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  1. Vacation time! Bye bye MD, see you in 2014! Happy holidays all!

  2. Aww :'( Bye Nim~ I hope I still get to see you around from time to time! Thanks for helping me in MD! All the best in real life! :3
  3. Storrrryyyy moddddeeeee!

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    2. Rophs


      You get infinite stats, but never get to use them.

    3. Jubaris
    4. Shadrala


      haha, well, I can roam free now! Wheee! :D Although Story mode continues... XD

  4. Thanks lashtal- Hmm... I think I'll pick my lucky number 3 :)
  5. I'm definitely NOT surprised... Done these types of tests multiple of times over the years and I've always got INFJ... :3
  6. Happy Birthday! Have a fantastic one both of you! :)
  7. Thank you Nim for letting lashtal know! I was pretty sure I finished it... I guess something went wrong? XD This was part of the (final?) excerpt I had which made me think the quest was over: Thanks.
  8. With Nim's encouragement, I've decided to attempt this! I might have to bother a lot of people about this and that along the way since I'm still learning about the MD world, but I have a feeling this quest will teach me a lot. :3 I think this challenge will be perfect for my first-time exploring in Necrovian too! Thanks and please be patient with me; I'll keep persisting! Fingers crossed I can finish it on time! EDIT Status: I DID ITTTTTT!!! :D Thanks to everyone who helped me along the way!
  9. Thanks! Don't worry, I'm no cat :) Also, I'm having a little error issue on my profile. A lovely LHO directed me to message Chewett, but I'm kind of stuck in Loreroot for the time being, so I decided that maybe I could get some help from here instead. Ever since I edited my passpapers, I've been getting a little error message above my principles on my public profile page. The link is here. The error message says: And no equipment on my avatar is showing up. I don't think I'm getting any equipment bonuses either... Here is a screenshot of what I see when I open my public profile
  10. Oh if this is still up, I'm participating! :3 I'm a genuine newbie noobie mp3 in the MD realms...
  11. Thank you Kyphis, I guess I'll just wait until mp4 to look into gathering resources and such. :)
  12. Yes, thanks for the reminder Eara :) I do use it... but sometimes I feel like I'm overusing it because I tend to have a lot of questions haha... So just to balance it out I decided to post on the forums this time :P
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