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    Maybe making some friends. And discussing about the game. Well... actually I don't know. lol
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  1. May the Force be with you.

    1. The Great Pashweetie

      The Great Pashweetie

      and also with that monkey over there.

  2. I'm curious about this one here. ^^ Signing up, MP3.
  3. (@Edit for mistakes) I'm grateful for finally clearing this misunderstanding, then. I think you finally understood my point. Hope you didn't feel bad, nor have a bad image of me, for this small kind of problem, because from what I heard of your actions by Fyrd in a quest... it seems a pretty interesting and important role for the game, Curiose. And... just to ask a question for Tipu, as the thread is still open. Why don't you turn your group an 'official' one here in the forums? I think it would make it stronger... specially if you could formalize it in an organized topic explaining i
  4. Before you even needed to use such a language I already did say that I was sorry, if you don't remember. When a person says that he's sorry you say such words to him in real life? Read my post before yours, at least. Maybe to refresh your mind... [quote]Well, as I said in the beginning of this post I'm sorry if I turned into what Curiose wrote. But my objective is still to be able to defeat Kz, it would feel like beating a really big secret boss in a game. Can I at least try it with some time? It will be fun, I think.[/quote] I think you're not reading my posts anymore before replying to t
  5. [quote='Curiose']Is it that hard to use your brains and a small ounce of respect?[/quote] In my country, at least, when you say someone isn't using/isn't capable of using it's brains is pretty much an offense. [quote='TTL']Hmmm i think you are indeed cry babys with empty threats...[/quote] And I'm sure that by just being blunt, or direct, you don't need to use this kind of words, both of you. I'm sure that everyone knows that using this kind of worlds you so like to use will only begin a bigger discussion and the thread will never be solved. Why? Because people tend to reply over to thes
  6. I'll start my last post in this thread with a simple phrase that I think suits the topic here: "I'm sorry.". Specially if I was rude, whinned, acted like an inconsiderate prick or even sounded as a bad guy. I admit I might have been wrong in the beginning because I was kinda upset (I don't know if I did all that up there, but I prefer it this way) because of when I was get the feeling of the game and learning about my creatures my creatures got BANGED really bad without me knowing of tokens, alts and all that. I think most of the MP3's would be upset like me and maybe some of them turned rea
  7. I wrote my past reply just to ponder about Maebius last words, because I don't know how can you see the XP Cap on someone... and my plan of action will be the same as Passant. I'll try to get you one day, not sure when, buy I may find a way to win as everyone always says that a strategic ritual is better at winning than just going brute strenght. Not sure why everyone keep getting pumped up after a few posts... my English is not good and I may be rude sometimes because of this... but I don't want to see angry people fighting each other. My initial and final plan is still to make a team to
  8. @Edit for being wrong in one thing Maebius, are you talking about this? Creature Experience reward for Kz - Winning player Player is at max xp limit, no xp reward If so... he is attacking and yes, he is XP capped. Here is his tokens: Applying Kz's Creature Tokens at 90% Grasan I's creature tokens [claw1] Aramor Warrior's creature tokens [claw2] [claw2] Aramor Warrior gets 958 attack and 0 regeneration based on Principles Grasan I's creature tokens [claw1] Aramor Warrior's creature tokens [claw2] [claw2] Aramor Warrior gets 958 attack and 0 regeneration based on Principles Gra
  9. I'm suffering the same as Passant, and believe that is from the same person as well. What I believe that can be done is a counter-attack force that will bring him to 0 VE, but that ay need the help of our bosses for spell buffs, as the person in question is using tokens agains us. (One attack hits for almost 1k damage) The more, the merrier... so we should find a team that might put these guys in line, nothing against them, of course... but if they bring me to 0 VE every time, why not bringing they too so they feel it? Count me in, if we will make a team.
  10. Happy Birthday!! I wish you lots of THINGS from MD.
  11. I was about to explain my suggestion of Tombola yesterday when I lost connection. Well... it was just a suggestion, anyway.

  12. Knozz


    As I'm not fluent nor advanced in English I'll try to point my thoughts one by one. 1 - EVERY player, no exception, is allowed to have one ticket for the Tombola (Everyone have the same chances, it's a lucky game... isn't it, Mur?) 2 - Secondary prizes by category: Like... users with the most credits bought gain one new ticket for these prizes... let's say... the TOP 5 or 10 at buying credits can participate to another 3 prizes. (It's fairness, isn't it?) 3 - You can make other secondary categories as you wish, don't get so closed minded, I know many people here can suggest at least a ra
  13. Thanks everyone. And... maybe I saw some of you somewhere. I used to play lots of games and sometimes joined forums to share some experiences. But it's been a while since my last one. xD So... as my memory is kinda weak, you might be right, Chewett. See ya all in the game! o/
  14. No problems. At least you liked my crazyness. xD Thanks. @Edit: Oh, it was over. NVM them, I'll be more careful next time... and hoping I don't miss more funny things like this. xD
  15. [size="5"][font="Arial"][b]Wanna be my valentine?[/b][/font][/size] [font="Arial"]When I saw you for the first time Oh baby, I was like "I FOUND A TARGET!" But despite being so fragile on the outside Yes, you kicked my ass! Oh yes, you kicked my ass. I thought I was an unlucky guy But I couldn't go away from that map tile Because seeing you made me feel every kind of thing Anger, disgusted and... kinda excited. I didn't know it was my thing but... Yes, I fell for a Dark Slime! Oh yes, I fell for a Dark Slime. After the first time, my head was full of thoughts "How can a slimey
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