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  1. since I still don't know what's happening in the auction yet... well, I'll just assume I spent 140 there I'd like: Gold Avatar Token Anni Pin Anni cake Anni Crit Total: 55
  2. Woops, missed the buds, mobile sucks Windy: 125
  3. I'll add some skills that have that some may find interesting Cooking tips and tricks Programming. Chew would be the more experienced person, but I can answer questions for those starting out and basic information. My knowledge range from: Verilog/System Verilog, C/C++, Python, Java, JS/Jquery, CSS/HTML, and a bit of Autohotkey. I may not have too much expertise, but I do have a perspective of a recent learner Basic economics. While I do not know much more in-depth knowledge, I am very interested about economics in general, and do have some knowledge based on my own resear
  4. O hey, I solved it in exactly 332 seconds too @@ someone buys a lotto ticket or something with 332
  5. I guess I need to summarize this too. Aelis is the only successful solver of the 3x3 during the anni. Congratz I'll be trying to make this quest official, and earn some better rewards for it permanently. For now, I will try to reward all solver of tier 1, 2 and 3 with 8 SC, 1 GC and 2 GC respectively.
  6. Nope, you, Steno and Ailith each have 18 points to spend. This was engineered so the top places can get an anni if they choose to. For mirus: I am a man of great status - Purposely ambiguous, a merchant may or may not be seen as a great status My richness knows no bound - This would be true, referring to wealth in general. A merchant can safely be associated with great wealth Soldiers bow before me - False. This statement implies a position over the military.
  7. Based on the result above: prizes and placements are as follow! 1st: Aia. She earned the second highest (after Aelis and Ledah, at 6.5) points, and barely managed to clutch victory by her submission, putting her ahead of the 2nd place of a mere 0.5 point! Congratulation! 2nd/3rd: Aelis and Ledah, coming in close second at 6.5 points each! Ledah gambit to (almost) copy Aelis paid off! Speaking of luck, eh? The following players (after the top 3) placed within the top half of the game: Nathan, Tyche, and Taurion will receive an additional 2 plushies for placing on the top 50%
  8. Here are the result... few, that took some time! This result is machine-graded. I wrote a custom code to automatically grade each submission... because judging it manually has so many potential problems, so the result should be accurate (I hope!) Tissy: r2c3: 0 r2c4: 1 r2c6: 0 r3c3: 1 r3c4: 1 r3c5: 0 r4c3: 0 r4c4: 1 All row bonus: 0 All col bonus: 0 Total: 4 Nathan: r1c2: 0 r2c1: 1 r3c3: 1 r4c5: 0 r5c4: 0 r6c6: 1 r7c7: 0 r8c8: 1 All row bonus: 0.5 All col b
  9. Apologies for the long delay. Here are the final results of the quest: Submission Aia Sunfire - Jester - 1 Jakubhi - King - 0 Steno - Peasant - 0 lashtal - Knight - 0 Tissy - Bishop - 0 Ailith - Servant - 1 Aelis - Empress - 0 Demon - Queen - 0 Mirus - Merchant
  10. the difference being that the pattern is: REPEAT: Forward Forward Backward Forward Forward Backward Forward Forward After 8, it cycles back to 1. That's 4 forwards in a roll
  11. Ah, you're thinking of the knight actual position. What is referred here, is the starting square the knight can eliminate, not the current position of the knight and the horse.
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