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  1. Item 1 x 1 Item 2 x 1 Item 9 x 1 Item 11 x 1 Total: 15 + 10 + 5 + 5 = 35 plushies.
  2. Item 9 - 225 (135 from me, 90 from @Else)
  3. Killing and revival tools are reserved to a small portion of the player base as of now. I see plenty of potential for abuse and bullying as is, let alone when there's even more punishment to the weaker player. If killing is to carry a stronger power, make it so vengeance can be carried out more directly. Either that or buy back/remove all killing tools that isn't being owned for RP purposes, and hand out killing tools only under defined circumstances only. Like how Necrovion tool behaves: to handle trespassers only.
  4. one of my other concern is that I believe the server time may be faulty, as it seems to be updated via background Javascript. It's sync'd only when a full refresh is done. Whenever or not this affect the actual race, I can't confirm or deny, as it could still sufficiently work, though I'm not quite sure how well. Well, this would be fun
  5. how would you verify the time though xD
  6. Player name: Demonic God Player ID: 210928 Browser: Firefox + Chrome Operating System: Windows 10 Importance: Moderate / Low Description - What happens when the bug occurs: Firefox: Chrome: As seen, bottom part is not visible / can't be scrolled to on either browser. How to reproduce the bug: Click on a player's name Click on Public Log icon to access their public log What you expect to happen: Bottom part to be visible/scrollable
  7. . It took a bit of time to get ahold of @Fang Archbane. He helped me set this up. Heh. I'll be idling at the Wind Sanctuary to avoid combat, as screenshots can be faked, until Fyrd is satisfied that I did indeed get that precise number.
  8. My memory is hazy, I haven't lived long, and things washes away easily. History is fascinating, but so is the present - especially if the present may itself alters the box content itself Stage 16: A box filled with mailed in questions and answers A marked Aramor with a Bad-Luck-To-Healer mark, one of the first of its kind A painting of the GoE with many, many returning veterans A memento book filled with texts of old languages, with terms no longer used and eventually forgotten A sampled collection of all gatherable resources, for potential preservation purposes A bill of sale for an nondescript liquid. It feels chilly to the touch A stolen tool that escaped the tool gatherer. It exists in the box - for now, but it could just as easily vanishes tomorrow
  9. found these two relevant announcements. Didn't have time to check any further changes but eh... https://magicduel.com/page/Announcement/view/178 https://magicduel.com/page/Announcement/view/268 You should ask Syrian for some heads if you wanna see how much the heads hurts
  10. Update: Test 2 with slightly different condition and different expected outcome Player name: Demonic God Player ID: 210928 Browser: Firefox Operating System: Windows 10 Importance: Low Description - What happens when the bug occurs: How to reproduce the bug: Open memory stone "use" menu Type in spellwords for "heat" spell Heat spell in question has 10/51 uses Click "Continue" What you expect to happen: Spell "imprinted" No division by zero warning
  11. Player name: Demonic God Player ID: 210928 Browser: Firefox Operating System: Windows 10 Importance: Low Description - What happens when the bug occurs: How to reproduce the bug: Open memory stone "use" menu Type in spellwords for "heat" spell Heat spell in question has 10/33 uses Click "Continue" What you expect to happen: Spell fails to imprint due to not having 80% of cast count : No division by zero warning
  12. it shows your current heat scar (at time of viewing, unrelated to the fight) though. Here are several screenshots taken at the same time to illustrate my point. The fight listed are in reverse - most recent one is shown first. Hopefully this removes all confusion to what I mean - Heat Scars Total, in every case, shows 180828, which is my scars after the last fight in the chain (or my current scars)
  13. Can you elaborate which value you are referring to?
  14. Not if it's not working rather than showing an error message. The bug has no error message, no indicator that it is not working as intended, unless you manage to get the feature working. As the feature is meant to provide information, it is one that is not only hard to spot, but fails to disclose to the user what they need to do to use said feature. Hence, time consuming on the user's end. I cannot highlight something that I cannot reproduce, due to listed reason.
  15. It is an interface related bug. I'll post all bug report in the normal forum if I can't discern it was brought about by the interface change, if you wish. Use the WP menu. With a WP code active. With Firefox 88 on Windows 10. Clearing browser cache and reloading the page Yes. There are none. Bug reproduction requires limited resources (WP code). Other than wasting my time and confusion, none. Nope Wishpoint control See above answers regarding inability to reproduce
  16. Current means as of now, currently, at time of viewing, upon inspection, in this very moment. It's a part of your player stat, at the point upon inspection, not any time in the past. I'm unaware of how I could make it more clear, as there are no defined wording for the term. What the fight log show is that amount. This value changes. If you view the log after you do more combat, that value will change.
  17. Else testings showed that the Imps are working as intended. Specifically: They have 2 auras, 1 for level 2, and 1 for level 3 creatures (at max rank) This matches with this announcement What we suspected to be a bug/issue, is with the Winderwilds: Their aura works ONLY for level 1 creatures Colored version works for level 2 creatures only, I confirmed that this is due to @Aia del Mana's misunderstanding of the aura (via PM), as she is in charge of it There exists no announcement in the game that this is the case We suspect that it was an unintended side effect from the Imperial changes If that is the case, it had been broken for years and only noticed now And finally, I'm proposing that attackboost description to be updated. As of now, it does not show that the aura has any criteria - which it does (targeting specific levels)
  18. The WP menu tells you that you need to be in the MDA to grant a WP (if you have at least 1 WP reward code active). This message can fail to show, and the normal "redeem code" menu is shown instead. At the moment, I have two suspected causes: A cache issue that should go away after a forced reset Firefox specific issue This was about... a week ago? I didn't test it further (and couldn't, given the problem requires WP codes to try and replicate).
  19. Using Else's finding, some understanding about programming, and some further testing, I've confirmed that: All attackboost aura targets only a single creature level This implies the Imp auras are different, one targets level 2, and one targets level 3. Working as intended based on announcement. Winderwild (maxed VI - noncolored) targets level 1 creatures This was tested, and calculated, step by step and manually rounding, with a 0 difference between calculation and observation Colored Winderwild (near-maxed) targets level 2 creatures Since there wasn't any explicit announcement regarding it, I suspect these are an unintended change stemming from the imperial change. As it stands however - it also make the aura quite weak/unusable. For now, I propose that the description be, at least, updated to reflect what the aura actually does. While an ambiguous description may be fine - a strictly "wrong"/deceptive description should be modified.
  20. Combat log shows your CURRENT scars. It should be showing the post battle amount: For example, this fight shows my current total of 0. In a fight that produces scars. Reasons why this is a bug: CURRENT scars is a dynamic value, in a log that should be static CURRENT scars is not a useful info for a fight log, and can be accessed on the daily progress / combat balance menu
  21. The combat log Summary page that shows Heat Scars Total - shows the heat scars you currently have - not the heat scars immediately after said battle
  22. CCing the first people who noticed it @Sunfire@Aia del Mana - Sorry @Ailithfor the mistaken ping!
  23. Oh, since Ungod didn't post... Ungod had earned the right to move on to the semi-finals
  24. Kaya has submitted a correct submission for 5x5! On top of that, they're also working on a general solution. Given the occasion, I'll also update a bit on the general case proof criteria, to make it a bit less ridiculously inappropriate.
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