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  1. I think its been great, and even if you would have managed to get all time zones covered, then you'd have the problem that players on less populated timezones would get the "advantage" to have less competition around. (some of the challenges were personal,on some others the first person to answer right advanced/got a point)
  2. i know this post is quite old, but just found it, dont know if its still on or not... So, if it is still on, i'd like to know if the Aromatic herbs case is the same as water and sand (they are required by the extractor device to operate) And if it is not the case if it is ok to add the aromatic herbs in the description adding a related step in consequence
  3. The winner is Samon, as his recipe is the best in general (earns a wishpoint), and the other two prizes will go to Sephirah and J-D as their work is very close to the expected (they'll receive either a gold coin or some aged and heat infused creatures). So winners please contact me in game or forum to arrenge the delivery, the wishpoint will be delivered by Princ rhaegar. [color=#ff8c00]Samon's Recipe[/color] [Spoiler] [CODE] <?php //adapted to md world $instr['title'] = "Cake"; //the description will be the only thing to describe the needed steps to the ones that try to help you pr
  4. Time is up! I've received 4 recipes (all of them at last time) i'll need some time to review them, and then i'll announce the results and post them here. Thanks to all who participated and helped run this quest.
  5. Bump! Only 8 days left and still waiting for recipes
  6. I'd suggest you send it via pm, after the deadline the recipes will be posted here.
  7. [left]So, a new MD birthday is coming and i though we could make a good cake together to celebrate it. This quest is quite simple, we take the Tea Recipe Book and we modify it to cook a nice cake. You can only use ingredients existing in MD (herbs, water, grassan products, bones, candys and so on) There is two paths you can take to complete this quest, one is to modify the original tea recipe book (for this you will have to be able to "twist" the code a bit), the other option is to modify just the plain text of that recipe (for those who are not familiar with the code). If you follow the
  8. .... .- .--. .--. -.-- / -... .. .-. - .... -.. .- -.-- .--. . .- -.-. .
  9. Junior, i like you're idea to have a day to balance out the days of tranquility, but i'd prefer the attack recounter would be shortened than being able to attack inside the sanctuaries...
  10. I was wondering the same passant, so good topic i think, but i was also wondering (sorry if its a bit offtopic) how is this council composed, i mean are there representatives of each land? including the neutrals? has any land more representatives than others? Again sorry if my questions are a bit offtopic
  11. So what happened is the following....? 1-Yrthilian stepped down as king of GG (or at least he said so, now he says he still is kind of king, confusing but not really important i think) 2-Azull asked Kiley to be part f the Fusioneers 3-Kiley invited Azull into the guild as a preemtive way to protect the guild 4-Seems Azull accepted the invitation and then became a Fusioneers and so a GG citizen 5-Azull informed Grido he was joining the fusioneers. 6-Azull was jailed Now i wonder if point 1 didn't ever happened (lets guess yrth never resigned), should Azull be jailed for accepting
  12. Wish you all a happy new year, don't drink too much! or do, whatever works!! XD
  13. Creature: Knator Consumes: Flowers Produces: Pollen Production: 0.2 Creature: Shade Consumes: Timeless Dust (i think its a lvl 2) Produces: Liquid Dust Production: 0.1 Creature: Unholy Priest Consumes: Rain Water Produces: Blood Production: 0.2
  14. Maybe the citizens of each land could protect their land resources by using these lands cleansers, i mean if they join forces and decide to protect their herbs resources they could kick out the ones depleting...
  15. I can't search almost nothing either so i just use google ex: white lake site:[url="http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/"]http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/[/url] you may find info about that topic you're loking for here: [url="http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/10471-old-threads/"]http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/10471-old-threads/[/url]
  16. First i'd like to state i have nothing against dst nor phantom Orchid, and after reading gridos post and later responses, here are my views... Dst, used an Lho tool and got jailed for "as a cummulative punishment for her way of causing scandals, not for commiting an actual crime." Now Grido may judge if causing scandals is an Lho accepted behaviour or not, and in case its not he may decide what punishment applies (from a warning to a suspension) Phantom Orchid seems to have sold a bug to someone, acording to grido its not a very serious, and he states: "I would ask her to privately tell me
  17. [b]Raw Emerald[/b] [i](ID: 4711)[/i] A green gemstone. It is rather fragile and not as hard as a diamond. Traditional birthstone of May.
  18. i'll ofer 3 silver coins for the 4 loreroot archers
  19. I've been gathering herbs at te east, and i'm quite sure i've been the only one in this location (roundaboutsplit), i've been here for 2 days now and i think herbs resources are not being regenerated (none is depleted, most of them have 50-60% left). Ok, thanks.
  20. mmm shade :4 gc 6sc and 2 cups of arom tea(i think it cost around 4-5 sc each)
  21. Shade: 3gc+2 cups of aromatic tea(3 uses each) + 6sc+10 tea leaves
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