real life! :3
  3. Storrrryyyy moddddeeeee!

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    2. Rophs


      You get infinite stats, but never get to use them.

    3. Jubaris
    4. Shadrala


      haha, well, I can roam free now! Wheee! :D Although Story mode continues... XD

  4. Thanks lashtal- Hmm... I think I'll pick my lucky number 3 :)  
  5. I'm definitely NOT surprised... Done these types of tests multiple of times over the years and I've always got INFJ... :3
  6. Happy Birthday! Have a fantastic one both of you! :)
  7. Thank you Nim for letting lashtal know! I was pretty sure I finished it... I guess something went wrong? XD This was part of the (final?) excerpt I had which made me think the quest was over:     Thanks.
  8. With Nim's encouragement, I've decided to attempt this! I might have to bother a lot of people about this and that along the way since I'm still learning about the MD world, but I have a feeling this quest will teach me a lot. :3 I think this challenge will be perfect for my first-time exploring in Necrovian too! Thanks and please be patient with me; I'll keep persisting! Fingers crossed I can finish it on time! EDIT Status: I DID ITTTTTT!!! :D Thanks to everyone who helped me along the way!
  9. Thanks! Don't worry, I'm no cat :) Also, I'm having a little error issue on my profile. A lovely LHO directed me to message Chewett, but I'm kind of stuck in Loreroot for the time being, so I decided that maybe I could get some help from here instead. Ever since I edited my passpapers, I've been getting a little error message above my principles on my public profile page. The link is here. The error message says: And no equipment on my avatar is showing up. I don't think I'm getting any equipment bonuses either... Here is a screenshot of what I see when I open my public profile
  10. Oh if this is still up, I'm participating! :3 I'm a genuine newbie noobie mp3 in the MD realms...
  11. Thank you Kyphis, I guess I'll just wait until mp4 to look into gathering resources and such. :)
  12. Yes, thanks for the reminder Eara :) I do use it... but sometimes I feel like I'm overusing it because I tend to have a lot of questions haha... So just to balance it out I decided to post on the forums this time :P
  13. Thanks so much Syrian! So how many days= chevron? About the herb item... I can't remember what it was called exactly, since it has been returned... :S But does that mean no device actually needs "heat" then?   EDIT: Also, just another question... It might be a bit silly... But what IS an Adventure Log exactly?
  14. Hello,   I've been trying to look for the answer for days, but have had no luck... What are those little arrow things just below a person's honour number and above their golden vitality bar? I would love any kind of hint! I have a vague idea... but I wish I knew for certain...   Also, I may as well ask while I'm posting... I'm still very much confused about how to collect resources. I understand you need a bucket for water, and I tried collecting one in Sanctuary, but I needed loyalty. Is there any way for an mp3 to gain resources like pure fountain water? I need it for a quest
  15. Hello,    I'm quite new to the game and trying to figure out how to add things to the personal page... I'm wondering how to add to the section next to the "Some of my creatures", rather than creating a new page on top of the "true profile". Any help would be greatly appreciated!   Thank you!
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