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  1. I'm in. I'll likely be a farming target only, but it's interesting to see the stronger guys duke it out in a massive match of APM and internet speed
  2. I announce that Lady @Aia del Manahas submitted a correct solution, being the first to done so, 28 minutes after the quest was posted! Amazing, and congratulations!
  3. so... basically, the requirement is that you have access to a method to revive Granos / could make the revival happen?
  4. seems interesting I'm in Any rules/limitation on crits?
  5. The representation of nothing as a concept. An idea that revolutionized the world (invention of zero, mathematical concept). Something that's always there, yet could easily boggles the mind of those unaware of it. The opposite of yet another mind twisting concept: infinity.
  6. The other day, I headed to the Golemus Laboratory, for some experimentation. Tinkering around, messing with the Aramors to-be-filled with AI cores. Alas, such work is boring! So boring indeed, that half way through, as my attention span dictate... I decided to make a very, very bouncy ball. A drop of blood, glue, rare minerals... and Voila! Throwing this thing in open space, would be unwise. Not that it would do any damages, but I prefer to not lose my shiny possessions. So, I had a small room built, and gave it a throw. Alas... I did not expect it to bounce so vigorously, the damn t
  7. I'd try to attend, timezones be damned Sorry beforehand if I missed it.
  8. Just recently, I passed by the Tempest Fort, and noticed a worrying issue. Moss! Some strange moss had invaded the walls. Its root penetrated the solid stone, and weakened its integrity! Unacceptable! However, it seems that the stones available to patch up the walls is in short supply, and on top of that, they naturally form in difficult shapes. Thus, I'd like to employ your help, to find a way, to most efficiently replace the damaged walls. The wall to be replaced could be modeled as a solid slate, of dimensions 8x8x3. There are various types of stones available: Z, T and L sh
  9. You could announce your participation in this thread, if you want to. Announcing your participation or keeping it a secret would be an interesting strategic choice. The list of participants would be announced before judging begins and admission closed for clarity, but I won't confirm nor deny if someone is playing. Who knows, maybe you could even convince someone to fake their participant for some drama
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